Quintessensual Object! Not until now, well after 100 times 100 blathes! After all the talk of sex and bodily and other objects used in sex, after all the pouring out of sexual angst and innuendo, and the word "object" has not been paid the respect of a blathe! I object! 010105
Here come da judge! Overruled! 010629
marjorie The object of my affection (though shown not at all)is a girl with titian hair. She is psychotic. More so than I probably know. We're all crazy, certainly. But... this is something different. 050426
that was weird Shadows tried to see the sun, the sun strained to see the shadows, but no! An object did object! So the sun placed it in the shade. Behind a black hole. On the dark side of a moon. In the corner of the universe. Well thats where I found it anyway. 080225
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