charley Not for the faint hearted. The advanced class.. 980906
dallas A disease that has been slowly spreading across the Earth, destroying everything that is good and wonderful. 981003
eric ...good and wonderful to whom? 981004
[marissa] we are not diseases.

for we feel fear.
for we feel hate and lust and greed and love.
for we feel.
and our limbs are like kudzu, to strangle the wilted tongues of time-old species spiraling downward from above. but would you kill yourself tomorrow?
adam all too human

(that chick's entry above mine is super cool.)
daxle I exist. 990503
jordan a label 990709
ricmariem easy to be one but difficult to act like one true human.
i love aguado...
ricmariem easy to be one but difficult to act like one true human.
i love a____o...
marjorie don't live for them
always be careful
they might find out're not quite human
valis what you are when you shit more than you eat. 991209
CrAzYoNe another word for shithead. 991214
andrea caught between what is and what isn't
not knowing the outcome of anything
yet, feeling the end before it happens
old hick Too human? Not human? Only human. 000209
camille To err is human
You must first know sin in order to be forgiven.
power through passion I wonder what it is to be human?

In that moment when I kneel down before my own emotions
and I fall sway
fall victim
to a cacaphony, an orgy
of ecstasy and pain

and I feel my intuition whisper
to be human is to feel
though without feeling would never have yielded the world we find ourselves in

The good comes with the bad
but it is all us
it is all human
ac act casual. 000221
MollyGoLightly Quite the opposite of the Lone Biker of the Apocolypse. He throws grenades at bunnies. 000323
Brad More than a species. often, it's an excuse. 000324
somebody what you are, who you are is defined by the individual

a human has two eyes, of some particular color, with skin of another particular color or pigment, they usually have two arms (although some have less because of chance or unforseen occurrences or perhaps a poor start), they also most often have two legs (again those might not work so well), but quite generally they work. most humans have a sex, either male or female, identified by corresponding parts as well...

what does a human do, well, humans do what their bodies permit them, the individual actions of each are much more than simply human, they are the wicked or holy acts of singular persons whose choices reflect their moral disposition.
silentbob we are not more advanced than other animals. the only extra ability humans have built within them is the ability to hurt each other emotionally. all the rest is instinct. 000605
Ryan is a part of a higher everything, a web of sorts, meaning, everything you feel or do, is felt in an invisible wire and reflected a thousand miles from yourself...haven't you ever wondered why you've cried for no reason at all? 000701
infasia i am more human than inhuman, yet I am slowly becoming more of the latter as society forces me to be defensive and territorial, now give me my damn Cheeto's X's and O's 000727
tourist as i sell my life for a chance to pay
to sit in a spot out of the cold and rain
i wonder......
is this what we get for having a brain
that lets us think we can own the world
while we exsist as tourists
merely passing through
this vale of tears the too short years
if this is human God save us all
Davi Blue I am the jigsaw man
I turn the world around with a skeleton hand, say
I am electric head
A cannibal core a telivision said, yeah
Do not victimize
Read the mother-f----- psychoholic lies, yeah
Into a psychic war
I tear my soul apart and I eat it some more, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
More human than human
More human than human
-More Human Than Human, White Zombie
sammy humans are the in thing. 010102
Lindsey He was such a sweet guy
until he talked about fucking me
in the shower.
dB Humans feel the need to multiply, and spread, much like bacteria.
Who ever said that humans are not diseases because they feel lust, fear hate and all that did not stop to think about what a virus feels. It's pretty much the same, also with the feeling that it needs to reproduce or divide. Just like humans.
All matter is linked somehow. The difference between matter is simply intelligence and it's elements.
lifeandlight A matter of scale, you could say. I wonder if viruses are upset when they realise there host is dying. I'll certainly miss the earth when our rash spreads and chokes her.
HOWEVER as far as I know the earth is not sentinent. Perhaps that could set us apart? But then perhaps it is..... That would make all life the virus. We set ourselves appart when we won that evolutionary race. Perhaps we shouldn't. Perhaps we give ourselves too much power when we set ourselves asside as 'human' and seperate from 'nature'.....
dB Yeah something like that. It also depends on what exactly you define as sentiance. It can work to scale. If you thin about it, you'll notice that all organic life is kind of like a virus. It all feeds on whatever is around it, it evolves to overcome problems that it can't get rid of.
Humans have a higher immune system is all. What you would call 'top of the food chain'.
It's all a question of scale.
had to s-e-n-t-i-e-n-c-e 010420
The Truth Humans are a hybrid species, not native to this planet. Virii differ from humans in the sense that they contribute to the natural balance of nature.

All life on this planet in some way contributes to the natural balance. This makes the earth stable and constant.

Human beings are the exception. We, instead, disrupt the natural balance of Life. We are clearly different than any other life on the planet. Some compare us to primates genetically, but we are not even close in reality. There are basic similarities, sure. But take a look around you...observe how all the different forms of life impact the planet...yep, that's right all you can see are human elements. Even outside of the city, not much time will go by before you see roads, powerlines, planes, satelites.

We are everywhere. everywhere! We control the planet! Not the primates! Not even close.

Plus... our traits and abilities are amazing...

we can fly.
we can swim.
we can go to the moon.

"Birds don't swim and fish don't sing, but God gave these to human beings."

There is more.

Humans are 3-part beings.

Ask someone who has an intellectual mind and a perfect body if they are happy? They say "No. something is missing."

Humans are comprised of a
& Soul

Each of these parts of us need food and nourishment, and also exercise in order to maintain proper health.

It may be reasonable to say that our physical attributes can be linked to the natural balance (evolution), but we have more reason to believe that there is a part of us that will live forever.

Every one of us has thought about the concept of immortality. Why is that? Instinct? Schooling?

It's because we have a soul.

So we can Love.
So we can Pray.
Se we can Live.

Because we have a soul.

Where did that soul come from?
The bible tells us it came from Heaven.

Is that our natural Home?

We are alien hybrids (spiritual beings of light/(slash) carbon-based organisms) here on earth, and our home "planet" is in heaven?

Sure, I believe that. It makes perfect sense.
Lindsey He's so full of himself sometimes that I have to reach out and cover his mouth to stop the flow egotistic ramblings. I love him so much in those moments. 010421
ladybird distinctive features:
a sense of humour
freedom of choice
they come in the plural
insecure & egotistical
complex, stupid, crazy and beautiful
bad taste
predictable and constantly startling
supersonic paranoid schizophrenic More than ever before whomever thinks they're not usually is. Characteristics include foremost that need to stand above one's self and judge others as if they didn't all belong together. Who isn't really whoever the hell cares? So what if we sink into filth as our only survivors because we know how to take showers and animals don't? We're waiting for something... it's coming... oh yeah, USA, George W. Bush, oh yeah.
(don't ask, stay curious)
the crow the light escapes me 020207
damon when animals have babies, they have extras because some are supposed to die. extras mean one is more likely to survive. it's not supposed to mean that all the extra babies grow up and keep growing and have extra babies too.

our extra babies just don't die. too many live. our sense of self-preservation has turned into selfishness.
neuromancer so damn useless and idiotic for the most part. i think the population needs to be reduced very dramtically. down to 10million or so. and kill the rest, fill the oceans with the blood of the fools. 020415
Altered States If we have no idea where we came from then it must not have been from this planet just because we have adapted to this planet does not mean that we were originally from here, we differ too much from most things, yes monkeys do resemble some of our characteristics but we are still very much different, we dont feed on just food and water to survive for some reason we create electricity and computers that give us pleasure, through our own idleness we decide to create something that can perform an action in a few number patterns, the human race will evolve when it realises that what it creates comes from within. We give birth to numbers, and these numbers control electricity. We think by using electricity through nerve signals, or is it that electricity thinks and we are its dream. 020805
devalis everyone is entitled to virtual suckiness without ridicule for being human. 020807
hellen aaatctgaaatctgaaatctgaaatctg
We are monkeys with a vengeance.
Genes enfold us into the primate family
But we struggle to leave, prodigal sons
Never to return.
Fast exhausting our apelike inheritance, we take a gamble on something new: language, grammar, writing.
And soon enough we find that there is something new here, something new and fresh and good, a vitality in which smog is the seasoning and highways are the veins.

I think we entertain our Mother, I think she laughs sometimes at us and takes us in her arms. She knows. Knows that when we blow ourselves, eat ourselves, communicate ourselves out of existence, she will be there.
Building again with broken tools what her sons have destroyed, and leveling what they have built.

We tug at the skirts of Entropy.
sxb flattened in our mortality on a collision course with another collision course and the impending coarseness of the collide is the focus. 030127
jester .......................................
User24 we are, after all, human.

As Aristotle said (I think) we need to have a balance, too much thinking, or too much eating, whatever, is bad for us, "sometimes it feels great to be stupid" (psycore)
phil sift through a murky water, vibrating every soft impulse. millions of years, those things which matter most. detach. believe, not in purpose. But clearer. plane reflects the limitations of an entirely different perspective, held in the beliefs of the mind. Not of fact.
An inability to learn and teach and survive, laws of permanence and interaction.
MeSsIaH i'd kill every last one of you fucks if i could dont doubt me for a second 030729
calum Confused, egocentric ape with a prediliction for inebriating substances; in particular the accumulation of an abstract, incorporeal entity known as "money". The only mammal thought to be a danger to itself. Found mainly in dirty, beehive-like structures called cities. Exhibits curious psychological phenomenon of being at once obssessed with and repelled by it's own reflection. These apes can become dangerous when deprived of intoxicants. If confronted by an irascible human, try to agree with it as far as is possible because there is nothing that disturbs the precarious mental balance of these creatures so much as being contradicted. If this method fails administer the ape with a sugar or alcohol based solution and the animal will soon regress to it's preferred state of stupefaction. This subdued, irrational state is the final end of all individual human endeavour and is commonly referred to as "happiness". It is not uncommon for the individual ape to collaborate with other mebers of the species. These experiments, however, often have unfortunate consequences,these being too numerous to mention here. 030730
me *grin* nice. 030730
misstree The biggest difference between humans and animals? Not language, or tool use, or art or culture or any of that crap. *We* aren't afraid of vacuum cleaners. 030730
J human is fucking up: on purpose, by mistake, on levels either superficial or profound. human is constructing gorgeous little links to snap like brittle bones. human is the manufacturing of the unwanted and the fracturing of the exquisite. human is asking for things you don't need. 030805
Boo humans are the only thing in the world that is not beautiful. they are savage killers. they walked onto this earth and decided they were gonna rule it. Some may say well god wanted humans to reign over the world. Well wat god wants and wat the nature wants is two different things. dont get me wrong i think god i a wonderful thing. but his one mistake was making humans.if you dont believe me. ask yourself this. why would god make a murderer or a theif or a lyer. god gave his first child so that humans could sin without going to hell. i think god should have not givin up jesus. and for that i think god is not perfect because she/he too. has made a humanly mistake! 030810
Ydalmi I'm tired of this "I'm only human" bullshit, realize what you have done or what you are doing wrong and fix it. 030921
ordinary joe being human, it's not what i signed up for! 031008
Sam Vaknin Are we human because of unique traits and attributes not shared with either animal or machine? The definition of "human" is circular: we are human by virtue of the properties that make us human (i.e., distinct from animal and machine). It is a definition by negation: that which separates us from animal and machine is our "human-ness".

We are human because we are not animal, nor machine. But such thinking has been rendered progressively less tenable by the advent of evolutionary and neo-evolutionary theories which postulate a continuum in nature between animals and Man.

Our uniqueness is partly quantitative and partly qualitative. Many animals are capable of cognitively manipulating symbols and using tools. Few are as adept at it as we are. These are easily quantifiable differences - two of many.

Qualitative differences are a lot more difficult to substantiate. In the absence of privileged access to the animal mind, we cannot and don't know if animals feel guilt, for instance. Do animals love? Do they have a concept of sin? What about object permanence, meaning, reasoning, self-awareness, critical thinking? Individuality? Emotions? Empathy? Is artificial intelligence (AI) an oxymoron? A machine that passes the Turing Test may well be described as "human". But is it really? And if it is not - why isn't it?

Literature is full of stories of monsters - Frankenstein, the Golem - and androids or anthropoids. Their behaviour is more "humane" than the humans around them. This, perhaps, is what really sets humans apart: their behavioural unpredictability. It is yielded by the interaction between Mankind's underlying immutable genetically-determined nature - and Man's kaleidoscopically changing environments.

The Constructivists even claim that Human Nature is a mere cultural artefact. Sociobiologists, on the other hand, are determinists. They believe that human nature - being the inevitable and inexorable outcome of our bestial ancestry - cannot be the subject of moral judgment.

An improved Turing Test would look for baffling and erratic patterns of misbehaviour to identify humans. Pico della Mirandola wrote in "Oration on the Dignity of Man" that Man was born without a form and can mould and transform - actually, create - himself at will. Existence precedes essence, said the Existentialists centuries later.

The one defining human characteristic may be our awareness of our mortality. The automatically triggered, "fight or flight", battle for survival is common to all living things (and to appropriately programmed machines). Not so the catalytic effects of imminent death. These are uniquely human. The appreciation of the fleeting translates into aesthetics, the uniqueness of our ephemeral life breeds morality, and the scarcity of time gives rise to ambition and creativity.

In an infinite life, everything materializes at one time or another, so the concept of choice is spurious. The realization of our finiteness forces us to choose among alternatives. This act of selection is predicated upon the existence of "free will". Animals and machines are thought to be devoid of choice, slaves to their genetic or human programming.

Yet, all these answers to the question: "What does it mean to be human" - are lacking.

The set of attributes we designate as human is subject to profound alteration. Drugs, neuroscience, introspection, and experience all cause irreversible changes in these traits and characteristics. The accumulation of these changes can lead, in principle, to the emergence of new properties, or to the abolition of old ones.

Animals and machines are not supposed to possess free will or exercise it. What, then, about fusions of machines and humans (bionics)? At which point does a human turn into a machine? And why should we assume that free will ceases to exist at that - rather arbitrary - point?

Introspection - the ability to construct self-referential and recursive models of the world - is supposed to be a uniquely human quality. What about introspective machines? Surely, say the critics, such machines are PROGRAMMED to introspect, as opposed to humans. To qualify as introspection, it must be WILLED, they continue. Yet, if introspection is willed - WHO wills it? Self-willed introspection leads to infinite regression and formal logical paradoxes.

Moreover, the notion - if not the formal concept - of "human" rests on many hidden assumptions and conventions.

Political correctness notwithstanding - why presume that men and women (or different races) are identically human? Aristotle thought they were not. A lot separates males from females - genetically (both genotype and phenotype) and environmentally (culturally). What is common to these two sub-species that makes them both "human"?

Can we conceive of a human without body (i.e., a Platonian Form, or soul)? Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas think not. A soul has no existence separate from the body. A machine-supported energy field with mental states similar to ours today - would it be considered human? What about someone in a state of coma - is he or she (or it) fully human?

Is a new born baby human - or, at least, fully human - and, if so, in which sense? What about a future human race - whose features would be unrecognizable to us? Machine-based intelligence - would it be thought of as human? If yes, when would it be considered human?

In all these deliberations, we may be confusing "human" with "person". The former is a private case of the latter. Locke's person is a moral agent, a being responsible for its actions. It is constituted by the continuity of its mental states accessible to introspection.

Locke's is a functional definition. It readily accommodates non-human persons (machines, energy matrices) if the functional conditions are satisfied. Thus, an android which meets the prescribed requirements is more human than a brain dead person.

Descartes' objection that one cannot specify conditions of singularity and identity over time for disembodied souls is right only if we assume that such "souls" possess no energy. A bodiless intelligent energy matrix which maintains its form and identity over time is conceivable. Certain AI and genetic software programs already do it.

Strawson is Cartesian and Kantian in his definition of a "person" as a "primitive". Both the corporeal predicates and those pertaining to mental states apply equally, simultaneously, and inseparably to all the individuals of that type of entity. Human beings are one such entity. Some, like Wiggins, limit the list of possible persons to animals - but this is far from rigorously necessary and is unduly restrictive.

The truth is probably in a synthesis:

A person is any type of fundamental and irreducible entity whose typical physical individuals (i.e., members) are capable of continuously experiencing a range of states of consciousness and permanently having a list of psychological attributes.

This definition allows for non-animal persons and recognizes the personhood of a brain damaged human ("capable of experiencing"). It also incorporates Locke's view of humans as possessing an ontological status similar to "clubs" or "nations" - their personal identity consists of a variety of interconnected psychological continuities.
ChiselMouth That peculiar animal-who-is-not... a pulsing knot of contradiction... our evolution is done, we are convinced... but we've yet to define it... peculiar breed... when the flash comes, we'll all remember just how human we really are. 031111
gwyllynne animal 031112
misstree the_naked_ape 031113
Ivan Starke we are. we have the logos.
the logos is supposedly god.
god was in the logos.
in the beginning there was the logos.
is that our proof that only we can think?
Chris i like humans. they are cute. 061004
triplesix An absurd mass of cells and chemical reactions taking up space in a decaying environment. 061111
Christ without the cross Who is this triple six that i am seeing so frequently and why does he/she/it have such a horrible view of human beings.

well i guess we all do sometimes. Absurd. i always liked that word.

Why do i say things just to say them?

OoOoooOOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOh! Triple six is the mark of the beast (im slow, i know) I guess that explains everything.

YOu seem like a very interesting person.

Here i am saying things just to say them again.
chiselmouth Too smart for our own good.
Too stupid to know it.

Lookit the monkeys dance. Look at them fuck and fight. Look at them medicate, anesthetize and pontificate. Look at them, fueling their murder-marches with love and fear and gluttony. Look at them weep, sing, suckle and pass the blame.
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula!! ahahaha!!!! 070707
pete we're all people, not transcendent figures. one can get away with swearing to tell "the whole truth and nothing but the truth" and then refusing to speak because the law, the commons committee, the royal commission are made up of people, not demigods. he can't be struck down for forswearing himself, and likely won't be punished. there are no grassroots. people are people, regardless of their position. chamber music is just as "grassroots" and just as "elitist" as the djs spinning at the knitting circle.

we're people, people!
one of many Human: Homo sapiens. A species of mammal.

Not a synonym for "people". People aren't necessarily human. Are humans necessarily people?
what's it to you?
who go