spikey-ho Inappropriate misdirected flames
Burn up your soul
Jealousy unfounded tarnished and cruel
Brakes you in two
Turn around and laugh at yourself then
Laugh at them
If you don't go mad you'll come out
On the upside
And in a Mary Tyler Moore voice you'll;
"Be a better person."
I'd rather be me.
amy anger is to betrayal as depression and sadness is to loss 000210
birdmad i was a deeply religious child once.

i abandoned the notion of faith when it seemed that the god i had grown to worship rewarded my devotion with grief and loss

i was deeply in love not too long ago
(and maybe--just maybe--i still am)
but i give up there too...
because much like my god so long ago, she greets my most desperate questions with unyielding silence
Idiot Boy All those times you bailed on me or stood me up or hung me out to dry. All those times when you would not or could not look me in the eye. That dress that you said was torn in just such a way. I trusted you. What in hell were you thinking when you came up with the bright idea of saying that you thought i should meet this "friend" of yours? (and idiot me, i believed you)
The blinding blur of lingering envy to know that every time i spent waiting, you were in his arms, in his bed, he was inside you and when you suddenly became inconvenient to him he ditched you.

When you admitted all this to me, my heart sank and the urge to run away was so hard to fight, but my love for you, my foolish devotion to you was stronger than any pride i had spite of the fact that i was, at that time, even less than an afterthought. We started over but i never hid the fact that i loved you i never held your betrayal against you and as we went on, the things you said and did sometimes gave me reason to believe that i had finally found something "real"...sometimes you would push me away when i got too close, and i apologized for being out of line, but you would refuse my apology with one of your own, claiming to still be angry over the end of your previous entanglement, saying things like "i'm sorry, i guess i'm still just taking it out on you" and then one day, the day when it seemed as if we had truly found each other you walked out, paying lip service to our plan for our next evening together followed by weeks of confusing stillness and silence.

so pardon me if i'm still confused.

i would say "Damn you" but i'm even more damnable for even putting any faith in you in the first place
Dark Rifter X Is Love Fained by one you love and who once loved you.
Letting hope grow on a lie.
Letting me watch us grow old together in my mind, sharing our lives, our souls, dying happy, content knowing you where there for me as I was for you.
When they take away your dreams, pride, trust, hope,... your love...
and just watch it break you.
mikey is having faith in someone and trust and having it used against you or finding out your faith or trust was very misplaced. its when your secrets come out and not only come out but come out and are used against you. 010306
translucent Betrayal is only half of what I am feeling. FUCK. Did I do anything to deserve this fucking shit? Am I not enough? Fuck. I was in the other fucking room. "Stay here." "I'm sorry." "I know it was wrong, I shouldnt have done that." IT DOESNT FUCKING MATTER TO ME, YOU DID DO IT. 010823
transatlantic One day, when you've nothing left to give, you'll be betrayed. Then you'll realise how much you had to lose. 010823
silentbob I'll take the pieces of my broken heart and stab you in the gut. and thats where i'll stab you because i'm a true friend. 010823
Aimee it happens everyday... and you can't ever stop it. 010912
Anne Sexton ...she eats betrayal like a slice of meat... 020102
DiZZy When she held him right in front of my eyes, knowing the pain I felt, knowing the hurt she was causing me. Sometimes I wonder how just sex can mean so much more than a best friend. 020530
drstrangelove it seems that the best solution is to confess that i betrayed you. even though i must also confess i dont know how i could have done better. i just cant get away from the feelin that i betrayed you. forgive me. my mind sucks sometimes. i wonder if this confession is fake too. anyway this world is screwed as i feel i am too 020530
silentbob i hate it when people are all about a band, would drive hours to see them, would stalk and kill for them, but then automatically turn around and hate them if ever do something as sinful as signing to a record label that has a big name.
it isn't the band betraying their fans, but the fans betraying the band.
xavier it's rater traumatizing,
to gain a mentor and a monster,
all in the same night.
karl the weed words fail me,

depression overwhelms me,

anger lurks beyond the wall of disbeleif,

and i hold back my tears, my screams, my hatred,

i wont break down.
piercedjenny Each time I smile and pretend it will be ok, I realize I am betraying myself and those I care about. 040706
puff you stabbed me in the BACK
you ripped my HEART out
and rubbed it in my FACE.

i forgave you, and the funny thing is, you never apologized!!
i iced over the pain, awkardness, hostility, and resentment so that we could still be friends. i thought you were a real friend, and worth it.

but you've done nothing but cause me PAIN.
how dare YOU play the victim!?

he didn't use you, YOU betrayed ME.
now i'm broken.
the pieces will never fit back together the same.
rock_on now theres a kick in the balls 050815
rage the point is that i am such a better person than you 050815
elly To be hurt by someone you trust is the deepest hurt of all. 060714
sekhmet elly...wrong.

to hurt someone who trusts you is the deepest hurt of all.

trust me.
.. i agree 071018
spinner how i wish i could erase what happened between us. take back what i shared with you. i opened myself up and you hurt me. you made me feel small and flawed for being myself. fuck you. your life can't be anything special if that's what you do to people. you call yourself a teacher, but you were nothing but a negative influence to me. 101128
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