lizardqueen and then she collapsed in a thousand sighs
blew the most colorful dust deep into my eyes
the one my heart has collapsed, and my stomach will soon follow. You dont understand what it feels like when you arent here.when im alone 011101
juice was it a collapse or a gradual melt down i have no idea. i_dont_know.
g h o s t like a souffle on a firing range 020305
unhinged the alarm went off
and i went through the list
violin lesson
early music ensemble
none of that seemed important today
i went back to sleep
i am sick
unhinged i'm supposed to be writing a paper about schumann but instead i'm looking at all the blue, hoping i could find something in it that makes sense. i went to sociology today. poor poor genie. 020404
reitoei the tomb stands silent and untouched, a relic from a time long forgotten. untold treasures and mysteries lie here, concealed under time's dark cloak. this is what i live for, something like this. something that could change our whole perspectives. they will not believe me, they will say i am mad out here in the desert, mad from the sun and sand and wind whispering inhuman thoughts to my mortal ears.
they must believe, i must have some token of this earthly dream. i take one small artifact, a small stone inscribed with some cryptic glyph. the stone is smooth with a peculiar luster, reflecting light that should not be in this place. the stone captures my soul, perhaps to add another body to those of the grave robbers and vandals.
i fight and tear my eyes away from this curious trap, and see the tomb crumble. everything fades away into eternity, as someone who has forgotten to breathe and now gasps for lethal breaths of time and entropy. everything decays before my eyes, everything that could mean so much, gone. i collapse in the sand smothered by the fine particles choking my lungs, gritting between my teeth. the stone remains clenched in my hand, a cool seductive reality. even as i focus on it, it seems to slip away into the tenous ether of the past, slipping from my mad ferocious grip and sinks into the sand never to return.
wax tadpole like a cheap prosthetic lung 020404
what's it to you?
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