lotusflower swimming in mermaid fashion
figure-eights, fluid motion
tickling bubbles and
calm waters heal her
wounds open to sea salt
and seaweed.
luvly what we see when we look into somones eyes. I pool of deapth without light but with all life and meaning. we want to know what is there, but knowing may hurt us all. Like somones eyes. 010218
blessed she loves me
she lifts me
with the surge
of the surf
america? horse W? no name 010522
moonshine el mar 010523
rubydee i touched the pacific
it was cold in okinawa
warm in san diego
chilly again in san francisco
in korea it was too dirty
fouled with the slurry of fishing ships
washing their decks at the docks
scum and algae
mum wouldn't let me even put a toe in

the atlantic screams underfoot
riptides in north carolina
lighthouses in the north
in florida i felt like i was in a tub
warm drawn bathwater
in maine it is so cold
taking my breath away
i put my toes in
and they come out blue

water water everywhere
jac deap and mysterious in space and content 010630
pat the strong powers suck you in,
spit you out when lucky.
rubydee i've just returned from the pacific northwest, lush vegetation dripping, oozing, spilling from the coastal trees...sandstone and spiders, millipedes and haystacks. "beach_logs_kill" signs at the public land holdings...
lest you forget the clearcuts inland.
Inanna the curtain is a sea anemone
in the way it sways
to the slow breeze
i lie spread out on the floor
looking at these things
most of them are mine/yours
and it's so nice
staring very still
at those old shoes
i could never fill
starfish with its arms out in a daze
staring at the stars
through an ocean haze
was i one you wished upon
burned out like a lightbulb
when you turned me on
And its so nice
sleeping here all alone
with my ashtray
white courtesy telephone
Now I'm making out the shapes
like the shower rod
can it take my weight
I will tell you i am fine
Got some news friend
Feels like I'm dying
Turtle on its back in the desert sea
And you look like a cool drink
Just slightly out of reach
I drop myself into the shell
Waiting on a sign from god
Or a nod from hell
and it's so nice sitting very still
at those old shoes I could never fill
now they are turning on the lights
It the first day of my second life
Take my name off the lease
You can even keep the name
It never suited me
angie i would like to see a sea
smell a sea
swim freely in a sea
swim deep into me
a thimble in time 'To see or not to see? That is the question. 030617
trixie healing. calming. churning. changing.
close to god.
far from earth.
and endless opportunity.
inanna sea anemone lyrics by jets to brazil
yeah red
my live pet sea anemone is mine though!
whome a sailor went to sea sea sea!
to see what he could see see see!
but all that he could see see see
was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea!

ps very nice poetry!!
scorpion heart first thought to my head.
nooot good.
scorpion heart im not talking seamen either. 031116
when darkness falls drowning in the sea of confusion,
never knew this was coming,
never thought i'd end up in this situation,
when there's darkness at the end of the tunnel.

no light, no hope, no end to my pain,
some things won't ever change,
and once lost, love will not be regained.
nomme) chihulyian 050710
nomme) or chihulyan 050710
gja This one is troubling me. 070201
copypaste Come with me,
O my love,
to the sea,
the sea of love.
I want to tell you,
How much
I love you.
rubydee i_love_you 190724
what's it to you?
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