amy cold folding reaching into corners
darkness is fine, fear okay

the winter blows much away.
valis 'go and stand in the corner', they'd say. i'd been bad. what was the sense in it? i felt much more uncomfortable having to face whoever's vase i'd broken. instead they let me face the wall and pretend not to be there. 991215
birdmad sometimes i feel as if i have painted myself into one 000401
searching where i am the most comfortable...why can't they just let me stay there? 020207
sunrise lets converge, it'll make some people think we're diverging. confusion makes the world go 'round. we can dive over and around through the empty space and then run together for a time, splitting agian to leave a biting edge. . . or a pocket in which to hide. 020809
yessum we turned the corner and stumbled 030219
czmember hard ninety degree angles.
corners r so straight.
circles r more forgiving.
hsg safer than flat open walls. gimme my comfy corner. 040917
me atleast you know where the walls are. its better than being in a wide open space. i say know your limits. and corners limits are easy to know. 050821
evilpunkrawker when u say "i hate you"
all i want to do is close myself up to the world,
be all alone forever,
in my little corner, filled with sadness and depression...
and blood.
what's it to you?
who go