inspect the source of the scent,
and hold your finger over it.
velvet spasm watson smell your harmonica, son 010419
john Its Cliched to be Cynical at Christmas 011210
lizard I am only a half of me.
What person knows his entire self?
How can I find myself,
When my other half can't find me?
blaber mouth im half just like half baked just half drunkn just half high just halkf of my soul that pours out like a foutin! 020709
82 of what's your's is mine 030512
cuyler half is almost one but its not. half is almost none but it isn't. its lost in the middle of one and none. 031029
sleepy* i am half 040329
z devided 040329
Vaz And then again I may say that I know you,
but I know better.
I'll show you everything that I have,
cut in half.
You know I'm the sum of all things I own,
I know what I'm not...
not still pretending.
This pessimistic premise and prediction is as unrelenting as I knew it could be, this is exactly what it couldn't be.
Cut in half, by my eyes.

I've already seen that there is something growing on me or inside of me,
and my doubts are
cut in half.
I can only wait and see
until there's not much else worth seeing.
And I'm not just pretending to turn over,
feeling real.

Other times, broken track record repetition,
something good, so I say,
so I ask, and I get,
what I like... What I'd like,
is to leave out the second scene always,
cut the whole fucking thing in half,
turn it over, and leave things be.
You are perfect for me (at the risk of sounding sappy).
Roz ...some half-baked idea called wonderful.. 040914
Syrope also a quote_from_a_book_i'm_reading, but i didn't want to transcribe the whole book on the one page...

You asked me to "give you a little something?" Well here it is: I'm giving you half of my heart. I wanted to give it to you today -- even though I'm spacy, a little bit sore in all the good places and still have absolutely no saliva -- because it's what I feel and I know it's "real." I also know that tonight will be hard for you, and that there will be harder times to come for both of us. But right now, I just want you to know that last night was totally off-the-charts incredible for me in the most surprising and profound ways. Even as I write this, I can feel my heart (the other half) twinge and my skin tingle (those frissons again) when I think about how strangely, wonderfully comfortable I felt with you...so close, so calm, just lying there in the pre-dawn delirium, softly touching, bodies entangled. I want to use the word intimacy even though I know the professionals will say it can't be so because it's not a "real" relationship. All I know is that being with you was amazing. You're amazing. Really.

Oh, and as for the other half of my heart, I'm going to hang on to it and try to keep it in a safe place for a while. Maybe you'll let me know, someday, if you want it. And maybe, someday, I'll give it to you.
--Other people's love letters, edited by Bill Shapiro
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