daxle always 990716
Gigo Loma i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore. 991108
jennifer it's been a long day and the typos aren't getting any funnier 991205
zippy i'm so tired i have to remember to breath. 000114
ska my eyes have sunk so far into my head that i can't see anymore...But i still can't bring myself to walk away. And every quartely phone bill it gets worse... 000123
marjorie suddenly i realize
i'm tired of it.
of you.
and of everything you've ever done
it is time to bring about an end
without the normal fanfare, confetti, streamers, and colorful wreaths arranged in rings about our heads
like halos
showing that we're surreal
fucked is a fucking understatement! 000220
misstree roaming the streets,
hoping to run into you,
so i can just rest
in you
for a little while
'cause it's been a hard day,
and i feel so very tired.
erin I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink

I'm so tired I don't know what to do
I'm so tired my mind is set on you
I wonder should I call you but I know what you'd do

You'd say I'm putting you on
But it's no joke, it's doing me harm
You know I can't sleep, I can't stop my brain
You know it's three weeks, I'm going insane
You know I'd give you everything I've got
for a little peace of mind

I'm so tired, I'm feeling so upset
Although I'm so tired I'll have another cigarette
And curse Sir Walter Raleigh
He was such a stupid get.
--Lennon McCartney
Tank me. now. that's what I get for being a dirty_stop_out and drinking too much last night and then having to be at the okaysweatshop all day... 000707
daxle how do you tell someone that you are just tired of talking to them? I've never been on this end before. I'm plenty used to people getting tired of me, but this is all new... 000814
algo I work in a factory.
Please say the punctuation aloud in your head
unique butterfly i'm really tired, anyone else? 001109
spugandy 11:35 PM. Very tired. I am tired of life. I am tired of the terrible torrent screaming around me, and I am tired of being alone. Most of all I am tired of ceaseless questions to which there aren't answers. Sleep. Yes sleep. How nice would it be to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and excited at what the new day might bring? But sleep is simply the reset button. Yes, I will wake in the morning and I will find that mote of hope. Will it take root and survive in spite of the onslaught of the imminent storm, or will it be swept away... again? 010201
dB I'm tired, I can't explain
All the troubled notions scrambling my brain
I'm tired, let me be for now
There was a time when I was interested by you
But it isn't now

If only I could escape
Leave a dummy in my place
Slip away through the walls
Not listen at all

I'm tired, I can't explain
I may as well have been talking to myself
By the look on your face
I'm high, I don't feel myself
I think I should feel happy
But only want to lie down

If only I could escape
Leave a dummy in my place
Slip away through the walls
Not listen at all

I'm tired, I might go away
I'm tired, I've no more to say
I'm tired, I'm tired
So take me, take me away
mikey :::applaud::: 010312
dB *bows*

t'ank Yew!
t'ank Yew! 'dis next song is called Good Morning, Yew 'ave Reached the Winter of My Discontent.
elisabeth the word i say to escape from and explination. what i use to cover up all my flaws. What i use to cover up my tears. I never am really tired but no one knows that. 010325
rlzp I feel this way.. because I have to talk to aric before I go to sleep. He isn't home. 010328
dB I'm always tired. Watching takes up much time that should be used for sleep. It is also very draining.
Maybe now i can get more time to sleep. Maybe (if I'm very lucky), I'll get time to read before I go to sleep. Like when I was a child.
That would be... pleasant.
unhinged and the drugs don't make it go away... 010328
dB so you take more drugs... 010328
keeper im tired of sitting back and watch bullshit happen

if only....
Aimee I am so tired right now, but if I go to bed now, I know I'm only going to sleep until 8 or 9 am... god, I just want to sleepp soundly for one night just so I can wake up feeling refreshed. 010714
absent but still present i'm tired of this place; the drama, the gossip the backstabbing. i want to go home but i still have two weeks left. i miss you jeff and i miss work suprisingly enough. i know this is good for me but the length is starting to get to me. and then i will only have at most a month with you before i have to leave again. i'm so tired that i could sleep my life away. 010715
mmm i'm always tired.... i guess 3 hours a night isn't enough to live on 010828
unhinged you always make me feel like a bitch for not understanding you. but i know you feel nothing when you don't understand me because you just write everything off as emotions which equate to bad. any good therapist would tell me it's time to leave this eternally doomed relationship but i always come back to it wanting to fix it. what the hell is there for me to fix with someone who has known me for a year and a half and refuses to understand me? what is there? 010829
Rhinna me. 011031
Annie111 I'm tired of playing these damn games with people, with boys especially.

We should just hold each other for once and find out if this thing would ever work, otherwise maybe I'll move on and take a nap on someone elses shoulder.
Brian Wilson Don't talk. Put your head on my shoulder. 011218
god close your eyes, be still 011222
Toxic_Kisses More often than not when I'm tired I blurt out crap that would of been better left in my head and unsaid (didn’t mean to rhyme, sorry) 020124
mpayton i am. 020124
velvetdesire i'm so tired of (this) 020321
blown cherry When I get tired, my shields begin to fail.
Warp drive is offline and impulse engines are at an absolute minimum.
Life support is intermittent, and enviromental controls erratic.
Over heating in the bridge,
humidity off the scale in twin view screens.

Open and defenseless against attack.
Internal systems failing all over the ship, I am attacked from within.
Parasitic Iymmoashonns created be an internal transporter mishap.
The hull strains around the heart of the ship.

Deflector shield stolen by the borg.
No means of attack.
Life support failing.
Humidity increasing to unsafe levels in view screens.

Shields down to 14% and dropping...
yummychuckle its 2 01 am...girls chillin at Nikis house after the party has dwindled down.

all the pretty boys have left...including the four we put makeup on and dressed in drag (2 having to be pinned down and beaten to submission). That Ben boy looked sexy with lipstick on. I put it on him, painted his mouth with excessively messy strokes (so I could wipe the mistakes off with my pinky). He had lips just like Logan. OoOoOh. He looked kinda like him, too.

I told him he was cute
and the standard "thank you!" was returned. although he wasnt surprised and didnt seem to say anything ooh-la-la ish to me afterwards. just general questions. Guess its only polite.

the girls in this room are sort of half whispering about laying in the grass and looking at the sky. girls outside are giggling ferociously and probably discussing "those damn canadians". or not shaving or being vegan, if Kat happens to be the center of attention. sarah is coming out of the bathroom. we'll joke and laugh laugh laugh about god knows what. its great to be around someone so perky, who carries purple harry potter toothpaste around with her.

but i'm still tired.
silentbob i'm sick and tired of seeing cute lesbian couples. Why can they get girls and i can't?? 020416
kerry of being upset.
my dad took me driving today. i ran up on a curb in the middle of a turn and my volatile and grumpy father screams, "SHIT!" yeah, well that's a good way to cool me down, right? flustered, teenage new driver, sweating in the 90-degree weather, she doesn't need her dad to freak her out... she does it on her own.
and ever since sitting there in park, feeling the tears scald my eyes but not quite ready to come out while i listen to him mutter and grumble bitterly, knowing all the while that if there is one person in that car who should be upset it should be ME, i have had this throbbing head pain.
i think if i go down into the crawlspace where no one can hear me and i scream at the top of my lungs, i will feel a lot better.
december hmph, im tired
tired of typing
tired of being deceived
just tired of everything
phil rotting hug 030326
girl_jane just plain sleepy...but I don't want to go to bed without him... 030519
joda How can I be awake for 20 hours every day on vacation, then as soon as I have to go back to work, my body just won't let me be up past midnight?

I think it's bed time...
pobodys nerfect I'm tired,but not enough to be sleepy. *yawn* 030520
endless desire though i need sleep,
i am not tired of being awake
thought life is dragging me down,
i am not tired of being alive

i am a tired not clearly defined by the word at all. just a tired. where you raise your hands to the sky and let them drop with a thump to your sides. because life is a bit much and i keep looking at everything as a whole, instead of one step at a time.
and im just tired. of fighting--
even though ive only just started to truly know what that means.
and im so often tired of caring,
but i know i cant give up. bc thats not who i am
im just tired.
the blah blech drag-me-through-the-dirt tired
that there doesnt seem to be a way out of
knowing me, id fine one.
but im just so tired.
User24 so much so that my body aches. 030606
brit makes you easier to violate
i dont get puffed out chasing you
wrappedinplastic of the way you look at me with codependent love. 030907
ashmanzhou of life of dreams i thought
i might have had
i could have realised
all gone to hell
Lisa I am so tired... I wanna sleep... wanna crawl into bed and sleep forever and a day... I wanna take care of myself, just for a moment... and then there you are... your face, your eyes... so full of sadness... your tears that hurt... and I know I won't be able to... I cannot sleep... but I'm so tired... 030924
Lisa I am so tired... I wanna sleep... wanna crawl into bed and sleep forever and a day... I wanna take care of myself, just for a moment... and then there you are... your face, your eyes... so full of sadness... your tears that hurt... and I know I won't be able to... I cannot sleep... but I'm so tired... 030924
no reason of thinking
of figuring out
and time
and how everything
fits in

there's so
Freak I wish I could sleep my life away 031022
spugandy your face 12:15 am.. THIIISSSSSS is "real" tired.. 031025
the BEST therapist to unhinged: it's time to leave a doomed relationship. 031025
breygris i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

(how boring was that? i'm gonna scroll up and see that 5 other people already said that..) ... (oh well)
seeker im tired of being dissapointed
and of this pain

i am tired of living this lonely life
i am tired of feeling out of place
and of waiting around
for things to make sense

i am tired of tears
but i am too tired to scream

this life is exghausting
Syrope *hugs seeker* i know.

it's so cold here...and i usually always sleep better when it's cold.

i dont know if the exhaustion is worth it. there are moments that make me hope it might be, so i'm going to go on those until i just can't fool myself any longer...

it's just...i'm not tired when i'm in his arms, awkwardly rearranging every so often to make my knee stop hurting. i would rather lay with him but i don't think he trusts me.

but eventually he sends me away, and as his door closes behind me suddenly gravity seems so much stronger. last night he and i stared off the breezeway down at the ground, and i surprised myself by saying "i don't think i'd jump"...

by the time i make it down to my room i'm barely even alive. dragging so heavily, even if my heart is still light with my skin's memory of his touch and the at least temporary intellectual satisfaction that comes from conversing with someone who manages to think out loud and with no inhibitions but still not be crass or without tact.

but i manage to pull myself out of bed with the alarm anyway, and now i'm just trying to make it til the end of my shift. i want so badly to take a nap when i get off of work here, but i'm also so terrified to sleep alone.

i'm so tired that i'm afraid i might slip into somewhere i can't come back from. i need someone to hold me while i whimper into my pillow and fight against the covers in my nightmares. i need to not cry at work.

i need someone.
please don't make me sleep alone
AntiJester Ive been tired for so long, why would you never let me cuddle, especially after that 5 hour conversation? Thats all I wanted.... 040125
Bri so tired...wats the point of life? i am completely emotionally drained. i dun no wat i want!! all, i know is that what i have right now suxs ass. So just stop asking me. Don't tell me that u understand, u dont, u extend your hand to those who suffer, like it means something. Youve never tasted what it feels like. I need someone to hold onto, anyone. I need to get away, before i do something stupid, again. You think its gonna be okay? Yea, go ahead label me with something that u find metally disturbed n wrong. Go ahead pop me a few pills n give me the lolly! everything will be A-OK now u say. I just sit here n take it. DO SOMETHING. i just wanna sleep. im so tired...im 15 n im ready to end it. 040307
. . 040318
white_wave I don't like being tired. I feel a part of me is missing. I feel less alive. Being tired only serves a purpose when you snuggling beneath a blanket.

I really believe that a couple of icecubes down my back would wake me up right now because that triple shot of expresso isn't doing a damn thing....
Kai tired of living like a zombie
tired of following all the rules
tired just so tired
tired of yelling
tired of screaming
tired of dissapointment...
Connecting..the.dots.. of being awake
SA Keeping 20 hour days is catching up with me. I can't even make a real blathe. 040702
hsg want to sleep 6/7. 040917
no reason i think i'm tired of this
this cliche
or whatever the hell THIS is
i was never typical anyway
psa that deafening silence
now that she is gone
too much caffeine
too much nicotine
too much life
too much death
too much love
too much hate
too much anger
too much peace
and then pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
sudden silence
i am so tired
i am so...
i am
jesejmes So tired of all of this, so tired of you. So tired I can finally sleep. So tired of everything, exhausted. Day in day out, you. Tired of you, more sleep for me. I hope your tired also, because this sleep I will not wake from. This sleep will keep you away, this sleep, this dream is not of you. Everything in me is tired of you. Now I can sleep, now you are gone 050318
Pubescent im soo tired, but i dont want to sleep, you make me awake, but when ur gone sleep will devour me, so dont go, dont go, life is nice with you here 050601
misstree but maaaaa, can't i just go to sleep?
i'll finish the rest in the morning...
i'm sick of this playground, i want a nap...
pete heart 061222
no reason of applying for jobs 080111
no reason from stress and sadness 080626
no reason waking up on average 3 times a night and not giving my poor twitchy eye enough strength to recover 090903
In_Bloom Me
Together we cling and it's not so bad but I know there is something positive we need to move towards
Please don't be too tired to try again

For me- selfish I know but I'm worth it, I am
For you- it's what you're supposed to feel but I don't think you do. It's not enough what I think of you
For us- maybe, maybe just out of curiosity if you imagine yourself winning
no reason i am trying to encourage sleep improvement by investing in soft, fun, and/or whimsical pillows

today i got an off-white one that is super fuzzy.
FA113N Of having to even out over reference. Why can't I just be honest?

Because... I owe you your anonymity.
unhinged today was the first day in i can't remember when where stress didn't leave me to sleep past about 830am, snapping my conciousness back into my body 'hey you have things to do WAKE UP'


i could use about six more days in a row like today
unhinged (yeah, that last blathe doesn't make all that much sense. drunk_blathing mistake. what i meant is that stress often wakes me up before the alarm clock or before about 830, whichever comes first) 121210
fir3cuB3 my lips burnt when i kissed you
now my heart burns when i dont
TK Went to get on the comp today and was greeted by the quote:

"Are you not tired?"

D is apparently watching the Anime "Black Bullet" and had paused it at just that moment before having to leave today.

But I find this question to be somewhat out of place.

"Are you not tired?"

This seems to denote that the norm is in fact ~to~ be tired, and there for it would be considered uncommon to ~not~ be tired.

This is not particularly interesting thought, it is in actuality quite the opposite. It just striked me as an unusual and slightly funny thing to wake up to after getting out of bed this morning.
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