dallas pie is good. cake is, too. and so are you. 980826
amy morning! 980907
angela g o o d. such a stereo-typical word. 990208
Toad The Wet Sprocket Goodnight, don't fear.. I always will watch over you, my dear.
Goodnight, sleep well.. I'll see you with the rest of them in hell.
adam god what a mess i am today. 990305
kat goodnight 990405
daxle "be good" he says just before he hangs up, purely to aggravate me 990421
Nate Higgins Nothing is good nor bad but thinking makes it so. 991030
kr8 37 years old and Down's Syndrome
was how most people described him -
and oh, yeah, he has a Behavior Problem.
which meant he would scream and throw things.
"You be a good boy, now, don't give Todd any trouble," they'd say. And he would do his dutiful best, because either you're a Good boy or a Bad boy.
"I sorry, I be a Good boy. I stop acting crazy. I be a Good boy."
All he needed was the freedom to freak out.
Gigo Loma suger and spice, and everything nice.
'love to love to love, you, baby'
mmmm, cheesecake... with fruit.
Alexander Beetle dog 991116
trakie i think we over simplify the word good nowadays. i mean, if GOD made everything, and "it was good." don't ya think we need to stop using it to describe last night's dinner? 991116
nameless good is like god with bouble o 991217
lotusflower these garlic melba rounds are good. even ask bart conner and nadia comaneci. 000213
rara someone is pretty good at something, is my assessment. 000225
Brad good things come in small packages.... adn to those who wait. Great things come to those who wait in small packages. 000308
nameless bad is good and good is bad so don't be sad =) 000414
birdmad ...something that i have not been since i was younger 000423
WoNDERGIRL I always was a good little girl. Albeit different, but good. So good, in fact, that he always seems to come back for more. 000528
SCOTT i've always seen the good
in others-not myself
in their actions
and words-when i was
young-i thought i was
when i was older
i knew i was'nt-yet
i think i am now-i hope
can you see the good?
or taste the bad?
kronoman foo 001119
: ) guess he told me to relax, said he wouldn't hurt me, that there would be one sharp pain, and then i would feel pleasure. So I relaxed the best as I could, and he gently started kissing me, softly at first, then more passionately, he started at my forehead, then proceeded to my lips, neck, and then breasts. I was feeling nervous as he moved lower and lower. When he reached the top of my hairline, he said, watch me, I said I can't, he said please, so I leaned forward and watched as he slowly moved his tongue across my untouched womenhood, i started shaking lightly, and I couldn't quit understand the deep feelings i was feeling inside me. I wanted to open my self up wider and wider, I just couldn't get enough. His tongue felt so good, a different feeling than i had ever felt before. I started feeling this pressure building up, I said whats happening to me, what is that? He said, just lay back now and enjoy it. I laid back and started shaking terrible. He raised up, and slowly started entering me. I said I don't think I can do this, I really don't. He said, calm down sweetheart and take a deep breath. I held my breath as he slowly entered me, and when he did I yet out a scream of pleasure. I just couldn't get enough. He said, Are you ready? At that moment we both exploded and I would have to say, as I told him....
that was good
peyton is what all the people who are evil think their actions are

No one wakes up in the morning and wraps their long skeletal fingers around a goblet and says, "How can I be evil today?"
Sintina I told someone about this place and he asked me: "Look up the word 'good' on there, I want to see what it means."

I replied: "But it's not just what the word means, it's whatever comes into people's minds when they see the word."

And he said: "Yeah, that's what I want to know. What do people think of the word 'good'."

I said: "Why?!"

He said: "Because."

And now I know what people think of the word 'good'. And remember:

Good is entirely impotent without the contrast of evil. For what is good if there be nothing evil with which to compare it to?
Dark Rifter X All the best people are evil.
All the good ones are lies.
Super Mo Do you want me.. do you need me.. I didn't know you were so lonely. Am I to blame for making you that way? 010430
unhinged "you are like the slow movement of a symphony waiting to be played"

that is the sweetest thing someone has ever said to me
marjorie i was good
i never once stopped the water
when i could have
after all
i'm the waterfall dam
and if i wanted to
i could make your pretty world disintegrate
and you might just think that to be a pretty dastardly thing to do
but we're all only human
except a few
and those few shake hands
and send checks on time
and i think they're damn good
florescent light a good blather is better than a lousy email 010608
jane there is good, but i'm not sure if there is a bad. 010618
melvinwang of course there's good, otherwise there wouldn't be bad. what goes up, must come down. like ratings of sitcoms. and apples. and microphones. especially when thrown

everything has two sides, two faces. the idiots who don't acknowledge their other sides will falter.

fortune cookie!
plastic value judgments are bad 010706
bloodjetpoetry the little boy thought he was. he woke up one morning with nothing in his christmas stocking. he grew up, he was good. he did nothing wrong, he did nothing out of the norm. he didn't go to church. so when he died, he got tossed into purgatory. he stayed there forever. and he was good 011119
carne de metal that's what greedy people say. 020206
sagsde is bad. I mean badder than better. 020215
blown cherry I am. I don't know why I am, I'm not sure I should be, I think I might, under normal circumstances have cause not to be(?).
But I am good.
So when I am asked, I will not lie.
PEACELOVESHEEP ...God, what the hell am i doing here? 020627
Asrai celery is not at all good. it tastes funny and smells funny and leaves a funny smell on your hands if you touch it. Blech. never eat celery. 020922
kori ignorance is all the good left in the world 021203
girlnamedlover you make me feel so good.
I know its not that flattering of a word, but its true.
I could say wonderful or phenominal or super, but those dont really describe it.
you just make me feel good.
it feels good when you hold me.
and its good when your skin touches mine.
and I feel good when you play with my hair.
and I feel good when you call me, especially when I dont think you will.
and it is so good when our faces press together when we hug.
and it feels so good when you tell me you love me.

and sometimes you make me feel really bad.
really really bad.
and it makes me want to cry.
crazyPUNKkait good could be great

bad could be worse

like could be love

dislike could be hate

smart could be genius

stupid could be moron

happy could be ecstatic

sad could be depressed

sick could be dead

life could be better
phil taking the fleas off the cat was a good thing 030127
HairThief What keeps you good, if you consider yourself good? If there were no laws and you could do anything you wanted, would you still do good things? Are you good because of external consequences or internal morals? Is it the fear of authority that keeps people in line?

I would hope that everyone has an in-built sense of good and evil or is everyone yearning to be evil and selfish at heart?
blown cherry I'm so tired.
I'm never good when I'm tired.
All the cracks start to spread.
kodachi When you have enough.

i'm tired.
me i have a sister-in-law called Good. Well, that's her nickname, i'm not telling you her real name, 'cos it's a clue as to who i am 030624
me i think they called her Good 'cos she was naughty as a child, and it must have been wishful thinking...she's good now though, but only recently 030624
ItGirl "i'll be good"


*looks down at him*

"this is good"
nomatter the_good_girl 030915
Toxic_Kisses there is nothing purely good, everythings all tainted! 030915
metamantrg for this is no way to think
if everyone thought like this
what kind of world would this be
everyone would be misserable
and thats troubling to even comprehend who people would act or be
User24 there is nothing purely evil, everythings shines in some strange light! 030916
Toxic_Kisses ok, you have no right to tell me how I ought to think and also seeing as how ppl aren’t clone-ish sheep I'm not too worried about others thinking the way I do, *shrugs* and any way the world for the most part is already a crummy place, so even if for what ever reason every one did think this way would it really make much difference?

metamantrg your right I have no right to tell you how to feel
YES your right this world dones SUCK
but at least injoy what it has to offer
Toxic_Kisses now that I agree w/! 030916
Bubby Plato. The Good. Your Mom. 030921
ontherocks is a subjective term 031026
Floralieca When you have to shout .. don't talk. 031027
thespacebetween and there we were
in a kmart parking lot
and it was good
endless desire that was pure genius 031129
TwicksyTrix Yeah and about all that goodness i lost
Well it was superficial anyway
liss Good is what they tell you you're supposed to be when you go off to the first day of preschool. Good is what you become when you get an A on a worksheet that teaches you to write letters. Good is what you loose when you grow up. Good is something that you can only feel before you've lost your innocense. 040303
Jess The right half of my face is good. Left is bad. Will the two ever combine? More importantly, what side of me are you standing on and do you even dare to look? 040304
Joe P Is there always as much good in the world as there is bad - Do they balance each other out? Is there more or less good now than at another discrete point in history or future? These are my questions. Anyone know? 040426
kookaburra Im bad to the Bone!!!!!
yea, bart simpson rox my world...
"shirley. temple. scares. me."
hsgatincamail good faith in the path 040715
a "point" Water_Droplet less Evil_Deed 040731
estarocks there is none.

and that is almost true.
andreas schpe i like you 040928
Barbie I am not always perfect but usally am too damn good 041214
cyanide faerie why is a word that is supposed to imply that something is better than average now viewed as unsatisfactory?

is it because we're not good enough...?
Milky Holy shit! 060919
King Grimet is not enough, never stop until your the best 061211
pete to'hen 061211
one of many Actions can be good or bad. Apples cannot be good or bad. They can be sweet or rotten, but an apple is an apple. They may taste good or bad, but that's a matter of opinion. I've been told my favorite kind of apple tastes like cardboard. Does that make them bad? They taste good to me. Maybe I like cardboard. A human is a human. Not a demon, angel, lamb or lollipop. Being human does not make someone good or bad or anything except human. The same goes for the lion and the lamb, the snake, the apple, the angel. Remember, Lucifer was an angel. Even after he fell. He was just an angel that did a bad thing. 071202
Syrope i was trying so hard not to care...and i thought i would have to find out this week. they say it goes into effect in march. which would normally be the one that gets processed this friday. but the stupid leap year. so...yea, i thought i could just pretend-not-to-care a little longer, but now i might have to wait another two weeks!! apparently these people don't understand just how much of my self-worth is riding on this tiny little "good enough" or "not good enough" thumbs up or down.

without other people's approval, i'm really nothing
what's it to you?
who go