charles under 991005
hstain the undertaker 991112
Quintessensual over, under, behind, in front, it's whatever you like that matters most 991122
marjorie head over heels in love. very painful, but at least you have a new perspective. 991228
SomeoneElse You weren't enough, "It's over now..." 000427
Barrett "Over Macho Grande?"
"I'm afraid I'll never get over Macho Grande."
Meg I am over you. You have no power over me anymore you Goblin King..... 001124
bubblebreath over a big butt 010103
unhinged the feeling of finality is kind of bittersweet now. i knew as soon as i sent it to you it was over. i knew that this truth would be more than you wanted to handle. but it was the last i could do. i can't continue like this...i don't want to continue like this. if you want to come back and actually talk to me that would be a different story. i'll still be here. always. but the past is finally over. 010121
Morelen The past never ends...especially not for delusional peple... 010124
unhinged it's not forgotten....just over 010124
Sol why is everyone so teen angsty there are far more fun and important things in life than being introverted and self pitying, get over it 010402
Chrity go to:
ladybird sometimes i think it's a little sad when things are over

but then i think well maybe nothing ever really is

it's like what somebody in here said about onions
Knight31 Over
and Over
and Over
and Over again.
DonaTELLA Get Over It,
what animal would you like to be?
birdmad listening to the smiths i know it is,
(but i don't know where else i can go)
chocolate bootay I would like to be an eagle.

no flappings of wings.


over the earth.

Lindsey it took too long for me to decide which movie. beautiful mind or kate and leopold. and it took too long for me to pick a restaurant. ruby tuesday's or wendy's. and it took to long for me to give up when he said he didn't want to go anymore. and it took me too long to hang up the phone.

and it took me too long to call him again. and it took to long to tell him that i really love him. and it took me too long to realize it wasn't my fault that he left.

and it's taking too long for me to get over it.
ClairE It isn't over until we look back and realize it is. If death simply cuts us off, like a paper ripped in half, then we never see what's coming. Does that mean it's never really over? 020118
bloodshotglass sometimes we hold onto good things when they're over just a little longer .. so they hurt just a little bit more 020119
why why 020803
andrew sometimes it's hard to believe... but then I remind myself what happened and it's not so hard to believe. 021228
scuzz Everything ends, has its little 'over.' If they don't come back, they still forever dwell in your memories. That will never find its 'over.' Endless? No, just remaining for a time. When no over comes, you'll find closure. 021228
sal i wish it were over. i wish it never started. i want everything to go back to the way things were....when i wanted things to start. its weird how that happens. 030112
erinicolejax So strange so sudden when my heart broke and I was over you. 030506
drunkeemonkee all of you talk about over as though is is after something. maybe you must go over something before you can ever begin it. "oh i wish this relatinship was over"...how do you know its even started? maybe the realtionship never started until it was over. 030602
eyedream . 030915
Rowbes you said yourself, things always change.
maybe this is not ending, but a transition. I hope you will find a self you can be proud of.

wishes you well
juxtapostal when at last its over, its not, its just different and you never know when to stop or to even try to start so you either keep on going or stop because you know its over. over and over.

an endless start to a neverending finish.

freedom is the portal towards which we know precisely false things. it stops the endless with a momentary lapse in the continuum. a chemical light that burns through the film and causes a projection from which to shine onto others the hope of stopping the endless cycle of 'over and over'.
tr ...and over and over and again. 041215
Wounded Toy Soldier And I would take you
away from there
away from the pain
away from the place you'd never rather be

But I dont think I could tell you
The things I need to say
Because these things
I dont want them to go away

So I'm breaking my bones
and my heart is frostburned
But I keep on marching
Going into the sunset
Into another place
Where they'll hate me just as much

And I dont think I could come back
And look upon your face
Or feel the touch of your embrace
Because I'd just break down and cry

I'm no ordinary guy
You're no ordinary girl
but that doesn't mean a thing
in this fucking world

So I should stop my crying
and pull myself together
and prepare for the road ahead

so maybe you'll love me one day
but probably Ill be dead
and itll be too late
Because my heart will be gone
And my spirit will be a coward too.
Because... sometimes you don't get over someone.
what's it to you?
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