deb i dressed up to make a phone call tonight
and never felt ashamed,
for he can see me, i know,
just as i can see him...
and though nobody answered,
i heard your father's voice, not you,
my heart continues racing
up there in my throat.
Thyartshallshant Wow, deep. 001231
kingsuperspecial last weekend I got third place in a motorcycle race. After two years, about $15,000, a broken shoulder and 9 chipped teeth, I finally made the podium.

I got a plastic trophy, but I had to go pick it up myself.

I love racing motorcycles.
valis i work at a race car-themed restaurant. i am forced to watch this nascar shit every sunday.

"whatcha think gordon's strategy will be for this week at talladega, bob?"

"well, i reckon he'll keep the car goin' fast as he can and try to remember to turn left ..."

welcome to america. they could make a spectacle out of chaw-spitting if they had the advertising.
Rickster They go around the track 900 times, whats there to win? I thought it was just about who gets to quit first. 021231
chrysalid they complain when they threaten to take the grand prix away from our lovely city because the authorities won't allow tobacco ads

enjoy the sport? nah

It's good for the economy
"generates" millions of dollars

LessonsFromAngels In 6th grade, I ran cross country. This was accompanied by a cute coach, my brother, and best friend at the time. Most races I came in 180th/180. It made me want to cry, but I held my head up and said, "Well someone's gotta finish last." My pride was when I finished 49th.
In seventh grade, I tried to run again. I wasn't dedicated to the team. My brother had moved away, my best friend had moved, and the coach was preoccupied by popular boys that were mean to me. I dropped out of the team.
My mother gave me greif for my decision. She encouraged me to join up again, but I had no desire and fought her every time she tried to convince me. To settle her concerns, I told her that when I got to high school (ninth grade), I would join the high school x-c team.

I never joined again.
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