CheapVodka The 5th Element's chick was really hot...Milla_Jovovich...http://www.angelfire.com/wy/experience/millajovovichpictures.html 011109
Harlequin The elements. there are many elements according to science. Mythology(human type)says that they're Fire Water Earth and Wind. If the Elements are what makes up things then I say that they should be Time Matter Electricity and Thought. Thought is the most important. No wait. oh well 020408
Sensory is that really as small as we can go? Do ants see the finer points of the elements and simply don't tell us this secret, teasing the so-called 'higher beings' into thinking they are so wise? 021011
once again http://superdeluxe.com/elemental/

The Periodic Table and Poetry.
andru235 was sentience original in humans, or did it evolve from something before it

and if so, before that, and before that
until you reach the trilobytes et al
where did they get it from?

and when your people finally
figure that part out

you will ask, was it original in quarks?
krupt AkIsHa... look her up 080303
what's it to you?
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