Q Lines in the sand.
What good do they make?
Is that so?
Above the high tide line?
But still on some sandy shore, right?
I can understand that, you're an ocean person aren't you?
What happens when the tide comes surging in, from something unpredicted or unpredictable?
Isn't the ocean complicated that way?
Okay, what happens when you go back after the storm?
You say it's the same sand?
Then why draw the lines?
You always know where they are, don't you, if it's the same sand?
You dont?
Then why draw them at all?
You mean it's not the same sand?
The sand is the same but turns over and moves a little?
So you need to draw new lines?
How do you know where to draw those?
Oh, you talk to the sand?
After every storm?
Oh, you talk with the person whom the lines are for?
Does that person talk to the sand too?
Oh, what a fool I am, that person talks to you?
Do you talk with that person?
Not to the sand, just with that person?
Oh, you mean to the sand and with that person?
Mostly with the person?
Do you run together from the storm?
So you let the person cross the line sometimes?
So you talk on the way back down?
Hmmm, and during the storm too?
You find the hands and the eyes helpful and comforting?
And the voice?
And the smell is sweet?
Hmmm, really?
Why the lines, again?

Copr. 2000
twiggie i need to have my lines memorized by wednesday and i haven't looked at them in over a week. sigh 010101
Karen Glowing flowing moving lines
Tracing fingers
Moving hands
Caressing, loving, drawing
Searching, purposely for a reason
unleashing passions
unleashing heat, pain, emotion
fluids are moving
fluids are rushing
Im free
ClairE cocaine 011205
girl_jane wrinkles... 020218
empress delorean 021228
stupid like the car?
Back to the Future takes my breath away.
jane there are

on my hands
of cocaine on the table
in this building
on the freeway [the longway i come to see you]
on my pants
waiting to see the movie
across the page

you are a line
two dimensional
and straight
Rickster Your eyes are brown are they not?
They glow like the others.
Do you see them glow?
I watched you, did you watch me?
You stare at the wall, why is that?
You see something there?
What is it?
I see it now.
Can you feel that?
I don't see it.
I said can you feel that?
I do not feel it.
Why does the wall move?
It shows you things?
What does is it show you?
You eyes are dimming, why?
I see the tears forming in your eyes.
Why do you cry?
The walls they showed you something horrible?
What did it show you?
You mean you saw yourself dying?
Why did you see that?
You don't know?
The wall is moving away where does it go?
I see it now, it shows me things.
Do you see that my dear?
Again it is becoming unclear.
Where did it go?
It was just there.
Look behind you its teasing you.
Oh I see it now.
What did you say?
graceless_minion today isnt unlike yesterday. same people, same faces. There is a different smell to the air, more worry less care free. still their lives go one without a doubt. I dont feel like talking about them anyway. Today im thinking of those people sent to different places. stuck in some danger, were they really dont need to be.if you take the time to understand you will know what im talking about. 030322
_ _
rock U_guys_rock 031122
phil The line over my head is a thing line.
The ground, as dark as the sky, or any thing. Except for this one line, glowing with that light that does not seem to be anywhere else.
My eyes still see my feet, the surfaces collide, bouncing me along. Like a walk in an empty park, bouncing the world on your head.
A bubble of me and my black hall, sucked down on me, like chocolate pudding. No broken legs from jumping off clouds. Just bouncing waves, going out to someplace you can't see.
what's it to you?
who go