psyki why? when?

that is what i want to know.
power through passion there is no why
there is no when
nor is there who, how or what

there is only exposure
and its jaded friend experience
chiefnewo i'm curious
what was the cat curious about when it was killed by curiosity? and if curiosity did indeed kill the cat, then why wasn't he charged with animal cruelty? for surely curiosity had to have a physical being to kill the cat
reitoei what's over the next hill? what's behind the door? we ask and then we climb the hill and see it's a valley just like the one we came from and we open the door and its just a room like the one we were in. and then you stop asking and stop caring so you walk past a door and dont wonder, and dont try the knob, and don't even see it. and maybe there was more than just a room behind that door. 020110
freakizh i'm curious about what your eyes hide behind the color and reflection of the world, that makes you so confident and yet vulnerable 020111
elimeny why do i bother?
why try to pull someone in,
closer in to who i am?
im not even that interested.
i just want SOMEONE to see how special i am
to see that beauty in me that i worked so hard to find
but i guess what i'll have to learn
is that you cant ask someone if they want to know more about you
they have to ask it themselves
they have to reach out to you
and want it
want you
want to KNOW you

ive wasted so much of my life trying to get someone else to want to know me as much as i want to know them. and its like an addiction. i need it. i want so desperately to have someone who wants to know.

so i say, "did you see the scars on my hands?" because they wont notice or ask on their own

or "do you want to read my journals?" because even though all twenty of them are in plain view, no one ever asks.

or even "do you want to read my blatherings?" because otherwise they might never ask to see anything i ever wrote.

and thats so much of who i am.

so why doesnt anyone really care but me?

why is no one curious but me?
bespeckled they will find you,
and they will know.
elimeny i really hope you're right,
i think im just way too impatient.
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
george the curious one little kitty asked and begged and wanted to know the special girl his heart called out to...wanted to know her completely and utterly...wondered at her diaries, yearned to hear her sing, read her words every day...and curiosity killed him...and still he came back...and it killed him again...and seven more times...and every time a different pain...every time skinned a different way...and he still needs to know 030804
or... george the stalker 030804
george the curious lmao...that wasn't *you* who wrote that was it? 030828
sabbie [SABbie] 1) a little bundle of curiousity
wrapped in skin.
Jess Its bad to be curious!
That killed the cat!

Woke up this morning to discovere coco dodo drifting through my mind from the Blather: Awake

It doesn't look like coco dodo has ever written here before (according to if you click on that persons name) and I was surprised to find there was no e-mail address attached to the name as well. (With my NSA like curiosity peeked by their lack of previous writing thats most likely a good thing anyway). However it puzzled me bc I thought one was completely unable to write in blather without providing an e-mail address(?) My own has pretty much turned into a junk mail account that I only check maybe every 3 or 4 months but it's attached to the handle I use here so I keep it. But lacking an e-mail address while in Blather is certainly interesting.

Coco dodo was truly thoughtful with their advice and I'm genuinely grateful for that. Someone simply nice for the sake of being nice. Although their lack of other Blaths at all continues to leave me curious.

Sort of how when Zorro left ppl were left to wonder "who was that masked man?"

Guess I'll never know...

Although _Awake_ has definitely found it's way to my Fave Blaths List, felt like a warm hug knowing ppl here actually gave a rats as to weather or not I could sleep. Everyone here is so caring and thats one of the reasons I love being in Blather so much ^.^
TK Typo:

discovere = discover
unhinged you dont need an email attached to your shit to blathe

blather was a baby back in the day where you were still allowed to be truly anonymous on the internet:

TK Yes

I do remember that we use to not need provide our e-mail to blath, I was rather grumpy about it when they made it a requirement to continue to blath.

As such I found it somewhat odd that coco dodo was able to blath without having supply one.


Altogether though that along with coco dodo themselves was nothing more then a fleeting curiosity.

As of now I'm simply happy they were friendly and kind enough to make there presents known even if only momentarily.

flowerock about many things... sometimes curiosity is like a parasite depleting my good judgement, respect, and consideration for things and other's... it feels like a forgein sprit hijacks my body and part of my mind brieflyto ponder and poke at the object of curiosity through me...

this curiousity is not quite so strong or wrong. I just wonder about the man who wears the rose colored glasses with the leather shop. he seems genuine and kind and real. I waljed my sog past him around midnight, he sat nexto a 6pack with a little liqour bottle in hand, I stoped just briefly assuming he wanted hos privacy and peace... later I walked a different way back to not disturb him. I wonder mot just who he is and has been, but if he might have appreciated some company. I wonder also why it was more important to me not to risk bothering him than to take the risk to see if wanted company.
nr it's beyond just being a good listener; you're a curious person. you'll ask questions and analyze what i say, and actually make sure you understand what i really mean, even in casual conversation. it's this kind of behaviour that i crave and find so rare and yet is dangerous and also causes addiction and dependence. 190530
unhinged if you ever cared beyond your own dick and entertainment 190531
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