jennifer I remember that I had pretty feet the day I told Joe 000306
Equin0x Dextrous nimble things that play together. 000525
melisssssssssa i have fingers. 10 of them. 8 and two thums actually. i know a man with only one arm. five fingers. four fingers and a thumb. thats sad. 000613
glandular his fingers left bruises on my ribcage. he was holding on so tight and we both were crying out and i didn't feel anything but exctasy... when i looked in the mirror the next day and saw his five fingers had marked me, i felt like they were kisses. 001002
someonesmart thats fucking stupid you physco bitch!!!!!!!! 001101
rubydee chewed raw
from disappointment
the time never passes
the fingers get redder
the nails shorter
the cuticles chomped
down to the quick
heavycola hmm, load of old pretentious wank really
"i masturbate furiously, i am crying, through my tears i see his fingers, opening a snickers bar -
then i bite into it, it has chocolate and peanuts and nougat
like a beaten horse
sweaty and dead
i moan softly
but he is gone
tosh tosh begosh
god really satisfies, snickers. i must divorce my horse. i found an arm on the highway. threw it in my truck, threw it on my horse. i cut a cat in half with a garden hoe. then i ran round naked in the snow.
shoot me in the titty he said. so the boy shot him. faced with a sandwich in the prime of her life. i got black ink scrapin' on my eye.
Becky I love his fingers.. they're so.. His. 010829
glenn ever seen a baby's fingers? ever had them grasp around yours as if their life depended on it? they need you. such tiny fingers 020310
pipedream wrist, hand, finger, fingertip. knuckles, joints, thumb.
poetry, really.
IWasWithDavidToday Admittedly today, all of my thoughts were not pure while looking at yours. 030419
megan comb me, mold me, grab me and please please never let go.
magic fingers, shoot the moon, make me yours.
fumbling, ecstasy, never let this end.
ferret mmm, mine are yummy 030616
Lindsey i wonder which part of my body yours will touch first. 030714
ferret i don't have any fingers
i type with my nose
welcome to the dollhouse wanna see my fingers? 030715
Syrope i always tried to pull them out of my throat in time, before

but not tonight

you sicken me.

for the first time since i started college, i hate myself. i hate myself for making the mistake that was you.
Nihility Ever think about what it would be like to lose a finger?...or two?...or more?.

I'd go completely insane.

...couldn't play bassoon, guitar(well...maybe guitar)
...but It'd be real different.
Death of a Rose Fingers are only appendages attached at the hand. Made for typing messages to the other angels and devils.

Here once said I,
fingers five in the sky,
blurring fast to show the life
is only fleeting without strife.
splat I'd rather loose a finger than lose a finger. 031009
Lemon_Soda The great manipulators.

With these, I can do anything. Any world I wish to create may be typed for any to read. I can eat, touch, grip, scratch, wash, there is no end.

Love your fingers. They love you.
Nukemall lemon_soda are you carbonated? 031009
Lemon_Soda I am sour and fizzy. Leave me out without paying attention to me and I get very flat. 031010
silentbob Fingers taste good with spaghetti sauce. 031015
brent twirl your fingers through my hair
(_) feel skin
immediacy of touch
oil sweat
soak into clothes
trace my face
its lines
nose chin lips
like fairies
dusting my arm
if they weren't my own
long ungraceful sticks
touching the other
wary hand
[will into fluid
motion that never
comes] just the
krupt they call them fingers... but iv'e never seen then fing... oh, wait... there they go. 080121
what's it to you?
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