emma yay!!! 990327
Colleen the time for wicker baskets and little iced tea coolers. 991111
fyn gula when we are brown and water is our god and we dream of skiing, making perfect round turns on hard packed powder. 000131
Vangelis Inside dream of open heavens where
young angels splashingly surf!!!
Wayne quick blink
new axis
warm, warmer
long days
starting shorter
Mary Summer. *sigh* The last day of the school year is the best day of the whole year. Man, what else is there to say on the subject? 000711
MollyCule the summer of 2000 will go down in history as the summer of unrequited lust 001012
Barrett Fell into a sea of grass
and disappeared among the shady blades
the children all ran over me
screaming tag
you are the one
He trips her as her sandals fail
she say's "Stop!, I'm a girl, who's finger nails are made of mother's pearl."
Yellow buttercup
Orange butterfly chasing after
The crazy bee mad about somebody
Me and my girlfriend don't wear no shoes
her nose is painted pepper sunlight
She loves me
I mean it's serious, as serious can be
Well, she sing a song
and I listen to what it says
"If you want a friend feed any animal"
There's so much space, I cut me a piece
with some fine wine.
It brought peace to my mind
In the summertime, and it rolls.
Me and my girlfriend
don't wear no clothes
you know her nose is pepper sunlight
I love her, I mean it's so so serious
as serious can be....

(summertime rolls)
tazfab summer...



i'll miss you summer. you rock!
Dafremen Sorry do0d, it's not orange butterfly, it's orange BUTTERCAT chasing after the crazy bee mad about somebody. Oh no!

Check it here:

Regardless..that song rocks!

Jane's Addiction Rox!

Summer Rox!

I like Fall better though.
futility swim meets and
days spent lying on
the grass beside the pool
5 books a week
the beginning
of my independence
my first love
my coming out
I am myself only in the summer
daydream believer will this summer end?
lover or friend?
when you wake up from the dream,
what will it be?
and you don't know what you lose,
but you know you have to choose
between a lover and a friend.
(katja schuurman)
stiv been out all night.
summer lends a hand.
the sun in the morning is the comma in the sentence of our journey. use the feeling behind the smile.
silentbob so long sweet summer
i stumbled upon you and humbly bask in your rays
yummychuckle is the only time I really live. Its the only time I go to Maryland and see all the people I love, not to say I don't love some people in hawaii...but I miss summer so much.
but it is summer now.
and i have 7 days until i leave this ROCK called Hawaii.
anti-social butterfly ahh! it scares me when i see my name. paranoia. uh yeah, cuz that is my name... summer that is. yep. anyway, scary. 011124
psychobabe summer tiiiiime and the livings easy 011124
Norm Crush their pea sized hearts 011124
ClairE GOD, I miss you. 020101
kerry too humid down here 020101
girl_jane Bobby (silentbob) I love you. I love dashboard too. Summer...summer, to me, is red skirts with little white polka dots and flip flops with sparkles. It's sitting at the truck stop drinking 90 cent coffee with Bobby and writing whatever comes to mind on a waitress's borrowed guest check pad. It's sitting on the roof of Call Park's shelter house and listening to the leaves dance in the breeze. It's staying out past cerfew just to stay outside. It's falling asleep on the hoods of cars. It's bonfires in the backyard and acoustic guitars. It's road trips with the windows down and concerts. It's dubbing burned cds onto tapes. Summer...I want it to come back. 020207
silentbob I was born_again this summer. I died and then i came back and it had nothing to do with jesus.

Hole Afi Alkaline Trio Saves the Day Dashboard Confessional

you saved me
stacey silent bob your a crazy guy!(in a good way) 020524
silent storm i wish it was over 020524
kerry its just the beginning.

kristin is graduating. she showed us her diploma and hat and tassle... she's only 17. she's tiny. why is she leaving? laptops and shawls, college brochures, she's off to Washington University in St. Louis and she won't be here anymore. not that we were close... but she was, in a way, like my sister.
at least i knew she was THERE.
ghost363 its the best time of a school boys life, well it should be. and if it aint, then that school boy needs to get out more 020729
basho wet trunks in the boathouse. lapping waves on the boat. wet trunks left on the boathouse bench. humid afternoon. alone in the boathouse with you. wet trunks left on the boathouse bench. you lapped my mouth with your moist tongue. wet afternoon humidity in the boathouse. wet trunks on the boathouse bench. late summer. it's all gone now. 020915
jeff the color of the boathouse was blue.
the water was sloppy blue green.
the swim trunks were white.
his skin tan sunburned brown.
Shane Sometimes I miss you more,
whenever I'm at home.
I've been home all summer,
now I'm leaving you alone.
get up kids
delial melted like ice cream.

but's more fun to drink
that way. isn't it?
irrational dreamer I miss last summer...
I've moved on
I have a new life now
A new self even
A new happiness
Never felt before
But sometimes I miss summer
I miss the fun we had
All the indescribable moments
I miss you
You're not the same
Or maybe you are...
That could be the problem
I guess the changes of last summer
Didn't have time to set in
Before I left
I'm sorry
I know you were happy
But you will be again
Next winter
You'll be where I am now
We'll both be better than last summer
But I'll still miss you
Please come back
Not as much as before
Just as a friend
Only someone who's always there
Someone to talk to
Who understands
I understood you last summer
And that's gone
monalovesyou a time when things were better.

when I could talk to you for hours on end. when there was no need for questions or answers just a flow of happy thoughts. And now, what are we left with now? In this cold and bitter winter, I don't know you anymore. You who had high spirits and no worries is now and always will be crazy in love with this girl. a girl who many say you can't have. a girl who I wish to be just so I am wanted so badly by you.

In the past I called this a game that you were playing with me, and it seems you were for awhile. But I dont think you actually knew you were. You didnt know what you were doing and you could stop loving this girl.

So now I try and forget about you, a task which I will never succeed in doing. There is too much I feel about you. I dont know what it is or why, but I do. I can't blame you. I can't blame myself either. This is life, and this is how it is lived.
monaloves you **correction**

DevilLyric Kept the pain off my head for a while. 030310
Becky I can't wait for school to be out.. only 2 more moths and I can go home. I'm excited. After a 19 credit semester. I think i need a break. Ack.. Chemistry, physics, calc, french and psych...

aero I love warmth and hate the cold. I like wearing shorts, and driving with the windows open, and swimming, and long bright days. Open-air concerts, ice-cream, laying in the grass and stargazing, frisbee, tennis, getting high in the afternoon and going for a walk in the woods. And summertime girls, ahh.

Summer is my favorite time.
lost my favorite season of all. only because i love the river. the river is my retreat from everything. i forget my problems and that i hate myself sooo damn much when im on the river. 030312
stargirl The orange sunlight is beating down on my
Golden smile and your
Rough hands are keeping my
Vanilla ones company
Your fresh smell is like the
Spring rain
And I can taste the mist in my
I am infatuated with the taste
You make my insides melt like the
Strawberry jelly I put on my crispy
Breakfast toast
And my outsides beam brighter than car lights
Piercing through the black quiet night
Underneath the navy sky
With the silver stars shining down
And the silhouettes of purple trees
Dancing around the cool breeze
I hope this vivid moment never
erin summertime and the livings easy........ 030514
me? I miss summer 030518
endless desire tomorrow is my first day
of this summer.
this will be the perfect summmer.
i have decided.
and optimism has
power over reality.
it is the god of reality.
reality--something i cannot see,
even when on my tiptoes,
my mother says.
delial it's finally back again;

"I see the helter skelter lights
and hear the music in the breeze
and when we’re skimming stones tonight
it feels so good that you’re with me

this summer there won’t be a cloud in the sky
I’m so made up I feel I could take off and fly
this summer we’ve pulled all the sheets off the bed
I’m so happy, I can’t get you out of my head
there’s no reason to ever feel lonely again
this summer, I am so in love with you"
pobodys nerfect One of my least favourite seasons. Because I'm so pale, I have to dodge the sun like some sort of vampire,
or apply greasy sunblock. Last week at around 4:30 pm I thought it would be okay to sneak out (sunblock free)for 25 minutes,just so I could get a quick swim. I burned.
Then there's the humidity. I just love THAT. It makes me tired & cranky. And it's even better when it sticks around for 2 or 3 weeks. :P
not important indeed- I hate the sun and it hates me back 030707
no reason but i don't want the denouement of summer to begin...
i feel like i've hardly had a summer, and i know during the year i'll wish it was summer again. i'll wish for the weather, the people, the freedom...

does nobody like summer anymore?

this saddens me. we have so little time left...



marjorie In the summer, it's always our time
For racing and running
And watching sunsets
with movies and popcorn and alcohol
Drawn out games of Trivial Pursuit
The coast isn't so cold
We turn into flurries of activity
Our hearts bursting with metaphoric sunshine
You're brighter than me.
But shadows are comfy.
bethany i live in arizona..summers are 120 degrees here. your are like ..literally ROASTING...baking in the sun. melanoma haha. i live in arizona and i'm so white. ponder.. because this past summer was so intensly hot i could not go out for fear of shriviling up and someone stepping on me ..then i'd be on the bottom of someones shoe.. i wonder what it's like to be an ant on someones shoe..youd go so many places.. that is if you could hold on through the long strides.. smile 040211
j i l l i a n i believe in the sand beneath my toes
the beach gives a feeling an earthy feeling
i believe in the faith that grows
and the four right words could make me cry
when im with you i feel like i could die
and that would be all right
kay-tie "summer will come and cloud our eyes again".

dreaming of sunny days with pink lemonade and watermelon. spitting out the seeds you've never looked so irresistable.
misstree this summer will bring trials untold... it will be the summer of stone... proper that the mountains will bear witness, will rumble my tales... 040405
pete can you open my eyes to the way this world kills me each and every day. willl you guide me into the forest, knowing that i will never follow the path that you set out for me? when the fourth dawn finally graces the sky above our city, will you join me in the charge? can i hold your hand, just a little longer until the world shines upon me? a week or two or so, then let me cut free. i will be a whale deep beneath the sea, quite free.

flight through the east quaters
faster than my eyes can handle,
they close and cry
against the wind pressing into my face.

we will wake free again. you and i. wait and it will be. all ends in the one. all is the one, unless the one comes from nothing, which means that all is nothing. either way peace fall over the lands of this world. either way silence my words. either way stand up and kick me while im down.

let the winds pick up
and the storms come forth.
let me stand here above the horizon,
laughing like oh so many lonely stars
not yet gifted with divine sight.
Erin the time when you become drunk with the feeling at alls right with the world 040509
Erin the time when you become drunk with the feeling that alls right with the world 040509
nisus Summer is here again! Once more shall I waste my nights away in front of the beautiful blue pages of blather! Oh, glorious days... err, nights 040510
estarocks ahh...bliss! nothing 2 do 4 10 weeks! well actually, i'll read a lot and stuff; i'm on my 4th book since sat.

also, i get 2 go 2 camp. i love it; they're all so weird there; yay! i even convinced my friend 2 come again. she didn't like 2 be away from her parents, but i've gone ever since i was 6, so i'm used 2 it.

also, this summer i plan to write a lot. i loved 2 write; the only bummer is i entered in this contest thing in april and didn't win when everybody thinks i should've...
witchesrequiem I hate it..the damn heat is unbareable...the freckles of my childhood creep back to the surface after a nice cool winter laying dorment.
It's to hot to do anything. If I go outside for more than 20 mins I pass out. Plus the stearing wheel burns the fuck out of my hands. Trapped in a house. Work sucks b/c it's to hot for the tourist to come So I am broke. The only good thing is your beer tastes so much better b/c it's cold.
naive artist a 3 month holiday
no tourists (it's too hot down here)
skinny dipping of the closed beaches at night
97 degrees for three days straight
spending more time in the water than out
laying on the grass
watching clouds
standing in the rain
my first kiss
sleeping in the park because i can
time to do nothing
time to do everything
pete swimming! why is it that everytime I cross the canal I look out over it and say, to my self, "I wish I could be skating again"? I can't wait until we go up to ann's cottage and go swimming in the lake! I miss Red Rock Lake. Argh! Lake Superior come back to me! 040624
no_name_yet I remember going to a friend's house for one summer. We couldn't leave because of a storm. He lived on an island in the outer banks of North Carolina. The storm ended up being halfway through the trip, though when it hit, it was near the end of trip. We stayed to help afterwards. The storm itself wasn't that bad. We stayed inside, the roof leaked, but not near us. Any storm that hits an island is bad, though. So we helped clean up the streets. Everybody on the island ate potluck for about 2 weeks, since half of them didn't couldn't cook in their homes. There were lots of casseroles. It was only once I got home that I realized that theres a huge dfference between living on a small island and living in a city. Everybody should live on a small island, or at least visit one. Avoid the storms though. 040712
nonlucid I don't like summer 040712
SA wanderlust sets in...
Sometimes it can't be met.
..but then other times it can :)
lovely the smell of strawberries...
the sun shining on my neck...
bright skies full of white soft clouds...
ice melting on my skin...

happy people all around me
I am happy, too...
Erin makes you drunk with the feeling that all is right with the world 040824
erin makes you drunk with the feeling that all is right with the world 040824
me i spent the best summer of my life with you. i remember everyday of it like it was today, and i smile everytime i think of it. i still wonder why things fell apart like they did, and wat i could have done to save it. maybe nothing. you and i were great while we lastedmaybe its like those great sand art things the monks make, those beautiful drawings, then they destroy them to show that nothing lasts. i wonder if we were like those sand sculptures, just little bits and piece of this and that that are always moving here and there, always changing, and we somehow happened to line up just right so we fit into each other perfectly, like the moment the moon slides infront of the sun during an eclipse, but we kept moving,m and kjept changing, and soon we didn't mesh spo well anymore. but while we did it was beautiful. just gorgeous. i was naive enough to believe you would be with me forever, and you weren't and i wasnt ready for it, but now i get it. thanks. if you read this, i just want to say thanks. 050116
whatever the only good part of my life 050816
marilyn monroe damn 051101
benodoll an uneasy heat that makes me wish it were winter again. except i die in cold, so i suppose its not all that bad... 060223
frayedvine summer 2006 will be the end of me. i lived here for 19 years and yet i can't get through the next 2 months of being back. and the hayfever just kicks me while i'm down. oh yeah can't beat it. 060801
tazfab first summer as a single man in a long time. what is there to do? 100425
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