jennifer stay
silentbob i think i no longer want you to make me happy
im wondering if i really want to live this way anymore
i know i'll always live through depression
because i have so many times before
but this tired awkward lazy life
of missing you
and looking at other girls
is just starting to disgust me
maybe i should just cheat on you
and make you break up with me
cuz i really can't make you that happy
amy longer boats are comin' to win us
they're comin' to win us
they're comin' to win us...

such a nice cat_stevens song.
lyrics what your maned kid you no longer exist got shot twice in leg one in the doom 001028
lyss Oh no, what have i done. Another eighty years to come. What were our intentions, if there were some? We said forever...forever didnt come. The day's growing longer. It was only yesterday that i saw you, it was only yesterday... The stability embedded in me. If only i acted on instinct there might be you and me. The day is growing longer. It was only yesterday that i saw you, only yesterday that i saw you. And then the back of you, and then the shadow of you, and then there was no you. We said forever...forever didnt come. 020811
eventi I can longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist perversion and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids 030326
eliese you lied.
I laugh at the thought of your next girlfriend.
When she sees you drop your pants.
fetal musings the longer we sit here, the better the bond 031122
illusionary_reality stay here...
longer than you usually do.
for all eternity if you can.
ew if your penis was longer, i mgith have stayed longer 040913
lost in my head must mean shorter. How could it actually mean longer? I didn't know long got any longer than this. 050329
when darkness falls days seem longer; nights seem like eternity. without you, it doesn't feel the same. i regret what i said, but i wish i could turn back time and change it. i miss the good times we had and i remember everything. i hope you know i'm sorry. 050710
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