grendel once grown long and filed to neat points, presently short and a bit ragged 010223
Lindsey stab into my back
and slide down my throat
as i drink your lies
like lemonade
sotto voce they were brittle all this winter, and now they're growing fine. you might find enjoyment in scratching your nails across your skin in the shower, wet-shedding your dead cells and stepping out with fresh light rosy stripes. i'm not saying you will, but you might. 020312
little wonder almost non existant
bitten as low as i can with little to no pain
bencvt stop with the nails
stop with the nails
spades41 drive them through the eskimo wood found in the old womans dusty Italian attic 021116
smileygirl nail is another interesting word 040225
Syrope everyone's been there but you
i don't want to hear your little revelations. they mean nothing in the way of an apology
grape juice gnash gnash nosh i live in pots and grow nails gravy nails for the master master but now i start to wonder why 060208
what's it to you?
who go