vicious I control each day
from the rising of the sun
to the waking of the stars
and in your eyes I see the fear
and you think I control you too

maybe I do
unhinged it's my own fucking life

if i want to go down to the flats of cleveland to hear my friends play for some record label people i should be able to

if i want to smoke cigarettes and weed and drink jack and coke and become a slobbering bum i should be allowed to...i'm 19 damnit....legal age to do almost everything....except live my own damn life
human What do you truly own? The concept of ownership is tricky. Some things are worth an expenditure of effort to try and achieve. These are the things that I would like to put away for safe keeping and careful adoration at later times. I hope that you respect the effort I expended while gaining these items. I hope that you respect me. What I meant to say is don't steal. From me anyway, out of respect at least. 010308
The Truth Things you own...end up owning you.

The native americans had the right Idea. They all shared everything. IT was all community property. The way communism could be without greedy leaders.

Isn't it about time that you gave away everything you own...after all, it was given to you first.
Dafremen You own your life.
I OWN the roof over your head.
I'm facing the consequences of a decision I made 19 years ago, having you.
That decision has had good consequences and it has had BAD consequences.
I got to watch you grow up, and it has been a joy at times.

I've spent 19 years facing the consequences of your decisions right along with you, whether I wanted to or not.

I've had to give up MY life for you, to tend to your needs and provide for your wants too.

I've GIVEN you the best years of my life and I'm ready for you to return what's left of my life for ME to enjoy.

You own your life.
You do NOT own the roof over your head.

The day you do, you will get your life back.

And I'll get mine back too.
Your Parent(s)
florescent light I own chocolate covered jelly rings.

And boy are they delicious.
I own five of them.
Two days ago I owned 16 of them.

now I own only three.
er...make that 2 and a half.
Tybay it feels like you owe me something that you will never ever be able to repay 010512
mistaken (yummyc) i own my toenails.
and I own my decisions.
tricky the only thing you can truly own is knowledge. 030409
queen of darkness now i'm finally someone i can call my own 040131
still screwed what do i own? that's a joke, i seem to get things somehow but own? 040403
hsgatincamail i second that knowledge thing 040620
Mike Could mean that I own you.
Could mean that it's my own.

Could mean that George Bush owns you.

Could mean that Michael Moore owns nothing.

What it means is that PAIN HATRED SEETHING RAGE sticks out in your mind.
. learning me 040629
mybad I take it back. Everything horrible I've ever thought or said.
Because it was only ever a projection of my own self-loathing.
what's it to you?
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