black-dyed gel product One of my poems is getting published. I find this very odd and comical because this happened completely by accident. Back when i was trying to get some kind of scholarship money for college, I sent out just about anything that might get me money. I sent out some poems, I wrote essays on idiotic topics ranging from why children are our most precious resource (as you know I firmly hate children) to why I choose not to smoke (in reality I like to smoke big smelly cigars every now and then), and I basically whored myself in every way shape and form to try and get my hands on some scholarship money. To this day I have not won a single penny. I did, however, receive an interesting letter in the mail; it was from one of the groups that I had submitted a poem to for a scholarship, and they informed me that although I did not win any money, they are going to publish my poem in an anthology. I find this funny for a few reasons: first of all, I don't really care about having my work published, I wanted MONEY; second, my sister is a writer and has tried for quite a while to get her work published only recently doing so, and I get published without trying; third, I don't really like the poem they're publishing, I kind of slapped it together at the last minute and I don't feel that it's good at all; fourth, I'm probably taking an opportunity away from a person who would cherish this "gift" and would probably have written a good poem; and finally, I have proven they I can accomplish incredibly inane things without trying and still not get what I really wanted, which was money. Oh well, I just thought that was worth noting. 010810
the one you are remembering what i told you like it was published for the world. Remember baby me and you are alone and its not what the world knows. 011022
megan my poem got published. lol 021216
p2 i hope no one falls for
the crap

they "publish" you
and several hundred others
in an "anthology"
and sell it back to you
for 60 bucks a pop

they have "conventions"
and "awards"
that you have to pay for

this isn't to say
the poems aren't any good
just that
this is more about making money
and less about poetry

it just pisses me off
International Library of Poetry
National Library of Poetry
International Lib
International Poetry Hall of Fame
International Society of Poets
Pegasus Press

or does having so many names
seem suspicious?
Dafremen There are ways to get your work out without being subjected to such an insulting vanity press bullsh*t scheme. I had something worse happen. I had someone send one of my poems to one of those things without my permission. I was pissed! "That's MY poem and my creative child and how could you whore it out for a nothing that basically amounts to a blip in the Encyclopedia Britannica except without any of the prestige and at twice the cost of a single volume?!"

If all goes well with a plan tht a few others an I are working on, there will be yet ANOTHER way for writers to get published without all of this Turd Burbled F*ck Juggling.
User24 p2: after 3 goes, I finally realised the same, still, it's good to say I've been published. 030828
misstree i self-published in the most janky way possible, once, and sold slips of my soul for a buck a pop on bourbon street.

people responded much better when i read it *for* them, but that's also how most of it was written.

still, a few of those sheets that i had in reserve earned me the money i needed to get into a suspension_show from a little group of late teenagers who were squabbling over who got what. it was kind of neat. :)
mon uow blather. 050319
mon uow we_publish) 050319
am i the only one who thinks that

Turd Burbled F*ck Juggling

deserves its own entry?

(i can't be...)
what's it to you?
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