tree monster i can't hold myself back from talking about other people.
even when they are sitting like 10 yards away and could probably hear our conversation if they tried.

i tell 5 people about personal details
a likes b
b hates a
at the shirt party a writes "you are cool. i am a photographer, i'll take you picture anytime"
i make fun of b and tell everyone about a
perhaps it wouldn't matter so much if anyone liked a
but no one likes her so i am just conspiring against her to make everone hate her
why am i such a horrible person?

and then there is m, who i don't care if i talk about because she pisses me off, but why could i have not waited until she wasn't sitting fifteen feet away? it's not like i was going to say anything new about her that i haven't said before, i was just going to complain some more about how she annoys me, but i would rather not have her know she annoys me.

this is me being rediculous
why am i rediculous
i've talked to the same person everyday for three years

i want to know everyone

have everyone in my pocket

everyone should like me

and want to be my friend

so i should start conversing with more than one person everyday for years even if i love him
what's it to you?
who go