yoink remember in elementary school:
there was that joke...
hey you, say what i say and then spell cup.
the kid says "mamma may i c u p"

remember that, do you remember?!?!?!
do you?


no, you don't. you forget all the cool stuff.
m_e i never forget the cool stuff. but if i do. remind me. 010506
yoink touch my arm and ask me again. 010507
m_e i wish i was naked right now. never mind. now i am. eating peanut butter. 010510
m_e actually, i'm perfectly comfortable being fully dressed. and peanut butter, well, i don't think that i can eat that anymore. now it's tainted. 010513
ellen cherry charles To sit beside you with a cup of tea
Is the perfect reverie
erin. holding
my water
i place you gently
on the windowsill,
and make begin to make myself comfortable,
when i realize that you never made it
to the sill--
i hear you crash and break;
that sickeningly soft sound clay makes
when it shatters,
and i, swearing up and down,
am upset for attatching sentimental value
to something so small.
what's it to you?
who go