Cosmo_Brown some lovin' 980914
elimeny back
i want you back
i want danny back.
ah, fuck
it's only been 48 hours
but they sure do creep
gimme danny
i dont want anything else
except maybe a cigarette
but id quit for him
i would....
gimme danny
i want him
so there.
birdmad shock treatment 000503
ass "iron bladder" facely oo! ooo! i got to go pee!!! 001021
Barrett "Gimme some sugar baby."
girl_jane gimme gimme gimme

reminds me of a little child...
J gimme dat, nut, dat nut! gimme dat gimme dat nut!
-Easy E
Kristopher "My Tallest, all I ask for is a chance to prove I can be an Invader!


- Invader Zim
Kristopher From a Black Flag song,

"Gimme, gimme, gimme!!
Gimme some more!!"
Just One Chance a break. A break off of your "kit" "kat" bar...and take me to your leader. 030804
niska Gimme a Break...

anyone remember that show? starred nell carter, and joey lawrence...

i think it was on right before or after 227.
Shane Gimmie more things so that I may fill my house; showing to all that I am the king of collectors. My worth is measured by the things I own. Envy me and my plazma Tv. My Pickup has a stepside 040301
Special K has anyone ever heard of "Me first and the Gimme Gimme's"? they are a REALLY good punk cover band... download something from them... they are awesome!!! 040625
me gimme is the human mindset. We do everything because of that gimme echoing in our brains. We always want something in return. We're selfish creatures. And why not? If not for you then for who else? Never be ashamed to want something. Just don't go overboard.(which is exactly what we always seem to do.) 050118
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