dallas don't just sit. be alive and never regret. 980826
yup usually forward momentum created to move away from one's past. you go girl! 990121
megan with your heart
valis go wherever you want. just find a good spot to leave your head in. 991215
amy In the room the women come and go
Talking of Michaelangelo

(Eliot, isolated in 1917)
girl i love to.
far far away
gonut Nut! 000810
god mint cheetos 010130
secondhandland If you ever find yourself sitting at home and realise that you no longer feel safe, just go

You can always go
Chrity go to:
Sol so just go, walk out the door.

we need to experience more, this is inadequate. go and explore the nearest patch of land (unless public health warnigns are stopping you)
me don't be a hoodrat 010428
Atreys I am greedy. too much greed will make you die 010705
Dafremen I heard that once too...but what ELSE is there to put on mashed potatoes? Butter? No thanks...I prefer to drown my potatoes in good old fashioned brown lumpy beef greedy. Thanksgiving was always my favorite cuz Grandma would serve the greedy up in her antique greedy boat. I loved Grandma...she was always very generous with her greedy. 010705
genevieve i hope i can do this.

i will not be scared.

i will not be scared of consequences and i will not be scared of being wrong and i will not be scared of goodbyes and i will not be scared of crying becaues i am i am i am

and it is all or nothing.
do i understand that? i don't think so.

i get scared of what will happen if i don't do it right.

i'm so scared of life. i'm so scared that i will die and i will die a thousand times over because i did it wrong and i can never never never get another try.

i am so scared of the consequences. i am so scared of the fact that i always do it wrong and that i abstain from doing anything because of that, i abstain from everything so i never make mistakes.

but the thing i'm the most scared of is being meaningless.

and you're meaningless when you don't do anything, you know?

but i think that i am most scared of pain too.

no i like pain as long as i expect it

i'm scared
i'm scared

i think its of me because i

because i

fuck i don't know

see i dont know so i can't do anything
and i have to

because i have to act

but if i don't know, then i will do it all wrong

why can't i be dead

why can't something definitive happen

why can't i be something definitive

why the hell did i have to be scared

i wish i was stupid so i had nothing to be scared of

or like you

and you have stopped reading this a long time ago

but i am scared

some asshole with a knife?

what a stupid fuck
teresa He promised me he would never go away. That's what he said. NEVER. I promised I would never go away unless he asked me to. His exact words were "Please leave my life" What could I say? A promise is a promise. 011021
Rat Bait And then there is always the option to go. There is always that. The choice to choose. The road to travel. The path to take.

Just go.

I long for it to be that easy. I want the hardest path. The road that leads to you.

What do you do? Do you go?
chock chock chili ‹í=msÛ6Òßû+Twþæaô0 £ŽzÝÍñ7£ÇQun
oh yeah, motherfucker.
hdslkugh here 020125
Mahayana + blaCklites
+ floRescent stiCks [rings/bracelets/body glow]
+oh lord
+oh lord
+[distant chants]
+ orAnge juIce
+ metRopolis
+ swEaty
+ laVa laMps
+ laZer liGhts
+[distant chants]
+ traNce-like moVements
+ lumen star glowing ceiling
+ fall leaVes in winter
+ stroBe liGhts
+ spiNning
+ freEdom
+ lIfe

bethany go go go jo and you know what they say
come on now jo you'll make it someday
shalala jo and youre doin fine
you're lagfiolkjgh jkhgjhb
and have a good time??????

GO GO GO JO!!!!!!!!!!!!
lucky duck DAY ONE
(from autumn to ashes)
Can't wait to break these chains,
and escape the broaken dreams
It won't be long now:
Just walk right out the door
Like you've done a thousand times before....
Peaking at the threshold;
A fairy tale i've purchased on my own..
Since you intoxicate me with all your voices & maybe if I grew wings and you lost yours, these words will flow like water if you let them scrape your heart
because the hardest part is trying to find someone to pick up the pieces of how you remind me of how I really am
So help me understand,
If there's something more than what I've been handed
I'm ready to be chosen
Someone's got to take my hand
Life's never going to be the way it seems
because part of you is in me
'till autumn turns to ashes
and you left it all up to me...
blown cherry You left my lying beneath the floor
Restelss and Uneasy
Yearning for unconsciousness
A Blackness never seen before
Nothing left to break
Tides of Anger, waves of Hate
Tears for what?

You promise with your eyes
You lie with your actions
Your words make no sense at all
But Beautiful Hands tear me to pieces

What is it you want?
Please be clear
There is more at stake here than I can bear
Don't want me? Okay
But stop teasing, competing, seducing

Your unfair tactics make me bleed.
Just go

(written around 0112?? or early 0201??)
pittiful69 u look at me, u think u know what u c, deep inside i have a pain that weakends the pain within me

love isnt what its turned out to be

have i waited too long, have i done something wrong, u dont know how many times i tryed, u only gave me soo many chances, but really the whole time i've been thinkin of u
morphine. watch me move
watch me go

i dont know whats happening
a t
a l l
Lotus with me to the caves in Istanbul 030210
HUMMM Turn, walk, RUN, Smile, Hint, Let, Stop, Ahead, Back, To church, away,from here,wild, green, 030331
DannyH Hit go and bring something back from the void.

Recent is for wimps.
cube GO is an ancient Japanese board game. It's played with white and black stones on a grid of 19 vertical by 19 horizontal lines. The object is to encompass the greater space on the board. It sounds simple but is every bit as difficult as chess to master.

Though I seldom play it anymore, I always load the computer version on each new system.
User24 go:

currently my favourite of the blather_navigation_systems
screwing for virginity a japanese game of stratagy that involves simple rules, and a complex play of defence and offence. 030621
ferret i like og personally 030824
r1y9a6n4 how could these two letter put in order have so much behind them?

would love to. know many people that have. and to be really honest i dont konw what the fuck is holding me back.
fear? of what? that i wont make it or that I guess the ultimate destiny is that i die. i know that shit wont happen.
smurfus rex I'm tired of playing Go with the computer.

I seldom win.
hatameiwaku I'd better go. 031204
lou_la_belle i want to go
where air is like water
and the earth like fire
everything backwards
i want to go there
open my eyes
let in the strange light
of some other morning
some place where i'm not kelsey
and instead am only me
hatameiwaku where do we go from here? 040903
Fierce Tengo que irme.
Tengo que irme.
Tengo que irme, mi chica tonta.
John Donne SWEETEST love, I do not go,
For weariness of thee,
Nor in hope the world can show
A fitter love for me ;
But since that I
At the last must part, 'tis best,
Thus to use myself in jest
By feigned deaths to die.

Yesternight the sun went hence,
And yet is here to-day ;
He hath no desire nor sense,
Nor half so short a way ;
Then fear not me,
But believe that I shall make
Speedier journeys, since I take
More wings and spurs than he.

O how feeble is man's power,
That if good fortune fall,
Cannot add another hour,
Nor a lost hour recall ;
But come bad chance,
And we join to it our strength,
And we teach it art and length,
Itself o'er us to advance.

When thou sigh'st, thou sigh'st not wind,
But sigh'st my soul away ;
When thou weep'st, unkindly kind,
My life's blood doth decay.
It cannot be
That thou lovest me as thou say'st,
If in thine my life thou waste,
That art the best of me.

Let not thy divining heart
Forethink me any ill ;
Destiny may take thy part,
And may thy fears fulfil.
But think that we
Are but turn'd aside to sleep.
They who one another keep
Alive, ne'er parted be.
pooble blip poog voig mee nip phart blwee roooo 041116
gemaniacal what she last said to me go away 041210
me gte the fuck out of here. you all disgust me. you are shallow, corrupted, stupid, and you are all the same.

i cant even look at you.
Snook Counting down now 29 minutes.
Last day of the week, everybody left me here, I bet you anything no one will call until 4:58, I KNOW IT!!!!
Really this weekend don't know what I'm gonna do, but it sure as hell won't be this. And you know something? I don't even know why I'm bitching anyway. I get paid good money to write on Blather! Guess it's just a Friday thing.
phil No one ever calls. Well it's been half a week including the weekend and they just left a message. I lost it, so I gave them a message saying I never got the message, but they never bothered to call back.
The time before that was a long time too. Nope, no one ever calls. I can't complain, I probably don't like you either.
lol i love penis' by the way im a guy and yes i am gay so guy its just gay 060819

. i am learning to play it 081016
In_Bloom Where you will but don't forget me too long 081028
what's it to you?
who go