the boy with the thorn in his side See: euphemism. 010307
unhinged she said she was going to take me to dennys tonight. i haven't been there in weeks. i miss my amber.....AMBER.....mollycule... my loverly chickies. i am very very upset. 010307
mikey i love dennys! 010308
.sunshine. it upsets me to see you this way, joe. 010505
*Ziima* up set...set up...! I'm upset because it was a setup. Ever wondered why they ay upset? Wouldnt that mean you are happy? Should be downset...cause you're down when your sad...and your sad when you're upset...But i suppose upset equals disturbed or
I still think drunk people wrote the English language.
kinkazoid im upset right now cuz im bored and i can never find any of you people on aim to talk to :( 010612
black-dyed gel product I'm not upset; I'm fucking broken, you bitch!! How could you do this? Did you have to ruin everything? I can't even look you in the eye anymore without seeing him. I hope your happy slamming the door on my fingers. Your the splinter that catches my hand in just the way that I have to cut it deeper just to pull it out. I hope your happy with the life you chose, and the life you chose to break. 010612
kingsuperspecial you think that's bad.

you should smell the fart my cat just cut.

pheeeeew! what's up, kitty buddy?

needs to sleep
nemo i'm upset because of me, not you, or atleast thats what i will keep repeating to myself... 010614
to JC g string Man oh boy oh boy ummmmmm...

upset 4 others though.
i see rapests...
i see bad things ....
i see hard times.....
but it's ok i understand
nunight sexy kiss,
middle sentence grove rider,,
see you when i'm sexy 4 you.

good night sucky lower lip,
lost happy go lucky boy,
everybody loves you don't they!
child lover, thats soooo emotional.
logic is just a natural thing after emotional intuition not lost but in the back ground of a chart about silence.

just notes and research,
it's a dissertation 4 deserted contextual mixed togther reading books .

u want tax back and so do i,
lets help the world first.
lip ssssspooooooonnnn.
to be continued.....
wow we've found a man from
MGM and!!

where's my change then?
in the comedy and horror shows?
ass facely jesus christ
john coltrane
john cage
johnny cash
june carter
jerry clower
jimmy carter
stars Sometimes I get so upset.. I see stars. sometimes I pass out and don't breathe. Sometimes I wish I could hold my breath until I pass out.. then at least I'd be in control. I hate being upset. It makes me cold.. and oh so bitter. 010929
god j. c.
are you're initials j.c.?
Aimee I'm often upset... especially lately. I'm finally ready to ask my father the question that I've been discouraged from and afraid to ask... "did you ever love me?" I want to know... maybe he'll lie. Maybe I really did do something to make him hate me so. 011011
Toxic_Kisses I wish you the best Aimee 011011
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