bijou vinyl. is there anything sweeter? 010609
girl_jane I record the greatest memories on the tape in my brain...shit...I taped over a few...does anybody else have a copy I can dub? 020223
Toxic_Kisses I use to own a record player but it didn’t work for some reason so I got sadly bid it farewell, some day I hope to get a new one though kuz every time I go into a resale shop I see all those records begging to be played again, sang along to again and danced to again it makes me feel so bad when I can't take one home w/ me to relive its hey day 020518
phil Funny, you would think the record store would have a record player. 020518
yenaldlosi histories passed down not in the written word but from one voice to another
my origin
your myth
what's it to you?
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