Quake Hey, Better Than Not So Worse

Worse's a little better than
Hey wouldn't make some one
with just one straightpin for a head
Worse's a little badder than too bad;
Hey'd make you maybe sad,
but you've hair - and i've been said
to it's attractive very in its nesskinki fragility -
where, ya know,
things like this shouldn't make you madder than mad;
Hey, nay say, okay scream, "happier than glad."

Hey it could come to something, even together, to be,
the worst baddest,
more so perhapstest mostly saddest.

Hey, choices like that suck like meat
choicely breathes, choicest while still red;
hey, its less dead than dad!

Hey, worse's for wear right;
"whynot" so queries the down bear
er of one silverpin,
looking up with stretches of moist patois
allured with well ... the sights and contempting bravo, bravissimo's ...,
too invite astonishing with drawing softly silent down sounds
of placed carefully pillows together in their unobstructed thereness,
to lickly around and fleetingly depthly touch ponder
"hey, it's aureolar aura, look!
patiently digital lingual compatriotically evinctored music, listen!
momentarily they will join ours to push back
this wickedly torporous night astraddle."

It'd be only for wear,
in our sadjesterschemes' flashes toolittle softly and hardly any;
hey, let's just do the road with no clocks tomorrow,
care for rocks today,
rutful stays and nights of yesterday,
headstrongly straightlysmoothly smoothlystraightly
headlongly all the way,
as far as we've any day.

C'mon, let's truesay,
it'd be better than not so worse.

Don't steal any of this. It's mine, Quake's,
copyright 2000. If you do take some, without
my letting you, your earth will shake.
Rather than you and me wasting the awesome
energy required for that, I'd rather spend it
in pleasant interactions. Ok? Just ask.
az ahhhh...sweet adverbosity.
birdmad it's been the worst day since yesterday 010930
blue star I want someone to slit my throat. 021018
skye whoever said "things can only get better" is a liar. 031107
Radhi Yeah if things are bad, they only get worse. There is rarely ever a change in direction. If you are falling into a hole, chances are you will keep falling. 040201
maharey life is the most funnest thing ever. i think the worst thing is rooting a chick on her raggs. thats pretty bad hahaha 040201
bluten there are worse things i could do.
worse things everyone could do.
but always better things, too.
but better for whom?
acidshank worse than the acid?
worse than acidshank ..
i dont know .probably not
jlymry327 it could be worse
it could
think about it
you could be doing something
*Amy* worse than the total agony of being in love? 050620
syrope at least it's not worst

tail-devouring snake each betrayal, his ignorance, my recognition of trust removed, my breath frozen in place. it is not that he has caught the eye of another (no, indeed I would be overfuckingjoyed if he would meet someone else), it is how I have placed my trust in his word and actions, and been lied to, been ignored, been blamed. 180110
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