matt i still wont go to church. makes me contemplate wiccanism. 990625
gwen cold counter with pancakes and tulips 991103
emily b mondays have caused me to hate sundays. all day, i worry that tomorrow i have to start the week again. 991212
lokkust everyday is like sunday 991212
Scorched GanderSnout monday
lotusflower when we're alone and philippe's gone.
(yeah right)
lotusflower i'll call you...after felicity. 000212
Zoe i won't go to church either. the more i go, the more i learn to hate christianity. i think that is bad. my friends wiccan. it seems like a cool religion if i believed in it. 000718
bee like the end of movies. or the beginning. 000719
deb why is it, when you're waiting
for some day to arrive,
the week just before
speeds along with all the enthusiasm
of a turtle, knee-deep in mud?
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
i just want my boyfriend,
so give him to me...
i'll take all the other presents back
and buy him a ticket out here

well, if he already didn't have one
see you sunday baby
blondie starts fires bay-bee, i would like to go out to night
if i go with you my folks will get uptight
stay at home, sunday-girl
the clash starts fires i been runnin
what have i done?
Sondra Never forget the Sunday drives we took on Wednesdays 010904
Skull Rest. complete.
Gift of a week, a day to renew.
and on the 7th day, God rested.
Let us rest together.
Let us relax, and come to know the initiator better, for I am sure he really knows the completeness of rest.
vucub caquix yeah, it's all he's been doing since after he sent this wretched ball in motion 010930
Aaron have you ever found that spot, the one where we are all friends, where you could relax, and show your true feelings? that place where you feel just a little "closer to home".... you know you fit in just because you have this smile plastered on your face! as you look around, you notice that everyone else is happy and care free.... wasted early sunday morning. hope you're here... in this wonderful place, with that smile on your face. i wanna sit and talk with you, talk about the fun we have had, and the places we will go. an old school track comes on, and we all lend an ear to the music we hold so dear. just happy with life, we go on knowing we are safe, talking like this. we let the dawn hours escape as we laugh and hang around. you all know you are like a family to me, the people i share these wonderful feelings with..... wasted early sunday morning. 011111
Sintina spent eating good food, watching a good race, watching a good, over-priced bit of wrestling, and falling into a good sleep next to a good man. Never in the good church. I worship or pray or sing or whatever on my own. It's all good. 020220
ilovepatsajak predictable like the next white line on a road 020221
freakizh the day that freaks out any schedule.

no difference between breakfast, lunch, dinner (if any)
Asrai old house and laser tag. old house with creaky floors and that strange clicking from the attic and the big window in the bathroom. and laser tag, and i win, i get third place. and the old house, we can paint it white. 020922
eklektic on friday night, i called my parents to ask them if i could go to dave's house to watch "resevoir dogs" after the football game. they said no because it was almost storming and the electricity was out at our house. so i went home, and find out that the electricity wouldn't be turned back on until monday afternoon - which means an entire weekend without my cd player. so i was terribly depressed all weekend and wished i had somewhere to go instead of staying around the house with no music. but on sunday i asked my aunt, the really cool one, if i could spend the night at her house because she lives really close to school and SHE had electricity. she said sure and me and my aunt and uncle went to Subway after my other uncle got ordained into the church as a deacon. after, we went home and watched part of the emmys. i like my aunt's house. it's in a development and looks like all the rest and it's always very clean and has lots of elephants because my aunt loves elephants. 020922
blue star I was born on this day... I think it probably accounts for my bipolar nature... when I'm happy and something and bonny and blithe... does anyone know that rhyme? mondays child is full of...something? 030122
daf see also: mithras 031114
Zsiga sunday can be your day of worship, in whatever space you dwell in. or any other day of the week. it's nice to give yourself a "sunday". or a sundae, with chocolate syrup, and a cherry. life can be sweet, and we can worship anything from gods, goddesses, or a bowl of ice cream. as long as it makes our life fulfilling. 040404
mood ring nobody blathes on sundays.
check out the recent list, its completely empty.
is this some religious thing???
"Then God said 'Thou shalt not use websites with lovely blue screens on the seventh day'"
ethereal nope, I've been asleep since I woke up!! Well I suppose I ate. But then I went outside, and fell asleep reading on the grass. I've been asleep for 5 hours. 040530
her royal highness the quirk is it ever going to get any easier watching you drive away or watching you in the rear view mirror while i drive away? will i ever get to stop saying goodbye to you? i don't know know what the future holds for us. i wish i did because it would make things so much easier right now. but i guess part of the fun is finding out as we go. it just doesn't seem like fun right now. and i don't even know if it's going to improve. i don't know if you'll be back next year and the not knowing how long you're going to be so far away is worse than the fact that you're there and i'm here. i wish i'd gone with you today. i wish you could have stayed. 040530
Jess Is the worst day!
It's spoilt by the prospect of Monday!
tr too quite to be a day at all... 041218
no reason it's sunday
and my eyes are burning
no reason it's been the strangest day. i woke up after about 11 hours of sleep, and laily told myself "just 5 more minutes", because i was dead a little bit. then i got up because i had to. feeling very strange ever since, and my eyes hurt and my head hurts and i want to cry and find lost friends and comfort and love.
i feel like leaving everything wrong and flying away with all the wounded and lovely.
it's such a strange day.
it's such a sunday.
yep laily=lazily 050213
raevyn month of sundays. that's what things feel like sometimes. like they just won't end. but they've got that feeling that soon it'll be over. but it never is.
i don't think i make sense. but i do think that's okay.
Amy f*cking Sunday increase my pain.. 050313
starcastle made for melancholy 050313
devilbunny What is it about Sundays that brings about a wave of laziness? 061108
ever dumbening so here's the choice: pay 6 bucks to this shit isp for 2 or so hours of internet time in a cafe that gave me a luke warm $4 latte
finish my now luke cold latte and bolt in search of another wifi signal (either at another cafe, where i'll end up paying another few bucks for a drink to justify my ass on their wood, or do the neighborhood surf for a signal, maybe getting a view, maybe getting some dirty looks, maybe getting an offer for casual gay sex if i park in the wrong place)
finish and get the fuck out without a plan
finish and go write
stay here and write (either with some cold latte left or no beverage at all)
stew stew stew
get pre-occupied with one of my many other current annoyances,
to wit:
living situation
an overly nostalgic brain
blindness from having looked out the window of this shithole as a car passed by sending searing beams of solar radiation into the darkened interior of first this building and then my retinas
hit on any of the several attractive women in here knowing full well the result

i choose:
get the fuck out without a plan
cuz my sorry ass latte is now finished
goodbye roma
i shall not return
jane i always choose the women, but never know the result.

always, man.
ever dumbening guess i fucked that one up. 070209
Ouroboros I was feeling annoyed because I didn't have time to go for a bike ride and barely had time to go to the beach. But I got there and the drum circle was small and I sat on my knees and clapped along. It felt great to participate in making music with people. A funny phenomenon- when the drumming was lucklaster and disjunct, people would walk up and leave. But when, in the single moment when the music all came together and the beats fit and the energy was cohesive, wham, the circle was surrounded by people enjoying and laughing. Amd I moved up and sat between a conga player and a man with a piece of wood as a pet. The music picked up and Senior Chistoso walked up with his drum and his smile and I watched him get into the groove and greet people and dance. He finally spotted me and we shared million-watt smiles. 070408
mcdougall You’re turning blue.
another breeze blows through making it clear that summer is near an end,
You’re almost at 1:20 you win you can breath again.
it’s childish but it’s a boring Sunday and it’s to nice to stay inside so we’ve gone down to the river. i can only hold my breath for a minute fifteen, and i’ve read about swimmers who can hold their breath for over two minutes and it makes me feel like i’m not fit, but then again how is the amount of time one can hold their breath an accurate estimate of how fit one is?

1:33 and he lets go and puts his head down on the picnic table as a old candy wrapper is blown around by another breeze.
Sundays remind me of a portishead song but I can’t remember which one, comes out muffled from the heap of head and arms in front of me.



Wandering Stars?


All Sundays or just this one?

I don’t know, maybe not this one but, my memory of past Sundays and the stigma that is Sunday.

What do you mean?

The wrapper is still blowing and getting further away, it’s almost to the parking lot when
It is Wandering Stars, I just remembered.

I like Sundays,
i’ve gotten up to throw the trash into a trashcan and he follows behind me.

I like Sundays too but I’m just saying, Saturdays are better by far, don’t you think?

I don’t know, I mean I understand where your coming from, but in my opinion the best day of the week is Wednesday, did you know that in French Wednesday is Mercredi?


Yea, but the best part of Wednesday is Wednesday evening, I think, because once you’re their your looking at two little days to go before the weekend and then you start it over.

The whole hump day thing?

Yeah I guess

What’s Saturday?


In French what’s Saturday?

Oh, Samedi. At this point we’ve wandered aimlessly and were walking across the bridge to downtown. And I think it’s supposed to rain sometime tonight before I have to be at work in the morning and with every step we get closer and closer to the downtown and further and further away from my apartment.
I stop and he keeps going afew steps then stops, turns and,


Where we going?

I’dunno, I need some jeans. Lets go. And he starts
zeta i only came back here because i need to get rid of my depression. 070826
Risen I think of Sunday as our day. The day I can most easily imagine us sharing. Maybe it is because of the way Sundays feel - relaxed, safe, quiet...

On Sundays we used to share our favourite Post_Secret cards, and talk about the week ahead.

I imagine what our Sundays would be like, in that alternate reality where you love me more than him.

We would have bacon sandwiches and tea and snuggles in front of the TV. Or we would spend the day in bed, making love, then letting out the kink. I would grin as you complained about having to walk at work the next day.

Sundays are a day where things are slightly quieter, and I think about loss. The loss of you, the space in my life where you used to be.
what's it to you?
who go