dallas mayhem and destruction calls you. You are evil. Terrible. 980901
Lothaine The face you paint on another before you kill him 990720
lokkust to the one under my bed... i love you. 991107
Divine Madnesss monster: the designation assigned to naked fear, creating an illusion of justification and nobility to those who hunger for . 000105
Divine Madnesss monster: the designation assigned to naked fear, creating an illusion of justification and nobility to those who hunger for wrath. 000105
miniver Moldy wishes in squishing wet shoes.

Beware, the squishingwetshoemonster
of Squishingwetshoemonsterland.
marjorie It caught my arm
And spun me around
I think you must have mistaken me
for someone else
I thought my monster-like appearance
would make you hurl yourself face down
onto the ground
where the gravel would make tiny dents in your face
like you'd been shot with pellets
of reality.
MollyGoLightly monster is not a scary word to me. makes me think of muppets. 000321
Brad Me like the one that ate cookies. 000322
vermouth I had a dream once that i was playing a game of "the last person left alive wins" in a creepy old house, and the two semi-finalists were me and a monster-me. The monster me was enormous, giggling and cutting its ear off in front of a mirror, then sticking it back on. It tracked normal-me down and said "Hey look what I can do!" Then it approached normal-me laughing maniacally and cutting its ear off, then sticking it back on, over and over again. I hefted a baseball bat and swung at it over and over again, but (in true dream-form) my blows lacked the force to do any damage.

So I decided to call a truce and be friends with the goo-dripping monster-me. We started making out on the floor in the foyer of the creepy old house, then a couple of old fogies teetered down the stairs and saw us. They said "Oh my goodness!" then scrambled back where they came from.

What does this mean?
thinks This..pron; pl. these

1) The person or thing mentioned
or understood. as...this is just
more of same crap

2)the thing that is nearer; dis-
tinguished from that; as, I can see
this more clearly than that.

3) one of two things that are com-
pared or contrasted; distinguished
from that; as, of the two possibil-
ities, this is more likely than that

4) the fact, idea, etc, that is
about to be stated as "this above all:
to thine own self be true."

5) the fact, idea, etc, that has
just been mentioned; as this idea of
yours has legs.
knows thats it 000907
vermouth Verrrrrrry funny 000910
Boogaloo A dick is a monster, no matter how small or how big. 001026
tourist I have heard it said, "That which we fear the most
Often comes our way."
I say then "Fear no Evil"
Bell R He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster ... when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you. 010116
lycanthrope Tokyoo in the grip of monsters
storms flaring red in what is technically not a bay.
Not that it ever is.
drowning in rages
and water rushing where
it can near haphazard
like time.
a man buys porno
from a vending
looks at the cover and adds
it to his stash of
unwarranted, unobtrusive,
totally not followed up
but this time he pauses
thinks of opening a cover
flipping through
when he sees a large hungry
glaring through the 65th story
He knows it is hungry
somehow though it is an eye
most likely the flickering
shading its background.
A scream is heard
over the dreams
of swimming
the dreams of being humanly
able to reach
anything from this island turned
Beautiful, bewildered
soon to be marginalized
to a forgotten dynamic.
those medling kids The slime monster is really Mr. Dingleberry 020707
eddie monster bell r- can't remember where i heard that.he who fights monsters.... where is it from? 020816
the Walrus "Monster"
Album by Steppenwolf
the Walrus "Monster"
Album by Steppenwolf
Yes, I already said that,
but you didn't post it
you fucking maggots.
werewolf i said...TAKE A LOOK AT MEEE 020816
eddie monster i am 021118
Jeca :P rawr. 021119
grendel me.

all i ever was.
(hah, i dared to dream i was a man, but like i said once before, i am more of Caliban than any fair prince or hero from any fairy tale)

i am only the beast.

i hate my cave.

a newer cave would still be a cave and by dint of my presence even a palace would become a mere tunnel of stone and earth and moss
eddie monster i'm a monster to myself
i destroy muscle, joint and bone
i'm a monster becouse
i'm so alone
you loved the way
i'd be so care free
why don't you love
the one who doesn't hurt me
breaking my back
numbing myself
so we can be free
anything to make you smile
just to make you happy
but with time
i don't know
if i can do it still
don't know if my bones
can stand the chill

a love that runs clean
threw my blood
like a stream
your eyes hazel green
threw the yellow moon beams
will always mean
the world to me
*silent screams Ripping and tearing,
Churning and burning,
clawing at the inside
screaming just to annoy
Taking all of me, just to spit me back out in a completely different form
Hurting becuase you can.
Wanting becuase you know you can't have.
Starving becuase you don't have the engery to eat.
Mean because there's no one around to ease to pain.
Killing yourself inside just to watch as you suffer.
Breathing because you don't have the strength to end it.
Walking away from the evilness that keeps telling you to do it.
phil I've seen him 030127
x i go off deep ends 030127
eddie 30 foot fall 030223
Glory Box sometimes hiding is better than getting caught, and no matter how stuffy it gets, heads held under the blankets, once the monster's through he comes all over again. 031025
birdmad when your worst impulses are the easiest to acheive and your best intentions are dogged by failure and contempt, it's hard to believe that you're anything but

every mirror is a funhouse_mirror , but the ones that shed a normal reflection fail to take into account the crooked_head
misstree oops, did i forget my
mask and muzzle today, it's
really not as bad as you think, i really
wouldn't harm *your* child, not in specific,
what i mean is,
well, fiar's fiar, and, i guess,
i'd be okay with it all dying, and,
once you think that's a good idea,
who's to say that you can't start early,
you know, learn a few tricks so that
you can be main entertainment, and
since it's laugh or cry, well,
you don't think it's the soft bastards
that'll be laughing, so you? it's
the monsters with bloos on their muzzles, we all know we're dead, it's just
how much we twitch in the meantime...

but i keep quiet around you, because you would whisper "monster" to yourself, separate yopurself and make yourself feel that little bit better, because you would never actually do the things i wish, and someone has thought of worse... you would call me monster and crucify me to cleanse yourself... and i wouldn't deign to eat your hands, thou unevolved debris... and we are at deadly impasse... you crackling wiht societal weight... me listening for the howls of my Monsters, my Family, shaking in my calls to the wastes that whatever near-to-death kin might be recovered may make motion, that each shining soul catch intriguing scent and thus doff their hat unwittingly to mine kin, that each untamed motherfucker within reack come by and piss on my fence and greet properly, assue me that i am not insane (insanity is a minority of one)...

if enough motherfukers piss on my fence,
i can stand being ground to dust by greyfaced smiles,
and i will stay a god and a monster
(no matther what the outcome of that particular luchadore match) for efver and ever. amen.
misstree gawd damned drunken typoes.
peyton some people
they call me monster
some people
they call me saint
my talent feeds
my darker side
yet no one
will complain

i am
an opera singer
i sing in foreign lands
i've sung for kings in europe
and emperors
in japan
egger heard coyotes howling last night. 050819
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl you scream the word

and then it dawns on me.
the ugliness inside
has gorged itself on my weak emotions
replacing them instead with an unyielding, icy core
and has swallowed my heart.

i felt it being chewed.

and now the monster inside of me
has decided to explore.

peeking out from inside my innocent blue orbs
as it razes this harsh world
with a savage gaze.

it's sad
this voracious fiend
used to feel
used to care.

now she sits
and when she used to cry salty tears
she now engraves crimson regrets into her pale flesh,
now just lifeless meat.

people scream at her
for being selfish and uncaring
a foolish teen.

but she smiles in the dark
and feeds her demons
the sadness from each day
because that's the only way she can live,
by being the monster she used to dread,
not under the bed any more
but in it.
in her own skin.

peyton ^^^^

it used to be tragic
now it's just true
W.C. I am a monster--a monster with callous eyes and fearsome, biting words. I think I am more than I am, and only a monster believes himself of import to anyone but his mother. Baseless pride in a faceless world with words oh so terrible and careful, but I in my pride forget that there within are people--people as just and righteous as cruel and murderous. I damage myself as I damage my comrade in malicious deceit. 070206
Risen "What can I say? The girl just needs a little monster in her man."
- Buffy, As You Were

I have a dark side. Everyone does. Mine's a little murkier than most. I try to channel it. I don't suppress it, I just reason with it. Turns out it does respond to reason. That I can aim it. At the perpetrators of injustice and bigotry. At incompetent governance. If you can channel your anger, you can make amazing strides, you can change lives.

I have a dark side. Everyone does. It's also an awesome song (especially the Glee cover). No one's ever loved my dark side.

That's not to say they haven't loved some of the things it does for them. Loved my kink, loved my bearing, loved the strength in my hands, loved being dominated.

Some girls just need a little monster in their man.
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