dallas mystery to me how people can stand to be free when others are not 980827
adam is the emotion, or state of being, that corresponds to jealousy and suffering, the quiet, yet bright light of indifference and confusion 990301
b is used by the weak of heart and mind to fulfill that desire of wholeness
which can only be satisfied with discipline compassion tolerance
and all out LOVE
clundicus Is that your final answer?

DOH! Wrong show.
melvinwang you should see the orange pumpkin filled with candy at my school. it's promptly unfilled by avaricious, hungry people. (including myself) we have a very nice librarian who fills it with her own money

at least i admit my fault. or does that make it worse?
somebody money? 010923
QuietChaos What everyone has,
But none desire;
The need for things,
We do not require.
pink paint it's old, why do you like antiques ?
traditions are crap,
love is not possession, be free.
don't be deluded by gold !
love is a drug and it don't run out, like energy don't.
use Coke to clean your car parts instead,
don't snot bubbles, just
phil The Death of a Salesman
1970 reactionary drug supression program
All the war
Listen to the press
Why is life so hard for me
I was educated at one of the best highschools in America
I went to a very well thought of university
what happens when I went there
I used drugs I blew my brains out
Recovery has been slow money has been gone
What about someone who has a life like mine
but without the privileges how could you ever recover
So you become dependent on selling the drugs
God is all of us and what we have done
We have created ourselves from mud
Created beauty of love art humanity intelligence
all these things which slowly develop
some choose to do nothing but consume these things
destroy these things and claim the beauty inside to themselves
claim that it is through destruction that they have made these things
All of us together, even them, made this and understand this
Why do we, why do they, believe this is true?
Why do people twist what makes sense into something, like we are searching for truth
The truth is behind us, it might have tangles and twists that need to be sorted out
but don't give up or try to undo all that we've done
We can do it together, it doesn't have to happen all while you're watching
it can take lifetimes

Greed compelled me like insects biting down the blade of grass

I take nothing for granted
I see through the messages, but I know that the young do not
they have no experience to overcome these easy traps
Dismantle the traps for the young
what's it to you?
who go