Joana. My stomach twitches in despair
Please don't call me
I've reconsidered it
Please don't let me hear your voice again
You belong there not here
I was wrong trapping you
Nurturing the illusion
Talking with you for endless hours
And telling you those words
It won't happen
I realised that throughout my sleepless night
It won't happen
The star was above my head
I couldn't even glance at it
It was too unreachable
And it would be futile to see its beauty
As I knew it would only hurt even more
Knowing it was so distant
Like you
And it all became clear to me
It won't happen
It's inconceivable even now that time is running short
And I can't even tell this to you
I can't even be honest
I must control my bursts of realisation
Writing you about the most trivial things
And humouring you shamelessly
It would've been different
If we hadn't met through cold machines
But it's impossible to change that now
And it's impossible to meet like everyone else does
And I don't want to have limited days with you
I don't want to be constantly looking at my wrist watch
Wondering when the closure moment will arrive
Frantically holding on to those last minutes of happiness
I don't want this
Yes, you are worth the waiting
But I'm not
So why waste your time on me?
You better take that blindfold now
And look at the one who's beside you
At this right moment
And try to see the beauty that lies in that person
And maybe find your happiness there
I won't give you up just yet
But I'll slowly conform myself
I'll gradually stigmatise in my head
The fact that I can't hold you
I just hope the spiders will come for me soon.
unhinged my body twitches and quivers just thinking of you...i want you so bad. and i don't think this is a good thing. i want to make you happy...release your frustration. you know i love you and i just want to show you with kisses and tongues and fingertips just how much. the feel of your skin is more seductive than anything i've ever felt. i almost exploded in dennys yesterday, my self-control faded to a mere fraction of what i used to be able to hold. you left and i walked to the bathroom and when i came out they were staring at me. i don't care if people think it's wrong for me to hold you. to kiss you, to touch you. i've never wanted to touch every inch of someone the way i want to touch you. and i'm kind of scared like that because no matter how much you joke about it, i'm not a lesbian. bi maybe but not a lesbian. but i do want you. i know that much. 010119
Morelen Its funny....when I cry...I twitch....I do a little dance for you, like right now.....
I never really know what to say to thinks like these.....
Its love someone....and forever are matter what happens, if you learn to hate the person or continue loving them are always jealous....

Watch me twitch....My special dance for you...
nemo twitch looks silly because of his missing tooth 011103
nemo i love him but not in the way lovers do 011202
me Have I really developed a twitch? Is it really that bad?? 020402
kss what's up, finger?

you're driving me fucking crazy
jeudi He called me this morning and I felt a hard, wicked twitch in my panties. Within a few seconds he had me wondering if it was time to play. It was...

I will take liberties to get him hot and bothered and feel a sort of "no limits barred" attitude brimming forth. And that rare form of abandon has had me aware of my clit all day, so horny for him. And earlier he made me cum fast too. I have been back for a second solo orgasm and if I didn't have to work I would go for three.

I am wondering what his phone call tonight will be like. I wonder what it would be like to have him at my disposal every day. Wonder who would wear out first. He is not ready for how often I will present myself to him. Serious fucking. Don't get me wrong the phone stuff is hot but he knows as well as I do that once we are in the same town the phone thing goes out the door...
Twitch a blathe with my name...

I just like the word itself...
Twitch twitch 090928
() (welcome back twitch) 090929
twitch twitch 091021
Shiva twitch 130512
twitch twitch 171024
twitch twitch 171228
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