psyki lying there asleep
she touches my arm
and whispers softly
still sleeping i grin
and write the alphabet
with my tongue
on the inside
of my cheek
Silent bob I wonder what she doesn't see. I wonder what i do not see. i wonder if it's really as good as it seems. i wonder what will surprise her when she first hears about it, things i never told her just because they are so routine to my life that they are meaningless to me.
She doesn't know my parents. She doesn't know my sisters. I don't know her brothers, just Thad. She doesn't know how to get to my house, and my family doesn't know her number. The only way for her to find me is if she calls me, yet i know her email address, street adress, how to get to her house, and what her phone number is.
I wonder if she doesn't realize this.
black-dyed gel product Really, it doesn't bother me when you dig your heels into my back. Your a friend. I guess I can take the alcoholic jokes all right, and maybe I do smoke too much. Thanks for pointing out my problems with women; that makes me feel so much better. Oh, and I appreciate you making light of the eye twitch thing I get sometimes when I'm nervous; that's done wonders for my self-esteem. I like being a walking joke, your personal punching bag. I do have one question for you, dear friend: do you like getting a belt to the head? 010611
Tjousk matter 011108
NearPerfecTheory A worst, most unreal word. it is any unword. showing only lack of something. set to language to break does. Half word. Sammy doesn't. then what does sammy do? 020307
silentbob this seriously hasn't been blathed before? 031217
pSyche it doesn't matter anymore
that's the past
I know it haunts you
but please remember
I will always be your friend
crayolazeppelin A magic trick! DOES NOT! Two words! Tadaaa! 080928
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