Quintessensual Hope you didn't take a wrong turn back a few miles, because blather is not the arms of another.

It might be the first few steps to the arms of another, who, similarly lead by mystical forces that also were beamed at you, took a supposedly wrong turn one day. By itself, though, it ain't the arms or any other bodily appendage of the real kachina.

Okay, maybe it's a piece of her mind or soul? And maybe that would be better to be in than her arms? Maybe that's what you're lookin' for?

Ok, keep blathin' and don't go back to that intersection a few miles back.

It's icy up there. ph just called to let us know. Besides, I think the cops are there now getting off by tossing tear gas grenades.
WoNDERGIRL "In your arms," she said, "is where I'd like to spend forever."

But he only nods his head.
MollyGoLightly I shave mine. My friend who sat next to me in Italian class before she moved to Japan used to touch my left arm occasionally and make a face. 000520
Rummy i adore silent bob's arms, they keep me safe. 000601
silent bob the only time i am completely at peace is when my arms are clasped tightly around rummy, sort of like a security person. Linus has his security blanket, and i have my security alicia. 000603
emily ...arms and legs entangled, until i can't figure out which are mine and which are his...we're one..... 000605
The Schleiffen Man my arms are long and lean....
they're strong and mean (at times...)
but most of all i like to use them to reach out to those i love and surround them... they're long enough to surround a single person....not nearly enough for all those i adore....
samayyel bear the telltale scars of embracing a thorny lie 000606
Al Gnoofaboofa hold you when you feel as if no one cares, when your world is tumbling down, they comfort you when you are scared, and can say what you need to hear the most in tough times 000703
cazzi mine are covered in the scars of an attempt to survive. 001231
vampers arms that hold me tight, with a feeling i cant forget, sending chills through my body and comfort to my soul 010402
like rain. love me the way you do when i find you at my door 010511
bzzmel hey, i have two arms! 011206
whoknows i have one growing out of my forehead 011206
ClairE and war. : (

Oh, God, his arms were so thrilling and smooth

and his arms around me

oh and his.

dude. i can't speak.
Annie111 lifting little girls
like cupcakes

love explodes into crowded red flowers
reflecting beads of sweat

is a four letter word

underneath the quickening pace of the
celery green water

I would wear red and blue for you
To find out for sure

Stars cast shadows on chrome
The absence of snow casts foot on the dry cement

And I know there will never be a resolution
Syrope wear short sleeves! exercise your right to bare arms! 020325
silentbob my arms are cold. numb. like i can feel the tendons stretching when i move them. its awkward and dead and i hope to get feeling back 020516
Glory Box I like my arms. My brown wrists, light with hair and freckles.

I like my arms for wrapping, for reaching.

I sleep with my arm under my head. It's the only way.
carlita yours are the safest things in the world to me. i almost want to rip them off of you so i can have them with me always...

oh wait, then you woldn't have any arms. and the arms i ripped off of you would soon die and stink and turn all gross. i guess i don't really want that afterall. i'll just settle for you holding me all the time!
seeker you say your arms are empty
im here to fill them
but please let me fill your heart
as well
MeKoy cazzi so u mine 031226
MeKoy fell victum to my blade again just the other day. 040101
circular i'm putting mine down. 100222
what's it to you?
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