Tess mindfuck come over
not enough appreciation maybe it's you, maybe its how i feel about you. maybe it's me, and i'm crazy. you make me tingle. you excite my heart, and it's showing. 011029
girl_jane I can't tell if my
shivers and
are from the cold
or from your touch-
hands and finger tips
yummyC im stealing words form one side of blather, and moving them to the next. this should be fun. I feel all tingly inside 020302
Sundari Raine We eat lunch in the English hall, our backs uncomfortably stabbed by locker hinges and our feet crossed under our legs or folded to one side. They fall asleep if you forget to move, and then, standing up, you'll fall down.

But sometimes, you can balance on nothing, on legs so numb they're not there, and your only support is from fingertips brushing by a green locker in passing.
dandy Some people make a heat like a patch of sun indoors in the winter, heat a coil around my bones. others leave me cold, but not in any bad sense. I get goosebumps and my hair would jump end for end if it would fly out like porcupine quills at something that is between threat and thrill. others touch me as if they are water, air or myself against my skin and I don't notice them. they are natural. 041122
pSyche My leg is pins and needles;
I stand up and stomp on it.
The wind is creeping
across my neck;
my leg aches with
the creeping rush of blood.

Pins and needles.

Your nails scrape across my bare skin
And as we kiss,
I know that this isn't what love is.
what's it to you?
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