My friend's sister, sitting on his face, yuck! And the horrible eggs they served at his house.
crimson i used to eat pankakes at their house after i slept over. they used the same knife for butter, jam, and toast.
there were crusts and seeds and crumbs on the stick of butter.
its been so long since i went to their house. i almost miss it.
Death of a Rose yeah okay.....groan away before hand...but this is blather a nonsensical delight and a punsters retreat..

wait for it....

probably too much suspense... goes....

screw it...its gross
Raina Story Time:

Hot summer day. A friend and I were riding around. While waiting at a stoplight, a fly flew into my window. I was in the driver's seat, so I just silently hoped it would find it's way out.

My friend had a different idea.

She took off her sandal and hit the fly, sending into the back seat. Looking at the smushed bug on her shoe, she mumbled about it being the most gross thing she has ever seen in her life.

She was about to see something a lot worse.

When we reached another stoplight, I cast a glance down in between our car seats, and saw something that made me dry heave

It appears that when she hit the fly, she actually split it in half, and the torso was still in the back seat, twitching. Then before you could say "holy shit", these tiny little larvae started popping out of the convulsing abdomen.

Needless to say I had to pull over right then and there. We had to do Rock Paper Scissors to determine who would retrieve the fly's ass. She lost. I dry heaved some more, and decided to shampoo the carpet in the back of the car.

Moral: Don't Kill Pregnant Flies
snarl. pond water.
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