birdmad selves in corners 011120
niske with yer fingers
ya! ya!
spathic nothing's better, not much is more interesting. mmmm...paint. paint. paint. 031015
falling_alone there was red paint all over my face...

and orange and yellow

i walked through the hallways, laughing, not caring what anyone thought of me. my math teacher saw me and i laughed at him too. it doesnt matter, he must find me a little wierd by now. and i would've walked around like that all day at school only it was too much, my hair began to stick to my face. in the bathroom all the mirror hogs stared as i laughed and had to wash it all away. this giant blob on my cheek and a smudge on the other. it looked almost like i had cut myself.

now i have the strange urge to paint my hair red
Mandijabster eeeeee!!! red hair is rad...i have red paint...yes i do. it looks very nifty...niftier then the blue and pink...eee!!!

...I like to express my artistic talents...
Gekiganger 3 i enjoy painting, i enjoy writen and drawing. But not as much as my red contacts 040326
Connecting..the.dots.. I always thought one of the best jobs in the world had to be the Paint Namer, you know the person who decides what to name a certain color of paint, Colors such as Reptilian Green, Carnal Cravings (Red), Raspberry Revenge, Sprit Whisper and Marmalade Melody, yea I always wanted to be that person, but I've yet to find a job like that in the want ads, wonder how one would acquire such a wonderful amazing job 040618
typo spirit
Fierce Paint is the message from the soul to the canvas. A message of emotion.
Released through blood. Released through paint.
liberated i don't want credit for my work. i hate attention. and criticism. so i paint my work on the walls and roads and tiles of the world. perhaps you've seen it. 041230
phil If I made you a painter.
What would you be?

This isn't writing.
That isn't a painting,
They aren't teaching.
You aren't sitting.

Everything is different from what it appears.
At first that appears to be a lamp.
But look again.
Not at the lamp, but not at the lamp.
Do you see?
Nothing is really as it appears.
Their is nothing inside of you saying, how do you do, how are you living.
You can't see eyes looking back at you from a dimension inside.
Aliens are real, we didn't land on the moon.
Everyting is nothing, nothing is everything. And deeper and deeper down we go, until the bottom comes up to us, until we see ourselves coming as we go.

Read a sentence, it carries no meaning, read a sentence, it can't be done.
You can't be a number, pick a number
,1, you can't find the answer, looking at things that go round. Or answers that go round, and round, and round, listening to that drumming sound. That beat that rythym, it can't be done, you can't be lost, you get hit by thunder, you get lost in the currents, sucking you down.

Only to come up again, gasping for air, your breathing uncontrollable, your vision impaired.
It can't be real, it can't be found, that mole must be living, deep under ground.

The tounge.
kc can be toxic and I worry about that

is addictive and I can't stay away
what's it to you?
who go