typhoid i saw her giggle and place her arms around him.
i smiled.
i frowned.
why do i always want to take credit for what she does?
old hick "Hello, sir. Did you know that you could already qualify for a Discover card?"

"I'm sorry but I'm not really interested"

"With the Discover card you can get cash back bonuses. Aren't you interested in getting more money?"


"...well you must see the advantages of building a good line of credit?"

"Nah...I really don't like credit. I much rather prefer the barter system."

"The barter syst-"

"-you know, I give you a pair of shoes and you give me five chickens."

"Yes...well, thank you. Have a nice day..."

"You to."


Aaron right on! i still couldn't live without my plastic though. 000811
blister i'll give you five chickens for a pair of shoes.

good ones only though.
Jen good chickens, or good shoes? 040917
god i will give you three pfennigs for the diseased concubine. she can stay in the loft above the auto garage. i will have raoul show her how to vulcanize the tires for my fleet of dusenbergs. 040917
skyburst777 "credit is a human right" 050610
nom (muhammad yunus) 061013
the evaporator spontaneously combust in public, you fermented pile of spam 070802
pfive im partial 070803
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