dallas Deep in my mind. Crawling through time.
... i'm fascinated by fire. if i buy a cndle, i invariably end up burning it far too fast because i just sit there and watch it burn and flicker. i don't think it's good for my eyes either. 980819
All will be revealed Monkeys are also fascinated by fire. 981012
sarah jane I was always a pyrophobe until I bought a lighter this summer. Now I like to watch things burn. 981014
Pacia the shortest path to purification. 981107
adam rages in me, hate and love, tearing away at all i thought i was and revealing a new me, all scarred and fresh...tired of changing but still to unsatisfied to stop. 990214
daxle How could you be so dumb? After 4 years you had to call and ask if I had started the fire. 990430
pablo is constantly moving, never the same. i could stare at it for days and become someone else 990821
beth burning brightly consuming all in it's path. creatin new life 990827
crystal hurt me. 991018
deb firelight behind me
casts shadows on
the frozen ground
this wall of heat
closes around me
as i fall asleep
and drift away
to places that
cannot be
lion Well...uhhhh
We didn't start the fire.
pyro the roof
the roof
the roof is on fire
the roof
the roof
the roof is on fire
we don't need no water
let the motherfucker burn
burn motherfucker, burn
hahaha *click*
...*drip drip drip*
"What's that...?"
"I don't know, did you here anything?"
*drip drip drip*
"Yes, it's coming from over there."
*fruoooooooooom WOOOOOOOSH BOOM!*
*crackle crackly crackle*
"YOWWWWWW!!!! I can see my bones!!"
"Ouch! That had to hurt!"

This is a public health warning. Only set fire to pepople you hate, otherwise you may regret it in the future, go mad with grief and decapiae yourself with a bow saw.
spikey-ho fire! fire! 000124
MollyGoLightly Everyone evacuate this crowded theater! 000323
vincent m artman Burn
Slash Your Skin
No More
Chris I once set something on fire and wondered why my ice cream melted 000405
amorfus O venerated monks, everything is on fire. form is aflame. perception is aflame. the eye is on flame. these words are aflame. 000509
lisa_is_bionic What is fire anyway?

Never thought all this could backfire
Close up the hole in my vein
gwyllynne dancing in my fire you reach for me....dying for the icy hot embrace that you know can purify your my eyes gaze into yours with a hunger you only know all to well....and oh how I burn for on skin......the soothing rhythms of your enfetterd heart....and you would die for me knowing you will never possess the passion in my soul .....they always get so angry when the butterfly, the dancing girl stops dancing when you place her in that nice safe jar up on that secure shelf.....the fire dies until set free again.....and here i am dancing reaching for you knowing you want me knowing you will never possess me......a slight smile playing on my i am willing to take all that is you ....offering all that is me....only for a taste......the fire rages in my soul causing my spirit to fly..... 000713
Zoe i love fire. courtney had TNT on her hands the other day. i think i could smell that smell all day. once i lit my rug on fire because i was trying to burn my report card. my mother probably wouldn't have gotten that mad about my grades (she doesn't care about me anyway), i just really wanted to burn something. i own about 7 lighters and i gave up cigarettes like a year ago. i just really love to watch the flames take over and destroy things. i think i'm psycho. 000717
Aaron one time caught my whole left hand on fire. i was stoned out of my mind and got zippo fluid on my hand and lit the damn thing anyway. i had to sleep with a bowl of ice water mext to the bed to dull the pain. 000811
beefy I like fire. I like the way they dance across the logs like ballerinas. I wish I were a pretty ballerina. 001017
The Schleiffen Man "everyone out! NOW!"

It's not my fault someone set the third floor bulletin board on fire. I just have to make sure you're out of the building safely. Don't look at me like I'm retarded, move like the cattle you are.

It's 5:30 AM and I see over 200 young men in various sorts of dress ranging from jogging suits to towels. The fact still remains.... Somone started a fire....
tourist The one thing I regret about giving up smoking is that I can never seem to produce fire on demand. Something humans have been doing forever. 001024
sonic Lady bugs and Fire flys

firefly, firelight,
come and see me tonight
buring ever so bright
sweet little lady bug
resting on the leaves
come and see us tonight
d it's a fire.. these dreams they pass me by.. 001024
Cat ^.^ "A saffron robed monk" or any Annie Dillard line...a thousand suns, a million moons... a singing wire of cold ice. I once buried my dead fish, but I set him on fire fist with purfume and and baby oil just to watch him live again. 001215
Tank every time i think of you, a river runs through me. as desired as silence, lava is my lover until you notice... 010124
grayface breathes
indiscriminantly consumes
this obsession
fills my lungs
dancing along trails
of glorious pain
consuming all of me
past regrets
turned to ash
as nerves enter flame
vampers fire, deep down, driving me onwards, pushing me forward, reaching out for more, gasping for air, dwindling, suffocating, dying 010325
violette fire.amazes something. so delicate.could something. that looks paper-thin.looks touchable. could something. so simple. could be so sacred. 010409
pinkish i want a zippo lighter.
I had one once, my brother broke it. he dropped it in a five gallon bucket of paint. now I have a cheap lighter and want a nice one that will last. sigh.
sapphire_ flame. fascinating. flickering. fluid. symbolic.

an immortal soul.

fire. powerful. destroyer. hope-giver. desire. god it burns so deep i cannot heal

i'll admit it.. it's addictive.

what defines fire? love maybe.
Casey I'm not sure if my flame has gone out, or if it was never lit.

Either way I know that my candle of passion has no wick.
Fire&Roses Fire and Roses...

Shugarhi Fire that burns fierce and bright is only a longing deep inside to the way she really feels... 010920
distorted tendencies In the Southern Region. 010921
red fire burns 020502
girl_jane If only I were a flame-I could dance gracefully-

tip-toe around things I need and burn everything I want gone

everything bad would be burned




phil summer 020513
moth daddy okay i'm here...i'm here i'm here i'm here...look at me...i'm dancing around...oooh...a little cinged...okay gonna make my move now...let me just stand next to your.....sizzle sizzle 020513
stork daddy it's just so sad, but at least the little sucker wasn't bored 020513
Mahayana The eye is on fire; forms are on fire; eye-consciouness is on fire; impressions received by the eye
are on fire. ---Buddha
poeticmisfit one time i was playing with fire and i burnt a spoon that eventually burnt down to my hand and eventually my hand burnt down to my arm which led to the burning of my entire body.
I have no body.
Perspective_Of_Soul Licking the air its tendrils dance before me.
"Burn me" I say.
"Scar me" I plead.
"Come here" It says.
"Hold me" It breathes.
jane i'm a sagittarius, a fire sign

so that means don't make me angry or you'll get burned...
viciousmissfit I used to really like to light bugs on fire. It's sad to watch the littel suckers wither in the flames. 020914
girl_jane A similarity for the janes. I am an Aries, also a fire sign... 020915
girl_jane Did anybody else find viciousmissfit's comment disturbing? 020915
phil rust 021122
sonic hes sun and rain, fire and ice. a little crazy but its nice. but the best thing is he aint that bad. hes as real as real can be, and hes every fantasy. hes every lover that i've ever had, hes every lover that i've never had. 021223
Kristopher F1r3 is fr33. 021224
god squidlery 030529
Mahayana rapid, persistent chemical changes
releasing heat and light
our bodies entwined escorted by flames

.exothermic oxidation of combustible substances.

[you make me wanna scream]
shooter96 ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
return us humbly to mother earth.
oldephebe its my word
cut me up in fire
the marrow screaming in my bones
a body broken well before its' time
and pain sits like a bloodwet gibbon
on the throne
and don't tell me that is the phone
some tassled buttoned down
to proffer
to me
the perfect pink little pill
and the pain is laughing
in me still
I've fed hundreds of these pills
to it
cut me up in fire
b r e a t h
cut me
a morbid miscellany
of some sundry
its what you've come to
expect from me
i fold
a fetal prayer
i stride so briskly
and its' still raging
running up and down in me
so cut me up in the fire
feed the furnace and watch me burn
an orchestra of the dead
playing riffs out of Bartok
in my head
tear these tempests
and pain
a searing clarity
and the only escape for me
cut me up in fire
feed the furnace
and watch me learn
aahh yeah
watch me achieve a perfect
as its tendrilled hand
takes me
mm mm yeah
ye-ah yeah
ashmanzhou a small fire
breathing inside thee
burning red or blue or white
burning black in hellborn night

free me from this daze or fade away
this life again alone something today
is missing and i dont know why
i scream it to the sanguine sky

fire fire cleansing fire
icy steel soulless fire
burn me away and we must burn somehow

in the shallowness of my emotion find me
the lack of dreaming make me
i beg thee please help me
i think i lost myself in the fire
but thy stood and fanned the pyre

fire fire burning fire
searing charring choking fire
burn me away and find my fear
find my soul and bring it here
and then as price i will pay thee
myself thou damned i be
oldephebe nice 030803
ni burning twisting leaping
flames flicker
always destroying
yet it is fascinating
destructive yet beautiful
wild and dangerous
free but tamed at once
never dead
never alive
for a moment you see nothing but the fire
and for that moment the fire is all there is
so dynamic
so deadly
reds oranges hints of blue
enemy of water
enemy of life
yet necessary for life
addictive evil hidden in beauty
so addictive
yet so beautiful
oldephebe says.. revelatory! 030921
Neva Hey I'm a pyro. I wanna burn it up
phil 0``0``0``0``0``0`;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
celestias shadow it dances
spirals and swirls
in tracks that we cannot see
until they sit
burned onto the inside of our eyelids
like signs from some angelic author

i love fire.
oldephebe i so spurn the burn..well maybe not..just trying to rhyme..

beautiful words celestias shadow
Mokita What to do in case of fire ? Let it burn !!! 031027
pipedream consumed. flickering shadows
invisible i burn with
it. it licks its way up the curve
of my back, curls into my hair, leaps
off my eyelashes. pretty pretty
flames, soullessly carving its twisty
patterns into my skin
scars i can touch i feel it you wont see
them i wont show you
scar tissue, mine alone- who will break through
Death of a Rose holy whooping oookkking boobies batman.

Nicely done Pipers (I hope you don't mind the contraction of your alias).
pipedream no, i don't mind :) my (real) name is so short that i don't have a nickname as such, so i never mind being called by 'em; i think nicknames are really sweet...except for 'minnie', of course. ick.
so that goes for a screen name too :)
Sprightlygirl inside my shoes 031118
misstree push earth and place impression
push water and summon wave
push air and swirl winds
push fire and burn.
comforting lie destroy to create. create to destroy. fire is the tool. 040315
briar i love fire, watching it dance around my hand and arm 041119
LessonsFromAngels The first time Alecks and I talked on the phone, I was extremely nervous. I started acting rather..normal. I didn't know at the time that something he loved about me was that I was wierd.

I didn't notice his attempts to get me to be myself, either. He said things we always did, like that he loves me. He asked me what color the fire hydrants in my town were. I laughed at him.
"I...don't...know...Do people normally pay attention to what color their fire hydrants are??"
"The ones here are yellow."
"I'm happy for you."
"What color are yours?"
"I don't know. I think they're probably just red. We're a small town, you don't normally see fire hydrants everywhere here."
It was a rather odd conversation; both of us felt awkward. Why, I have no idea. I have kept that question in my mind as one of the many odd things Alecks has ever said to me. Something so simple, I don't know why it was so significant. Ever since that night, I have always checked to see what color the fire hydrants in a new town are.
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

If for meditation the element of fire be used,
Dislike of desire is not complete renunciation;
‚Tis no expedient for newly initiated minds.

(then can) fire become a means to achieve perfection?
Deomis flickering
casting shadows on my walls
Those aren't my shadows
why are they moving
go away shadows
you are lonely
but leave me be
don't go out little flame
you are burning too brightly
devouring your walls
they are collapsing
creeping up upon you
little wick with fire
drowning by your own hand
because you were too much
melting your prison walls
and you couldn't escape your fate
if only you had stayed quiet
a dark and cold fire
hardly a light
you would be alive
but no, oh no
you chose to burn brightly
and thus detroyed thyself the faster
goodbye fire
FrogRoaster of RingToneVengeance Put CrazyFrog on a spit whole and roast him over the fire and then distribute his parts to the starving children (and exotic cuisine buffs) of the word: that would make me happy! 050704
love frog dude so crazyfrog would be given up to the word? is that a typo or are you some cult freak? 050704
andru235 the first post here hasn't even a date attached to it!


if so, good choice, mr. bethune!
Bam Laden If you were on fire... 061107
masmn12325 if you burn purell than it is blue and really hot. Fireeeeeeeeeeeeee 061129
CT a really hot fart can feel like fire leaving your anus, you may say, my bum is on fire, also, if you are a liar your bum may also be considered to be on fire 070328
witchesrequiem Is slowley dissolving.. 090809
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