meir the most essential word in any grammatic sentence relating to any group of people. our social existance. 990226
jen bedhead we are so blind to each other that we can't begin to comprehend ourselves. 990518
s es 990711
Ron Jeremy Yes...we most certainly ARE fucking. 990817
Fadeout you listening to this? ... Crikey, someones listening! 990913
elimeny you me? Because I can't see, and you were my seeing eye, but now you've spread....and taken over my face....and my body....and all that I am, has now become not unlike you. Any you know what? It pisses me off. So if I hate you, does that mean I hate myself? Because I'm okay, because I'm not as fucked up as you are. So there. 991207
dean-bean Ah, the being verb. Such a happy little verb. It is content just to exist in the present. If only it were as easy as all that. 000310
Q You are what you are regardless of what anyone says, even you, but especially he or she. 000726
kjl Are...? I think I was, but am not any more. And is are ll. that is the beginning of the enternal abyss 010225
Chrity go to:
Sol we are homeless, homless, moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake

are we?
no we are not!!
yes we are!
are you sure?
ladybird you are, and we are, and even they are, but I can't are. So I guess that means I need other human beings to are. Which is nice.

Are. Sounds strange when you say it out loud.

Aar. Like a pirate.
Sol Ill sail the spanish Main in search if bloated galleons, come you lilly livered cowards bring on your gold 010520
clay walker Diffantly is a word we are trying to get
published in the dictionary for our college
course and we get our college paid for if we
get it in.
emo The satistic says that fifty percent of women have one of these in their life time. Is it murder to you? To me, it was scary, painful, horrible, terrible, final, and my only choice.
For my mistake, i will always know what i had to do to fix it. My life would have changed and my dreams would have melted if i had not gone in that day. The day after my 17th birthday.
i dreamt about it, i knew without testing. It grew inside me, it was a part of me. For a little while there was someone else worth living for. Their inside my belly, there was a living person, with arms and legs and a head and a heartbeat. In my heart i could feel it. It was like nothing i have ever felt before. I hope someday i feel it again.
I stopped smoking for it. I stoped drinking for it. I had cravings for what it wanted. It was a small part of me. Nobody could know that feeling.
Then i went in that day. And came out, and it was gone. I had gotten used to it being there. It was just ripped from my body. Like nothing. But it was.
I had no choice.
And now, again. Could it be possible? I don't ever want to do that again. Never.
I'm going to pray...
somedaysam are you a bitch?
are you a wallflowered
drunk, clinging to the...wall?
do you fuck or make sweet love?
All of this
or none of the above?
Be mine, bitch. Cling to me, little wilted wallflower.
We can fuck until the sun comes down
and make love sweet.
Kristopher Are we not men?!

We are Devo!!!
ChiselMouth Comes after 'q' and before 's' 031111
Oui Cest Moi Do what you can with what you have where you are. 031223
r1y9a6n4 can we be

the person that we should

or will we see

what we could

will that cut ever heal

over the scar

can we ever see

who we are
bethany theonly i wake up for everyday. the person worth living for. the person i love 040212
x twisted x what you are. the state of being. really kind of final if you think about it. things ARE this way for a reason. you ARE ugly. where ARE you? why ARE you here? you are...and you have to live with it, because thats what you are. deal with it. 040420
corn flake Wake up!!
don't you see
its what you are
dam bored u all are fuckin bastards 050613
harry Who are we? Who are they? What are we doing?! 060111
what's it to you?
who go