dallas everything around us and that comprises us and that we yearn for and that we fear. 980901
drew some land, some water, some air, some funky people... and the urge to move. 980904
eric the current embryo 980905
jeff ...highly overrated... 980905
k sometimes i feel so small 981121
Caine Hated by all the people it doesn't like anyway. 981124
adam the world outside my window looks hungover today, all sluggish and temperant. 990212
Demi Monde my name, in french, means half of it 990301
nice sucks shit... but you already know that. 990301
[marissa] in adam's hungover planet
eric's helpless fetus...

i find the comfort of a day
that always ends with night
and begins again with morning.

the one thing you can count on.

the only thing, perhaps.
aaron could be beautiful if humans didn't fuck it up. 990523
Felix a little place in universe. 991018
FooLmOOn Disco Dance World

I knew so littlealmost nothing!!!
I wasn’t even sure of what they were... The people looked like sketches, waiting outside one pink-lit inviting doorway which left me even more mystified but excruciatingly anxious.
A force? I’m forced (?) forward onto a wobbly silicon floor which draws me nearer to the door and I hear the beat from inside...
Dance is common to all inhabited worlds in the multiverse and it is never danced properly? But that isn't the secret... The secret is IN the dance. IN the beat. Yes! it has to be done.
There is a personality in it. But... Personalities come to an end. Only Forces endure. Perhaps it is a force... just a force... because becoming a personality is inefficient.. and I don’t want to spread.
...Suppose gravity developed a personality. Suppose it liked people... Would it let me go. Would it let us fly?

I walk through the pink-lit doorway.. All I feel is a throbbing, beating all over my cold body. The heat flowing in faster then the light can radiate it and I want to burn into a blue electric flame and burn the same way that a strand of hair does; a small cloud of vapour - quickly and with no residual mess. I AM NOT TIRED! I watch the luminous people moving. ONE stands selecting. He selects one. And then another and more, many more. Select, select. More, select! Then asking me... Are You Scared? I turn my head for I learnt that pretending not to know only keeps you safe. Or does it? I move further into the beat and the floor starts to spin. People zooming past my eyes and the blurring of their colours and dancing bodies start to form vivid images in my mind. It spins faster and faster and my transparent skin starts to tingle. I open my mouth to breathe and instead letting the air escape. The vivid images I created all fit into place and my eyes start to water. I feel them burn. Streams of tears leave acid lines down my cheeks which I use to be able to cover up - They call me PLASTIC! But they don’t seem to be looking up above their heads where the puppet masters lie and control their moves so carefully.
My body slams up against the padded wall by the forces in the beat. My throat closing... suffocating me. I close my mouth. As I always doand the room starts to slow; letting me fall to the floor. "Its Just a Disco Dance World, Why do you question it so much?" he said, pulling me up. My eyes close as I feel the twisted knives around his wrists slice open my warm sweaty hands - the Bright Red Sticky Gum eases out the slits. The stale air darkening it.
So.. Blood is everyone’s secret? My blue veins swell to balloons, the pressure increasing with each cut - it eases my fear - pain always eases my fear.

The music, the beat, the sound, the heat, the pounding, the people, the sick smiles, the smell, the hate... they start to sway the room and I grab a hold of his arm... the beat moving faster and all he does is stare. He stoops to kiss my face and I turn my head once again - I am no replacement. He whispers to me against the increasing noise "The most who die, the more we live - we blow hope to terror, blow seeing to blind and soul to mind. Why do your eyes still have their silence?" and I reply "My silence is only for those who's minds are deflated prunes, but my silence for those whose minds are with substance is only becauseone with a million words to sayhas no substance."

We watch the lenses extend around the still moving room - everyone moving out to the sides like worms, slugs and I am left in the middle - moving faster.
I whisper to my self.. this is the greatest most difficult enterprise in the human experience. Its the strongest sensation of fear, pain, suffering, desire, ecstasy - the full scope of this is not sustainable by cellular organisms as it is the gateway to another level of being - but its variable nature - a common misconception is to take any experience or sum of experiences as the full potential.

The floor starts to fall beneath us leaving me falling. All the forceDrained.
Where is the personality? Gravity let me go? Let me fly.. but no, I chose the forces. The forces endure and I endure. We all spin, faster and faster the vivid images flashing back even clearer.
My hands start to burn as the salty gravel eats away at my wounds. I watch the pink-lit room fade further and further away as I sink back into an empty shell. Slowly opening my eyes.. I haven’t even moved. I’m still in my COLD STEEL CAGE. But the memory of the beat, the pounding remained.. moving through my body like poison. I think its the best memory I have. It brings me ultimate joy through ultimate pain. I need those extremes to make my life special (?)
And I say nothing, and I do nothing - people rip and tear at words - nothing I am makes sense. I am soo tired.
Colleen Our melting must be done in a Crockpot. 991112
why me it sound like whirled
and it is
The trouble with the world today is that people don’t have enough fingers.
Imagine, if you will, what the world would be like if we were all born with
two dozen fingers on each hand. For starters, we would have been less
likely to develop our absurd ten-based number system. Let’s see, two dozen
on each hand, that would make for a grand total of sixty. A sixty-based
counting system would have been much better from the start. That’s what the
Incas used, and believe me, they wore way cooler hats than anybody alive
today. Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles against a sixty-based number
system—that is, besides the finger thing—is the huge variety of symbols
necessary to depict sixty different numbers with a single digit. Again, the
Incas had us beat there too. Their low numbers, one through five, were just
simple lines and crosses, but as the numbers got bigger, they became more
complicated, from lines to patterns of dots, from dots to large grotesque
faces, and from faces to huge murals of the gods at war. Wouldn’t it be a
wonderful world if instead of writing60you would have to sit down and
draw Apollo driving his solar chariot across the sky as Bacchus and the
fauns celebrate in the summertime forests below. And imagine how a digital
watch would look. Think of how far and how fast technology would have had
to progress just to put that digital green snarling warrior face on your
wrist. With the extra boost that a sixty-based number system would give to
science, we would have mastered manned space flight hundreds of years ago.
Imagine if you will, a colony on the surface of the moon—not that
stereotypical spacemen-in-a-glass-bubble colony, but a real colony,
outdoors, in the open air. You might say, “What air?” Well, I’ll tell you.
It ids very simple. Imported air. We have so much of it here on earth
just sitting around not being breathed. We could build a solid pipeline
between the earth and the moon, and then force air through it with a
gigantic box-fan. Of course, as we all know, the moon moves all over the
place, so it would be necessary to build supports to keep it in one place.
Now, if the moon was to be stopped, it would have to be stopped over the
territory of one country or another, and then we get into the difficulty of
who owns the moon. Naturally, it would seem that whoever got to the moon
first would own it, and since the United States was the only country to
plant its flag on the moon, it would seem that they would have first dibs on
it. But then, before you know it, Burma, or France, or some other third
world country would claim to have gotten there first, and would claim to
have placed a perfectly ordinary rock on the surface as a marker of their
territorial right to the hottest bit of new real-estate around. In that
case, there would be nothing to it but to fight a war. Now, normally war is
a nasty, brutish thing, but I like to think that in our enlightened world,
we can think of ways to make it a bit more sporting. A few simple rules
would level the playing field. First off, no soldiers from a country with
nuclear strike capabilities would be allowed to wear shoes or a helmet in
combat. Secondly, the pilots of jet fighters and bombers would be required
to spend at least one quarter of their air-time close enough to the ground
for people on foot to throw rocks tat them. And lastly, gunners would be
forbidden from firing anything larger that 22 caliber bullets at any enemy
mounted upon a donkey, camel, llama or other beast of burden. With those
rules in place, I think it would be possible to actually have a “World War
3without risk of turning the world into one of those cheesy
post-apocalyptic desserts that you see in so many sci-fi movies from the
nineteen-eighties. You know the type. Bunch of punks riding around on
spiked motorcycles, picking on honest hardworking mutants and children. I
swear. And then somebody always eats a dog, like it’s some big deep social
commentary on human nature—“Oh no! Look how terrible we are, first we nuke
the world, and now we eat man’s best friend.” Makes me sick. What exactly
is so bad about eating a dog anyway? The Polynesians do it all the time.
Once I knew this nice Polynesian guy, his name was Sam. Once in a while he
would invite me over to his place, and we would have dog and watch the
ballgame. It was really good—of course, that’s only cause his wife knew how
to cook it—I mean, you can’t just toss Spot on the barbecue and expect him
to taste good. You have to marinate your dog first. The breed is also
important. Sam told me all about it. Australian dingoes are ideal, and so
are saint bernards, and Irish setters. Never eat a lap dog, they are real
stringy, and avoid Dalmatians, because if they are undercooked, they can get
you real sick. Also, despite the name, wiener-dogs don’t taste like wieners
at all. They taste more like bratwurst. Some people get mad when you talk
about eating dogs. They act like you are some kind of ogre, eating
something that will shed on the furniture and jump on guests. They think it
is wrong to eat something so cute and furry and intelligent. To those
people I sayWhat about bread, huh?” Do you realize what bread is? It is
made from ground up wheat! When most people think of wheat, they think of a
dry little plant sitting there in the field doing nothing. That is just the
sort of image that the grain industry tries to promote through the media.
Don’t buy into it! Wheat is warm and cuddly! Wheat is soft and friendly!
Wheat makes a better pet than a dog. In fact, it is even possible to
house-train wheat, and to teach it to bring you the morning paper. Next
time you take a bite out of a sandwich, think about how many poor little
wheats had to die horrible deaths in the threshing machine to provide you
with your meal. Have a little pity. Bread is murder!
Leann is just a great big place to go out and
fuck up in!
Free We are the world. The world is what we've made it. 000408
john how can alternative genitalia compete in a phallic world? 000429
That Goo Goo Dolls Guy and i dont want the world to see me

cuz i dont think that theyd understand.

when everythings made to be broken...

i just want you to know who i am.
chelsea Faceless , nameless , lonely and
desolate , memories of random faces lingered like the images of a forgotten god . Mechanical crowds traveled
aimlessly through the streets ,and any benign soul could have been mistaken as a prophet on the streets . Children are born from crimson brick and cold
clay . On these streets children are molded from the fevered strength of a loaded gun possessed by the
pride of a man-made deity . From shallowness and manufactured dreams of comic books and barbiedolls born from the insatiable vision of a capitalistic
paradise . From the tainted lust of a prostitute`s red dress and the remains of feminine beauty sold out and
degraded for the power of the almighty dollar . Reality is a shattered mirror which children stare into struggling to find features of their own identity only
to see the image of a stonewall sturdy and unbroken by their iron fist of American individualisim . Children are
not blank slates waiting to be written on by societal quills , Inked with the blood , sweat, and tears of cultural constraint . Children are not blank slates , nor are they the production of the latest pop culture craze . But it doesn`t matter what they think because
thoughts are no more than wordly representations of the network of interacting neurological impulses and
natural chemicals that create our mind and the spirit of freedom lies battered and broken while companies manufacture happiness in cheap little pills that
societies swallow . Children are not blank slates , just the offspring of psychosomatic millenial hysteria . Just
sightseers staring out their apartment windows onto this opium poppy Garden of Eden wanting , waiting to see Jesus standing at the street corner.
kaskarkaminski and of course he's late 000802
Aaron my world has been shatered. i million bits as if into dust. the emptynes of space, yet without the stars. 000805
Brian Wilson What? You mean... you people are real? Well that's pretty disturbing. 000810
Verdulum slowly crumbling in the hands of those that inhabit it. 001109
blocks in english: wer auld, "the age of man".

in hebrew: olam, "that which is hidden".
nebbie sucks rabbit dog nutts! world smells like fried musrat chips over wild fires in the forest! 010105
god biscuit world
radiator land
mattress city
*spoons* all alone in my room music and a notebook its all good
all alone secluded from the world in my plastic cheese packaging
all alone in the dark pissed off with a sharp thing
its slips
the blood
the anger is gone
my world collapses
danielle some say... the world is dying.. nothing stays the same, nothing good remains.. noone ever stays,.. feelings always fade away... people change and lives are destroyed...
well i will never walk with you again
never again will we share the days my friend.. oh my friend... oh my sweet friend...
GoblinRedEyes the world is not enough....they say it all the time. but we do not belong to this world, all the better, because now we can belong anywhere with no question... 010303
god where's the beef? 010303
lame money is freedom and power in a world of greed.....capitalism is shit. 010404
Sol without doubt there is nothing more influential in the world than string. the very fabric of society would fall apart without it, just think without string to tie their bows and arrows to their backs, would our primeaval ancestors been capable of hunting their food? no, they would not be able to run fast enough, bows would be out of the question, so would spear slings, and what do you bind you spear head to its shaft with? No we would have evolved claws and probably four legs to run faster and pounce further, thereby removing the primary advantage we have over our hairier cousins (our opposable thumbs) and we would have had to develop rending teeth rather than our delightfull choppers, removing the possibility of advanced speech.
in our world, no more cinemas would be able to run, where do you put the tickets? on strings, no shoes would stay on (except slip on ones, obviously) no one would have thought of creating polymer chains, because no string stuff had been observed, all our clothes would fall apart (no thread) we would have no control over our dogs without woven leads, pictures would fall off walls, flags would fall off posts, ships would fall apart, we could not tie things together, what would your granparents do without miles of string to tie all their possesions tothier rightlful places?
so just be thankful
ladybird Aaron - there is no world without humans. Before we came along everything was

SimplyMe - I think I've fallen in love with you! Will you run away to the moon with me to eat dog all day? I'd like that :)
SaxyWeed When i see the world i see opportunities
Greatness, Happiness, Power, Wealth, and Love
I see Myself standing there, watching and alert
But watching opportunities fly by
The People the Places the Things
Each holding out a hand begging me to grab hold
And let them take Me, carry Me, make Me the things i want to be
Yet i stand there, not reaching, letting them fly by, almost shunning them
Soon i see Myself standing there, shutting the world out
Opportunities pass as before, but now unnoticed
I have no where to go, nothing to do
In the end i am lying there
Void, Empty, Lifeless
In the dark
No one around
Not having traveled one step from where i began
lizardqueen01 the worlds a breeze
the kind to tip the bird with the broken wings
mer in your thuumbnail the world sits like an un i verse of the self. to the third atom your eyeball cant site. worlds ofelectrons all making this stroking of ofofofofofofofofofof world? 010604
chiller to the world
you are only one person
but to that one person
you may be the world
ClairE is monde in French.

Like crusty bread.

The world?

I like to lap the miles.

That is what I think of.

Security in adventure.
supersonic paranoid schizophrenic It's not really the world...
it's supposed to be but it isn't!
Don't think you can fool me anymore...
I been takin' my brain juice
so things are gonna be a little different from now on.
calypso calling a world of fake faces and silicone smiles...
of games and races
and cars to go the miles...
of money and greed
of lust and lies
of unneccesary need
in which one dies.
nikko whirled into one word.
the world
is everything we have
everything we've been given
everything we know.
everything we don't know.
nikko Earth and world are not synonymous. 020123
nikko Earth and the world are not synonymous. 020123
nikko TO SOL:

i think you're thinking of atomic structure in everything we see. but what binds atoms to one another?
then molecules to one another?
certainly more than string.

they say ionic charges.
and other such gobbly gook.

and what is the string made of?
more molecules.
more atoms.
more electrons.
more charges.
and opposing charges.
so what is it really that the world really needs?

i think it's Love.'s the only thing. that there's just so little of.
(like that one song)
j_blue peaches_christ, this is a long ass page

i dont like the world of human worries, but i love the world of natural phenomena
Beniamino In-der-Welt-sein: A mode of being of Dasein, an attunement, Dasein is always already thrown in the world. Care is the ideal relation of the context of the network that is world. If I think of you, I bring you nearer, yet by typing here, now, with this, I push you away into the near so far. 020324
Clyde when i was
driving once
i saw this
painted on
a bridge

i don't want
the world

i just want
your half
optic discretion so superficial 020519
CRO indeed.
you have to play the games or you'll never fit in.

I hate that shit.
one sensed in construction for destruction 020529
filzkugel it's the end of the world as we know it 021012
zander Scientists say that if humans never existed on earth then everything would be in perfect balance, no extinction no overpopulation, just perfect. Kinda makes you feel guilty, huh? 030101
Alex Look at the word as if you were a stranger and you´ll see how beautiful it is... or should I say how interesting. 030321
User24 zander, I agree with the scientists, but guilty? nah. Empowered by the need to change our ways? mebbe. 030509
User24 what's it to me?

hmm, good question..

what does the world mean to me??

A big floating rock is about all that comes to mind.. africa (for some reason) not much else.
ed debevic i was rudely tossed into a precocious world only to find myself alone and undoubtdedly better than the rest of the jack asses that spent their free time grazing around the watering hole 030705
MeSsIaH i just want to rid the world of the human race thats it 030729
queen of darkness i dont belong here
i really think i deserve to die

i might be being selfish
to the people who love me...those crazy people...

but maybe i should die
Ydalmi we are the ones that fear going to hell, is it not obvious that this world is the fucken hell, and the worst part is that humans have made it this way, I know that it's better to die than to live this way, I have realized this world's principle and its great potential called hate, I no longer take responsibility for being part of this place and so I belive that anywhere else is better than this madness of hate. 030921
david Look at the world, It's a complicated place, And it's hard to keep the pace, You've got to wear a smiling face. If you've got to believe in something, Believe in us and we make it easy, Peace and Love, Incorporated! 030927
outov The Mother
a place of residence
food supplier
life giver
what we adapt to
supporting loving caring
the world is the number one environmentalist!
show us how to tidy our lives
Death of a Rose okay back up people....we have to put the police tape up....okay Charlie...set up the road blocks right over there.....stretcher is ready again.....i hope this isn't another crank call....please people make room for another world. One that's allows shared kinship. 031011
Helicala Jimmy_Eat_World 040107
RegentLion all the world is a stage....
(todo el mundo)
pete i dont know why
the world spins at all
the sky sings
silent words through stars
the light speaks
to me and to my heart
the world
spins on and on
the days
grow longer now

simple tears bud
the world spins on
we now dance among the stars
tonight the stage is set
and the chorus sings
so silently
sending light down
to our secret
meeting place in the night....
(written to: The nothing song)
depressed man the world dosent seem so big when you think of the universe. 040719
Octavo the world is too much with us, late and soon, getting and spending we lay waste our powers. 041028
j i l l i a n sweep away the sand and dry the ocean and just pack the moon and stars up in a cardboard box and stop the clocks from chiming block the sun from shining paint the sky a different shade of blue cause my world's over without you 050115
Gallows Our planet Earth is just another speck of dust in eternity. 050604
chiselmouth murder murder murder me
and dignified as i have dreamed
a thousand times, too many
too many times to speak
i hate it all, all of it
and all of it hates me
NoOne i hate the world
i wish it would implode
gigglepop hee hee... David Guest show... hee hee ! 070422
dear Tony ! why is Tony Blair Blair and George Bushy the best looking ones in the house then ?

they are front standers thats why... they are not wholly responsible, they just wanted to be in a film, that's what good looking people do.

i don't mind they've got a better dictionary than me... can't be easy working 24 - 7.

far too much Queen.

maybe leaders arn't such agood idea after all...

we don't need no Ego.

"we do it to us"
jazna They say the world is love. I don't really see love taking place. Just human convenience, people's desire to not be alone, to be understood, to be accepted.

People no longer connect, nor have they ever. It's sad. We are of the same race but we cannot step out of our own little selfish proyection of worlds and try to stablish a connection with another person.

Or maybe it's just my own dissappointed self.
treia the more I look at the world, the more I have to shrink just to fit inside 110510
a passing motorist someone once said something about the world being composed of facts, but frankly I think it is made of felt and I defy anyone to provide evidence to the contrary 140821
a passing motorist someone once said something about the world being composed of facts, but frankly I think it is made of felt and I defy anyone to provide evidence to the contrary 140821
ohdali Why do we allow so much corruption in the world? 171030
world disney_is_evil 200307
what's it to you?
who go