Madame Justine I can't live without him. I would die if anything ever happened to him. I would want the world to end. Me killing myself wouldn't be enough of a sacrifice to him. I would want the whole world to go with us. But I'd want us to be alone for eternity. When we die, maybe we'll float together, somewhere, alone. I want him now.
He's two hundred miles away.
I would die just to see him now. I need him more than I've ever needed anything in my life.
It isn't like craving drugs. With drugs it's like hunger. You WANT something, but deep down you know you can go a little bit longer without it.
I can't go any longer without him. I can't breathe without him.
I spoke to him tonight. I melted. Something inside me leaves every time I speak to him. Common sense perhaps? I've never been this in love before. Infact, in retrospect, I've never been in love before. He's my world. He doesn't understand. He doesn't even think I love him.
He's the most beautiful person I've ever met.
silentbob my eyes melted because winter is brighter than summer when the sun plummets out of the sky and into every ice crystal on the ground. 020227
birdmad maybe i was icarus flying too close to the sun 020227
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