Shar Some guy showed up at my door yesterday. Travis was a very talkative young man, as well as cute and charming.

He was selling magazines.
He barely mentioned them.
He said I was interesting.
He asked for my number.
He said that he'd call.

I laughed.
I gave a pager number.
I shook his hand.
I didn't buy a magazine.
I wonder:

Does he want me, or the sale?
Q Duh! 000823
Saorise Isn't the real question: How many successful non-sales did he, or will he, make? 000823
ewee sing a long a sound of six pence falling from a jar 010214
MisterFunkadelic N. {ebonics} [plAy-ah]

1. someone adept at getting what they want, frequently used, but not exclusively, for sexual situations.

2. someone with a good deal of influence and standing in a peer group
ClairE Jason and I made Collie explain, and though we talked about it for a good twenty minutes, he couldn't find a way to make himself clear.

But Jason and I were both delighted with what we managed to pick up, and we started calling Jason a player in jest.

I think everyone loves words, deep down.
Miffey I've never been the player type.
I used to be a bit promiscuous, but I've always been in love with the idea of being in love, and that just doesn't work for a player. But that hasn't worked yet, so maybe I have to become a little detached. Fuck everyone else, before they fuck me.
Even though that doesn't sound like a very attractive prospect, it will at least be entertaining, right?
twisted_existence the boys like to say, "dont hate the player, hate the game."

well, join me in this chorus, because im starting a new anthem: "there wouldnt BE a game if there werent any players."
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