daxle I'm tired of explaining why it has to be all or nothing. Maybe because I don't want to believe it, and people can sense that. But I know that the judgement I have now can't be retained after a few drinks. So it's all or nothing. 990716
elimeny i had this weekend, where i was afraid to touch that hurt...it was fresh, like the burn on my hand...hands are so beautiful...so i drank....and i drank...and the i wrote an entry while i was drunk, and threw up on it to authenticate it....i woke up the next morning...i never get hangovers....i felt refreshed....ventilated... relieved. i had floated right over that pain. didnt touch it. barely brushed its surface. now its locked away, and if i feel its thorny surface again, ill find my shot glass and repeat the process. because i am strong. this is strength. this is how i deal with it. you got a problem with it, you deal with it your own way. this is mine. so there. 991207
valis drink is bad. but here's the thing. had my shy ass not had that one extra, i would not have said that 'fuck it' to myself and approached cassy tonight ... sometimes the shy ones need a push.

remember that, ladies.
kari i might tell you a thousand secrets and never get at the essence of the thing. i might tell you about the white walls or the stinging needle but i wouldn't get anywhere near the shame. it's like a science, living. you need to maintain some objectivity. or drown. 991209
amy coffee sugar late 000109
calliope i wish i could drink the blood of others
feed on them
drink the ecstasy
become warm and inviting
i wouldn't mind giving up sunsets for eternity
there's always photos
i wouldn't mind being a creature of the
i love the night
MollyGoLightly When I drink I become more social. Considering how social i already am, that's almost frightening.
It's fun to drink and talk to strangers, cause you forget all the things you know about yourself--and you make things up without having to feel guilty.
Zoe it puts you in a better mood and makes you feel good. no matter what is wrong in my fucking life i know that i can always turn to my best friend, the drink. 000716
jamie the worst thing about going to a bar and drinking is that you are only renting the drink.you consume enjoy then piss it away or if you are lucky vomit on your enemy. Life can be so great.But anyway drink and enjoy until they call last call. 000724
casystotyle and drown in a splash of sound swirling round. softly bound to thoughts unfound and sinking down. 001109
tazfab Drink this bottle with me,
In the last drink we will go
I want to know what it will taste like when you forget me.
Without putting myself in your hands

This night I’m not going to beg you
This night you will actually leave me
How hard it is to forget you
Without thinking that you don’t love me anymore

Nothing has taught me my life
I always fall for the same
I will drink with strangers again
And cry for the same pains

Drink this bottle with me
And in the last drink give me a kiss
We hope there are no witnesses
In case you get embarrassed

If we ever bumped into each other
Don’t look down, or talk to me.
Just shake my hand
And let people talk afterwards
tazfab irish bank. i'll have a black and tan. my friends are waiting for me. i need another drink. leave work early. where's summer?


let's go drink summer!
carden maybe drinking would help me get out of my shell. maybe people would percieve me differently. i hate still being the same "goody, goody" i've always been. why can't i change? 010406
Teddybear so with a drink in my hands I'll raise my glass and propose a toast.

Yet I know that they don't belong...this marriage should not exist. She cheated on him many a time.

But he loves her, and I can't get in his way. I must respect the wishes of my best frined.
kingsuperspecial I drink a lot these days
but not because I'm celebrating.
PJ Kix i like to drink in the alley with all the 40-oz Warriors. the love to drink all the alcohol in the whole world and you know that this is true 010710
Norn You're a better person when you drink. 010901
Norm You're a better person when you drink. 010901
Norm son of a slut 010901
god why is grandma so hot? 011009
mister mourning one more round and it's bottles to the ground 011009
lilJ drinking only leads to being drunk 011216
ladybird absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.

mine's a pint.
blown cherry I though that without an activity to serve us you would leave.
Months of fighting for your company, or tricking you into it has conditioned me.
It seems and unfamiliar idea that you would just want to hang with me,
because you want to hang with me,
no matter what we're doing.
And I only love you more for it.
burden the Captain and Pierre seduced me in the living room. 020805
Zatumushgir One last drink before we die...

(and other happy, upbeat Latin drinking songs)
yes me i dont know where would id be without a thing that immediately makes me happy, express myself, and be friendly to people i dont like. and getting some booty becomes even more fun 030621
crimson So I drink to stay warm
And to kill selected memories
Because I just can't think anymore About that or about her tonight
misstree vodka, clear and sharp to dull the senses.

i may have blathed that as part of something else, somewhere, sometime, but it haunts me whenever i toast.
etoiles drink to me only with thine eyes
and i will pledge with mine
or leave a kiss within the cup
and i'll not ask for wine
the thirst that from the soul doth rise
doth ask a drink divine
but might i of jove's nectar sip
i would not change for thine

i sent thee late a rosy wreath
not so much honoring thee
as giving it a hope that here
it could not withered be;
but thou thereon did'st only breathe
and sent'st it back to me
since when it grows and smells -
i swear -
not of itself, but thee
//to celia - ben johnson
niska it's only a coincidence, i tell myself: the 1st word on the recent page is drink - and hell yeah, i've had a few of those tonight... 030906
jezabel ah, bitter maiden!
you whisper sweet promises
that these chattering worries will be
cast from my mind, demons from posessed,
and with each sip i slip outside myself,
becoming still in the reckless cacaphony
of bars and streets and students and
endless humanity rushing by, each snippet a story,
each story the same; while surrounded by this
fever-dream there is silence, for a time,
voices blurring to white noise to drown
the inner chant, the relentless pacing...

but now, when night's dance is done and
home welcomes me back with a glance and a nod,
you exact your price, you grinning
reopen the door for the banished, you leave me
with nothing but voices, screams and laughter,
chants and chants and chants, the same repeating,
redoubling the anquished torrent from and to inside.

ah, drink, bitter mistress you are,
foul and angry, smiling with dagger in hand.

i will always return to you,
even knowing the price
of a moment's silence.
misstree i really shouldn't be reading jezabel's stuff today. does bad things to a brain already running delicious red. 031111
finngwen _early_morning_ 040529
kimmyness alas... i shall never drink again. well, at least not till i'm 21. already had a bad enough experience at the age of 15.never start young! 040622
tonya to my chagrin,
it is something my blood can barely handle anymore and my stomach can barely tolerate.

belle de jour I can only have sex when I'm drunk. Apple martinis and Kokanee make up for love. 040901
hellhound You must be a slut. 040901
hatameiwaku Kool-aid may give me a headache if I don't follow it up with a lot of water. 040903
adam orange juice is good 040920
Kelsey drown yourself in alcahol,
everybody slips and falls,
choke on every dream you ever had.

tr I should drink more...
it's just that I don't give a damn at all.
soo all my good times came from drinking

so pass me the bottle.

My friends and i rule the world with the bottle in hand.

We dont got to answer to no one.

We were lost, and then found again.

We raised ourselves, and loved every minute of it.
soo all my good times came from drinking

so pass me the bottle.

My friends and i rule the world with the bottle in hand.

We dont got to answer to no one.

We were lost, and then found again.

We raised ourselves, and loved every minute of it.
concerned individual why can't people drink water? 070117
no reason the days of drinking it all away have passed 070126
krupt why do i drink...

i drink because it makes the xanax work,
i drink because my feelings lurk,
i drink because it kills the pain,
and i drink because it tends to rain,
i drink because i want to die,
i drink because i hold the knife and cry,
i drink because i like the taste,
i drink just to stay in that daze,
i drink to forget all about her,
i drink to make sure i'll die for sure,
i drink just because i have nothing better to do,
i drink... and they all have no clue,
i drink and take pills, i hope i die,
and if people cry... i'd be surprised.
ever dumbening 1400 makes me drink 080128
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