sphinxradio parallel?
that's a thought.
where would i be right now if...
-i had not called him?
-i had not said those words to her?
-i had decided to be stupid after all?

possible answers:
-feeling regret
-better off

that was an interesting exercise.
jestification parting faster than we can grab our remote control because realities aren't allowed to form naturally...conditioning becomes a science supported by greed and power... worlds created by man drip with poison. .. worlds embraced by man smell of hope. 011204
birdmad collide 011204
exsists I hope someone reads my writng and cares about what it says./ To live in a different world, to discover a different world, whether by space travel or fabrication of the unnknown, We humans hunger for the knowledge of worlds. An world with life on it.... 031018
oldephebe i love that sienfeld episode..the one where george must confront the heresy of his wife becoming friends with elaine.. yeah worlds so definately collide.. the buffer is neccessary ..seriously
shadowedsiren I can't see you. I can feel you i sense your presence and can feel your hapiness, but i will never know you , it will never be because of the great rift. We are of different worlds. 031018
nomatter we are worlds apart sometimes i care
Harlequin Connected and Lost and Parallel and Mirrored and Monotonous. 051121
pete the word 'world' is limited by the connotation that it refers to this planet, our Earth, when in fact in common usage there are hundreds if not thousands or millions, perhaps even billions, of worlds in concatenate existence on this planet, our Earth. each thought, experienced and lived internally, constitutes in many respects the formation, collapse, and memory of a newly created, destroyed, and remembered world. at the same time we participate in the worlds of our peers, our families, our nemesii. there is no unitary world, unless you believe in an eternal imminently transcendent god that could not give to blinks of an eye (for this deity would have no eye, but simply be in a simple unity of all things before being, before time, before thought). and if such a deity existed its lack of bearing on our world would render it irrelevant to our affairs, reducing, multiplying, us again to our plethora of concatenate worlds. 070208
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