Shar sing loud, sing proud
sing silly, or not at all
it's a good time. really.
elise only in the dark when no one's listening 000425
jennifer if you can't sing good, sing loud
not very good advice, if you ask me
I've heard too many people who can't sing well, sing too loudly
it should read:
if you can't sing good
sing in a very large group
Brad or at home, where nobody can hear you. 000528
Tank my ups mannie overheard me singing... he said he understood why i worked in the office and was not one of the artists... i, sadly, have to agree... 010205
johnny west In my opinion, some of the greatest singers in any musical genre aren't great technical singers. It's about creating something unique. Use what you've got. In a lot of cases, what you've got is pretty sexy. 010309
Aimee I like to sing... my voice teacher thinks I should go professional.. but the only time I'm really comfortable singing is when I'm in the shower... would it be weird of my to release a cd entitled "Songs of the Shower"? 010310
mikey no in fact it might sell. people would be able to associate with it.

things that make you go hmmmmmmm
johnny west Maybe you should try recording the vocals in the shower...capture those unique acoustics. 010310
Aimee that might just work, i mean, plus then we'll get the rain sound going on... Well I guess it's time I started... :: strips and runs to the shower :: 010310
johnny west Whoa!!!
What have I been missing here?
You started recording without me?
Hallkwik I wish i could sing... 010312
Aimee I'm sorry Johnny, but if it's any comfort, i'm not quite done yet... c'mon over we'll do a duet... :) 010312
johnny west Lemme just warm my voice up...
::does a few quick scales::
Okay. I'm ready! I've even got a song written especially for this event (co-written by nocturnal, mikey and florescent light). It's called "Anorexic Fish" (lyrics in red blather).
I'm on my way!
Aimee Johnny, I never knew you had such a voice.... beautiful!!! We should go on tour.... it might be difficult to bring the shower, but maybe, just maybe we could sing without it.... who am I kidding, we need the shower! 010319
psychobabe sing for me my mocking bird, sing! 010419
damia music makes the world go round 010513
freakizh sing sing sing

your first words were a violent love song

and your last ones
were unhearables,
frunobulax sing about glass figurines 010720
abraham lincoln "Sing all the time...dont stop singing...unless youre out of tune...then shut the hell up!"
Isn't that everybodys underlying notion of it all. Sure...we want to hear your songs but only if they sound like mtv and they are marketable. "No...thats a great song...i just think you oughta work on it"...Bullshit!
green eyes sing to the mountains sing to the sea.. raise your vocies lift your hearts
this is the day the Lord has make
let us rejocie and be glad
CJ singing is something I do often but not very well and I don't care. However when I hear someone who singes rarely and very well but cares too much so they don't do it often I want to try to convence them that they should but i can't. 020423
doral extra flavor la. 020424
Freak I love to sing. When I started getting older I was afraid to sing in front of people because I didn't want to sound bad. My boyfriend bought me the beauty and the beast soundtrack for my 17th bday because he remembered that I wanted it. One day I was riding in the car with my mom and I put that cd in and just started singing not caring how I sounded. When I finished she just turned to me and said, "wow, when did you learn to sing?" I just kinda smiled and replied "I love to sing" :0) 020429
Lotusmagic For some strange reason, i sing well only sometimes and the other times i sing really badly, actually it is more times that i sing really badly. i don't know why this is. 020429
a song don't worry if it's not good enough 020429
PEACELOVESHEEP fly... 020627
sweet_nightingale i don't even realize when i am singing

i am a musical sponge
i am constantly surrounded by music (need to be) food for the soul
i love it all, all kinds

music is a universal language

i often notice people smiling at me for no apparent reason
i see them stop and smile
but i don't even realize when i am singing
Somedays Dreamer I could sing of your love forever
I could sing of your love forever

Over the mountains and the sea
Your river runs with love for me
And I will open up my heart and
Let the Healer set me free

I'm happy to be in the truth
And I will daily lift my hands
For I will always sing of
Whe Your love came down

I could sing of your love forever
I could sing of your love forever

'A Song Of Praise'
celestias shadow i have a voice teacher now. she thinks i have a good voice. i'd never tried before. *hugs self happily* i like being good at something. 031216
fierce_otterpup and i can be free
and i can shock you and run through your head like it's a field of daisies

and i can scream and feel pure joy
and i can live and laugh

and i can push and pull you
and i reach through your eyes and pull rainbows out your ears

and i am powerful and i am your goddess
and i will keep singing and singing and singing
niecespieces or scream. or just hum.

singing needs not pitch, tone, or arpeggio.
it needs heart, emotion, and a real person.

not a fucking replica.
mc some paths make my heart sing
dampen and coat the song with wooly soft padding
others still
make new vibrations
I wouldn't mind if you
let me go
what's it to you?
who go