Quintessensual Would you rather be sleepless, seeking to build on another's idea, or jobless, always having one's ideas built on by another? 991124
Joana I'm always sleepless... but not by choice. 991124
Quintessensual Perhaps, if you would be so kind as to let others know how to touch you by e-mail, you would have a choice occasionally at least. 991124
deb some days, a narcoleptic,
others, insomniac

they even each other out, eventually,
i suppose
valis ... but not dreamless. 991218
fucked is what i am. once alseep, haunted by dreams that won't stop. once asleep; can't wake up. won't wake up. not again. sleep. forever. if only i could.
Someday i will.
apr!l how i waste my days.....i think there are issues of instant gratification here 000221
lotusflower when those visions of you keep dancing in my head. 000306
birdmad for weeks on end sometimes 000501
sleepless But never in Seattle . . . 000823
sleepless I have been inspired to undergo a name change. It will probably be temporary. It's probably because I'm sleeping far too much at the moment, rather than being sleepless. Life's an impossibility though, isn't it? 000907
sleepless Sleepless
Aka Impossibility
Is Back

It's been a long time . . .
sleepless damn, I started this spider's web thing
and now I've forgotten the rest of the poem.
dB I've been diagnosed with Insomnia, Narcolepcy, and some other sleep disorder which name escapes me, all at once. That kinda explains a few things. Weird eh? 010301
troy insomnia tears a hole in blackness of my closed eyelids, letting thoughts race in unyielded 020704
daxle with insomnia nothing is real
everything is a copy of a copy of a copy
"I can't sleep"
kerry i can be so exhausted
staring out my dark window at lacy treetops, straining to see the stars shine through
and still only be able to lie there, irritable, waiting for sleep.
~gez~ i have sleepness nights thinking of you. dreaming of you. my every thought is of nothing else

im a lovesick child, how do i be rid of these feelings. they can irritate

a teacher called me romeo today. i was very proud
Elzbieta Through every night & every day
the demons stalk, the demons stay
For your deeds I have to pay
but I will no more be thier prey
blown cherry I'm sick of this sleeping in shifts.
One long sleep
is all I want
Borealis a deep restlessness
deep in the pit of your stomach.

fitful awakeness

the night can reflect such an oblivion.
imaskitzo I couldn't sleep at all last night. Isn't that the beginning of a song? 041031
skyburst777 nights go on 050606
Freak Kylee Nicole
born June 2nd 6:43am
7lbs 15ozs 19in long

havent slept since then and probably wont be any time soon.

its wonderful
danielle paint the eyes and sour
the breath. starve
the mouth; the stars are bright.
And paint the dreaming
cityscape, and show the
dying dreamless.
what's it to you?
who go