Death of a Rose saviouring this mind smog. 040102
jezabel juices tracing my chin,
it is barely fair that ambitious droplets should
recieve so little recognition next to
the intensity of devouring and suckling and savoring
the burst of ripened peachflesh against
parched tongue.
the evaporator There is vodka, an extra spoonful of sugar, and the pulp of five crushed raspberries in my lemonade, it is four thirty in the A-M, i am buzzing lightly and a very nice Dominican cigar is clouding my living room as i exhale it

i lack for only two things at this moment

sex and dessert
REAListic optimIST the juicy bits of a grapefruit have a certain physical onomatopoeia about them, encapsulating bits of bursting sunshine bounty, even if they come from the_sour_dimension, their succulence is no less intense. 070728
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