Andromeda Rich sweetness melting in my mouth.
Raspberries and blackberries colour my tongue a purple-pink.
And I feed you peaches and tangerines.
And we eat cheesecake like it's manna from Heaven (of course it must be what the angels eat, only they don't get fat).
We sacrifice strawberries to please our tastebuds, and you lick their sweet blood from my the nape of my neck.
And next I am delighting in the succulent juice of the grapes that are left on your lips.
Hmmm.... may I have a taste of that banana?
My sweet hobbit feeds me cheesecake.
And he calls me his Precious Ring.
yummyC sucks ever since my twelth birthday party. 020228
yummyC the future cokehead twelfth...
christ, its the drugs nibbling at my brain.
TK Jons nick name for me,
I'll never be able to look @ cheesecake w/o thinking of him *sigh*
User24 Hey Tk, you stil on this page? 020228
Toxic_Kisses no but I am now, while eating chairy covered cheese cake (curse my adiction to cheese!) you wanna bite? 031213
end less des ire she replied almost two years later.
Shinequwa is the best desert anyone could ever ask for! I particularly love it with strawberries and sauce on top, whenever i am eating that i'm in heaven. The only thing is that it doesn't really seem like a cake to me. It reminds me more of pie... i think i am going to call it cheesepie from now on 040116
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