Tank he asked me to fly with him to LA, pick up his harley, ride it to new mexico, stop off in the desert for some serious illegal consumption, then ride the bike back to the illadelph. so i asked boss mannie geeza and he laughed at me and snorted an resounding no. bollix. 000821
marjorie i had something beautiful
and i gave it away
SD It went away. But came back.
As all good things do.
jon ice
unhinged it doesn't really hurt like that when you come to expect it 011208
Grievance it comes as an opportune gateway to(o) true. 011208
. h o w c o u l d y o u n o t b e 021217
ReD the feeling you gave me after i told you how it is 030310
chocolatte maybe it's just feet the toes the curly qs
that make my heart go round near you
& the loops in my head when you look in my eyes
it's rockin, don't stop
but it's more than just a mystery,
it's jazz with a crush
a whisper like a flood
swish & water but not refresh
just like lemonade, bitter & sweet
it's a symphony without a doubt
& I could have the whole world in me
a million different people with the radio and all the places and times forever
I can change and in one lifetime play many parts
I'm a galaxy
it's the highest purest high
a carbonated breath
faster than summer
and days at the beach
crystal waters
urban lights with slow motion
walking down the street
in the city with you, and the rain,
with the violins and beat in my head
remix how I felt
DJ press play
& I see you spinning
in your
surfer shirt
with your
blue blue eyes and brown brown hair
dark irish with
italian chocolate sauce on ice cream
have you ever tasted it so good
spectacle And falling a squish 040729
jess the feeling i get when my boyfriend even looks at an attractive girl. my heart feels like its going to melt away right there. i dont know why i get so jealous..i guess im just way too insecure. i wonder if all girls are like that? i want to be the only girl hes attracted to and it drives me crazy that that will never be so. there will always be someone else more attractive than me and as long as that is so i will always hate the reality that i can never be the ultimate girl. i know that looks arent all that important but i worry that they are to him becuase guys are so physical...even if he says he thinks im beautiful and that he only wants me there will always be that doubt in my mind that he will want more. i dont want him to want more...i want him to be completely happy with me. i dont know what to afraid that i will always have this fear my whole life about guys i love checking out other girls. i hope that i can get over this and strengthen my character... not worry about that but just realize that he loves me and only wants me.

what do you guys you think that a guy can be happy with a semi attractive girl and not need to check out other girls to fulfill their secret desires?
stork daddy suffice in totality? hunger is discriminate at an almost inhuman level. that said, and knowing you, i don't think you should have too many problems. 050130
peyton collapsed
a smouldering ruin of the past
what's it to you?
who go