h8r if i cared, i wouldn't say this. but you know i don't, and she's a fucking whore ass bitch. i hate her. fucking bitch.

Bitch should be a powerful word. i hate it when dumbass bitches decide to call themselves a bitch. that shit sucks. it's like, "Yo Bitch! Your supposed to get upset at that shit!" Bitches suck. i also hate when they say that bitch stands for b.i.t.c.h. that shit aint cool. maybe as cool as suede front shorts from and we know how much their shit sucks. fucking bitches.
You Jerk The word Bitch is reserved for female dogs, not female homo-sapiens. 990924
pigfry whatever

emsie I do not think that you're a bitch. I understand. 991014
THEBEST you're all bitches 991015
Nate Higgins A maliscious and small minded word I try to do without. 991030
Benji Dev once said "ya'll's all's my bitches" 991111
Colleen I'm no bitch!
So what if I speak up for myself and don't take any shit from you.
I'd rather be by myself than with some guy who thinks he's the best.
So what if I don't wear tight clothes or laugh at all your jokes.
I believe in being strong.
I believe in being myself.
So what does that make me?
A bitch?
Thank you, that's the best compliment you've ever given me.
kr8 is a word i usually reserve for
*male* homo sapiens(es)

why you bitch so much,
you bitch-assed bitch?

you sit down with me for ten minutes
and you will know i am a decent man
(unless i'm being a bitch that day)

you cut me off on I-95,
then *you* are the bitch
and i tell you so: read my lips

men must stop the disrespect
women must do something too
and the best way might be to
not bitch
then the disrespect is petty
and beneath you
Bitch hormone raging fat headed cunt, fuck you,
I'll knock you'r fucking teeth out and make
you suck my dick after I fuck your whorebag
in the ass, BITCH, you don't know me I'll
kill you, I swear I'll kill you!
anchor baby I use the tern bitch for all my guy friends

cuz their usually all gay

(not you king... ^_^.... but you never know about monty... )
anchor baby can't spell 000107
jules on my birthday or at christmas I give my grandmother a list of cds that i want. this is because i am a spoiled only child who didn't wear the clothes his grandmother used to give him on these occasions. every time I give her my list, she asks me if i am asking for "a boy named bitch" again. she insists that I once asked her for such a cd.
roxy i just spotted a sassy magazine poem in this room. 000208
nameless life's a bitch.

life sux and then you die.

you sun of a beach!
bird-fuckin-mad bitch, bastard, mind-numbingly-evil-fuckpig.

i can be all these and even more under the right circumstances

MollyGoLightly she hates them. 000710
Santos people who insist on ranting in all-caps with every post must be bitches 000710
Seraphim all men are bastards.

all women are bitches.
there are just different degrees.
Different degrees of bitchdom.

I am a bitch. And I am loved for it.
Poor bastards.
Miniatus a girl who taught me alot 000721
jeffrey the letter in the alphbet that comes right after tomorrow morning day after tonight is too soon for love and anything else you might buy at your local seven eleven, and when they cash in on that twenty million you owe, please remember me the fine one the one in the back the one with hair on his tit the one who raised you the one who made you hurt the one who bought you tennis shoes the one who gave you swimming lessons the one who lived what he believd so you would nt have to read it in a book or see it on tv the one who had a mercedes income and still drove a ford so you could go to school the one who gave and gave and gave and gave gave the one who you made into your personal bitch the one you left home for the streets the one you talked back to all your life because I couldn't see it your way oh you never asked to be mine or my responsbility or to live under my roof or to have your ass wiped or spoon fed breast fed vomit cleansed opportunity given sacrafice made
and that was a nice bunt wasnt it Bill
well the series is all tied up
the one who use to tell me to go to my room the one who use to tell me that I would never make it the one who threw me against the wall because I made them mad hell I never hit you the one who tried and tried to live up to something that was never given a precise definition but implied by houserules making it the gigantic scandal I always blew it out of proportion to be, the one who sat on the fireplace and took every angry word satraight to heart felt evry slobbery hot breath on my neck as you never got off my back feltr the running out patience and could do nothing to stop it wanted to love what had given so much but reblled for sake of identity instead never regreted it morethe one hwo never regretted it more the one who will never forget how much he regrets
the one who will go on
go on and no more bitch now equal now tied up in the bottom of the ninth
SaMaNtHa i am a bitch...a psychotic bitch... 000901
Barrett Give me my money back
give me my money back, you bitch.
I want my money back.
And don't forget,
To give me back my black T-shirt.
unhinged yes...yes...YES

someone quoted benfoldsfive.

they have broken up.

that makes me sad.
Zyprexa A bitch is a bitch. 001223
twiggie there are these little girls. 11, maybe 12 years old..but growing up too fast. they live down the road from me. they are only in sixth grade. they've made out on my bed before *I* got to make out on my bed.
they wear clothes that are too small to make boys like them.
they walk around in high heels when we live on a gravel road.
they curl their hair and wear makeup when they go to school, and make sure that the people surrounding them know that they are better than everyone.
they come over to my house when no one is home and sit on our couch and watch tv and eat our food.
they found the porn channel at my house and made my sister watch it, she now knows what almost every sexual act is. she's only 9. i barely knew what sex was then let alone that people did OTHER things like that.

today one of them was babysitting my sister's friend. she wouldn't let the friend play with my sister, just because she's jealous that my sister doesn't play with her anymore. my sister was talking to her friend on the phone and the girl picked it up and called my little sister a bitch.
it made me sad.
when i was 9 i had heard that word a total of maybe 3 times in my life.
*spoons* i told you to leave me alone bitch i told you to stay out of my room i was careless and left things for you to find but you were blind to them you pissed me off and denied me i carved die bitch die into my arm a message to you 010129
thelovelydonkey little bitches that go around being intentionally nasty to people they dont even know. my friend got beaten up the other day in a public place by someone three years younger than us. she was only 12 she came up to us swore a lot then punched my friend until she drew blood. i was powerless to do anything as it wouldnt have helped. cowards. people who do this try to make themselves big by making others feel small. 010402
nocturnal one of my many nicknames. someone once told me I was a bitch at a party when he was drunk. the following monday at school he said he remembered saying that and said he was sorry. I laughed and told him it was a fact, not an opinion. and it sure as hell wasn't an insult. sometimes you just gotta accept what you are. 010402
lost it's used in so many ways. You can call somone a bitch as in a having a bad attitude. you can dall someone a bitch as in them being weak and you overpowering them. You can call someone a bitch as in a dog in heat. 010402
*Ziima* I know many, and I am one of them. To be a bitch is to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, according to most males in this world. If a guy stands up for himself, he's considered brave. If a woman stands up, she's considered a bitch. I view this as completely unfair. However, I proud myself in being a bitch. At least I'm not spineless. 010402
vampers everyone is a bitch in their own way. we all have jealousy, and want things we shouldnt have. we all have improper thoughts and actions. selfishness is one attribute of a bitch. and we all have it. 010402
Tim!!! my ex-girlfriend 010411
florescent light I once had a roommate who would always say.."I'm such a bitch"
And she would pride herself on it. And brag about it.

But she wasn't
She was a quiet shy-type girl who had a poster on her bedroom wall by the head of her bed, and every night before she went to sleep she would write one good thing about today on her poster.

I hate people who think they are something they are not.
Stop pretending.
Idontcare I think A bitch is any female form because if you have a female and male dog you'll notice that when the female is in her period the male follows her everywhere and has sex with her every chance he has. But when she is not in her period he dont care a damm thing she does. 010423
yoink Girl with shrunken, rabbit-like head. Why did you change? The casing definitely improved, but then you pulled this snob shit. You thought you hurt me when you laughed out the window at the stoplight. You only hurt yourself. Would your mother be proud that you act like a slut? Ineligibility sucks, doesn't it? 010426
Idontcare dammit if she/he calls themselves a bitch then call them one.
if she/he doesnt, dont call them that or you will pay the price.
Casey A female dog 010502
James What people do when they have nothing important to say but feel like talking anyway. 010511
burden There's something so massive about its brevity. An oral mule-kick. I seem to be attracted to them regularly, or maybe I am the only one. 010514
too fuckin honest the bitch i hate the most is the one that sometimes takes over body every onceee in a while. She'd spitefull, and mean- cold hearted and sometimes downright cruel. She's the evil hag who belittles the cab driver whenn he fucks up my change. She' the one who crank called her ex fiance new home with his new "girlfriend" every night all night for 3 months. That bitch is also the one who will let some man who has no chance ever to really get affection from her too spend every lst dollar trying. She is also the bitch who used to pick on anyone out side the "clique" in school, humiliating them in public, destroying reputations and relationships with lies. That same fuckin bitch destroyed any chance of me ever getting decent Karma for the next 6 or 7 cycles. 010514
fanta Why is it that when women are assertive and firm they are called bitches, but when men act that way, they are considered strong? 010520
Tank i was one of these on saturday. not proud of it, but hopefully now he will leave me be...

got to commit emotional suicide and he keeps resurrecting the fire...
Dafremen No actually when men are assertive and strong, we're called PRICKS or ASSHOLES or any number of expletives which I don't have the time or inclination to list here.

When men are strong and assertive, people think they have a chip on their shoulder, or that they hate humanity. Or that they're unfeeling callous jerks.
I'm not sure why. Why don't you tell me?
shes a stupid whore there is this girl who just lost 5 friends over a boy. a lying, cheating boy too. she thinks that the guys 'love' for her is more than friendship could offer i guess. why else would she choose to lose so many friends for him? he lies to her and she knows it, yet she refuses to acknowledge that fact that her friends have been warning her over and over again that this guy is bad news. she cheated with him, on another friend [who went ripshit when she found out] what makes her think that he wont do the same thing to her? well. he has. he says things all the time to another friend of mine, like i'll always love you and crap, WHEN HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. and when we tell her that he has said this.. oo nooo, never, she doesnt believe us, and wont hear any of it. so why do we even bother? we try to be good and caring friends, and what do we get in return? no trust whatsoever. if i am ever as stupid as she is please kill me.

what a brainless bitch. get a life whore.
oh SASSY Well I'm A Bitch
and well I love being one
all we Bitch's do
don't we
I just love being a Bitch.
call me a Bitch when ever you Like,
I love that too.
but I can control you too,
so don't try and be sassy wiv me,
I can drag you in and spit you out
if that s what you deserve,
I'm simply a bitch.
)- I think "bitch" is the one word you can add to a sentance to make it better! Like try this: "Yes I would like some coffee. BITCH!!!!!"
or "Fucking Ass Bitch!!!"
my god! it works on so many levels!!
Tiffa I think that i am surrounded by bitches at the momenthb.j ybj n thanx Savvy. 010529
yoink on drugs you know who you are. 010603
TaterHead ...from Kentucky...
...even your boyfriend sometimes...
...i hate them all...
Barbee killed kenn Fucken fuck everyone!! my ex best friend just fucking got fucking mad at me cos i became best friends with anouther girl she didnt like.... well get this: i asked for my cds back and the manipulative little bitch took my cds and scratched them! if i EVER GET A HOLD OF HER I WILL STICK MY FOUR INCH HIGH HEELED SHOES UP HER ASS! 010914
Males or females can be bitches.
An example of a man being a bitch is in jail when he gets a boyfriend.
An example of a female being a bitch is when she tells you something that you do not want to hear, and you did not ask her opinion. A male doing this could also be termed a bitch. Males call each other bitches all the time.
unhinged if the truth hurts then so be it; i'm a bitch.

sorry if i ruined your plans for a little fuck;
sorry if i won't stroke your fragile monster ego;
sorry if i don't really see the importance in your new piercings and freshly dyed hair;
sorry if i don't see how suing your insurance company means i hate you;
sorry if i don't talk trash about you the way you do about me;

"if i said half the things i was thinking then people would really think i was a bitch"
ghettobitch its what i am its what makes me me i am the one and only ghettobitch 010917
unhinged i have a hard time believeing you are the one and only ghettobitch around the globe. i'm sure there are a few million of them in cleveland alone. 010927
Toxic_Kisses Why is it so many think the word "Bitch" to be so negative and dirty, personally I find the word to be quite liberating and would think being called a Bitch quite a complement. To be a Bitch is an achievement not something to denounce 011009
jacksprat some of my best friends are complete bitches.
it's not a bad thing.
Sigh To be condescending, to assume an air of superiority

Its quite a tragic mind set
Markopolo I have to say i like the word BITCH it's Sexy.
( I suppose we all interpert the word differently )
girl_jane Must she bitch about everything tiny thing she can find wrong? FUCK YOU! Perhaps I'll buy her some midol next time I'm in town. 020528
darque psyde *B* is for how BeAuTiFuL i am! *I* is for how InTeLeGeNt i am *T* is for how ToUgH i am *C* is for how cute i am *H* is for how HaRd i am gonna kick u'r ass the next time u call me a bitch!!! 020720
?? what the fuck is this page about? all i have to say a BITCH is a bitch,and if they dont fucken like it then too bad. 021031
Eowithien I've been called that before, but I think it will always be my imaginary dog Belle, the Great Dane. 030318
splinken of all the things i aspire to be, this is the most important one. 030318
Fin you up Fuck you punk ass stanky puss boys. I bitch you out behind bars, I grab you by the back of your collars in the alley way as you walk home thinkin' you got it made then shove my big cock right up your asses. What? Did that feel like a rubber dildo baby? Huh. You got that right cuz that's what it is. I get you drunk, bring your lame ass home, tie you up while you're naked and rape your dumb macho ass and then walk out letting you contemplate what the fuck a bitch REALLY is.

Female rape you you boys baby. Up and coming. Watch your backs at the bars we're slipping the chems in your drinks and raping your ass, humping your face, and turning you backside to our gay friends.

punk ass don't even know who the fuck you callin' keep it up, keep fuelin' our only makes our justice harder, hotter, and faster...
jessicafletcher you bitch. i don't care how rich your boyfriend is. he shouldn't be more important than the best friend who has helped you through every fucking thing up until him.
you are such a bitch for this.
Skitzo My ex-boyfriend!!He used to call me a sexy bitch all the time when I was on top of him but now all he does is spread shit about me,well at least Im not as bitchy as him! 030728
FireNRoses EPB... Evil Phsyco Bitch

"Life's a bitch." "This is true, but she's MY bitch" -Sinfest

"She's a bitch, but I love her." -Ed (the tv show)
lenore whats the problem with being one? i dont need an excuse nor do you or you or you im a bitch and if thats a problem...too damn bad 031015
constance DAAIYA.

Self-Important, Self-Righteous, College Student/Single mother, Always the first to call someone a whore.
>**< im a bitch to0 any one who acts like one to0 mi!! it pays to be a bitch my friends wouldint have it any other way!!!! so0 im proud of saying im a bitch!!and what!! 031105
olivia the word bitch's offence is over rated. who isn't a bitch? who doesn't bitch about their friends occasionally? not me. 031113
no reason "your workshop was really good"

"thanks, yours was good too"

dejectedly, "thanks..."

"it's ok. we're all at different levels."

bitch bitch bitch bitch.

i want to take her "upper level" saxophone and smash it over her self-righteous head.

Darian B is for bad temper
I is for indignant
T is for truly sad
C is for the CUNT you really are
H is for all the hatred you spread thoughout the world you fuckin bitch!
june You just can't handle it. 040130
... r u ppl on drugs or r u like this all the time? 040204
... r u ppl on drugs or r u like this all the time? 040204
is it french? people like to call me this because i take no shit from anyone and i like to keep to myself. so if this makes me a bitch, which so many people think so, i guess i really am. 040227
snot-ball i don't get dis site 040322
bitch bitchbitchbitch 040325
Easy-E Let's describe a certain female. A female with the disease of character and attitude. If you will a snob. However in a view of NWA...

[Ice Cube]
A bitch is a bitch (bitch)
So if I'm poor or rich (word up)
I talk in the exact same pitch
Now the title bitch don't apply to all women
But all women have a little bitch in 'em (yeah)
It's like a disease that's plagues their character
Takin' the women of America (yeah)
And it starts with a letter B
It makes a girl like that think she better than me (bitch)
See, some get mad and some just bear it
But, yo, if the shoe fits wear it (wear it)
It makes 'em go deaf in the ear
That's why when you say 'hi' she won't say 'hi'
Are you the kind that think you're too damn fly?
Bitch eat shit 'n die (ha, ha)
Ice cube comin' at you at crazy pitch
(Why?) I think a bitch is a bitch

'Who the fuck you think you're callin' a bitch you little ? muthafucka?
I dunno who the fuck you think you're talkin' to. Let me tell you one
muthafuckin' thang, I'm not a...'
'Bitch, shut the fuck up.'

Yo, you can tell a girl that's out for the money (How?)
She look good and the bitch walk funny
She ain't no dummy she's downright conniving
Yo, bitch fuck when I'm driving
See a young nigga that's striving
You're thru' without a BMW
That's why a bitch is a bitch
I guess, or ether P-M-S
Here, test the girl that's kinda snobby (a'ight)
And I bet you dis a nigga is her hobby
And after she finished the test
Write today a B-I-T-C-H
And watch her get mad 'cause she know it's true (she know it)
But a nigga like me, I say 'fuck you'
Do like Ice Cube, slam her ass in a ditch (slam her ass)
'Cause a bitch is a bitch

'Why I gonna be a bitch?'
'I ain't call you no bitch. If you'd listen to the goddamn song it'd tell
you what a bitch is.'
'Fuck the song 'cause I'm not no muthafuckin' bitch.'
'I didn't say you was a bitch.'
'Fuck you, punk-ass nigga!'
'Fuck you, bitch!
'Fuck you! Who the fuck you think you are?
'Fuck you! Suck my dick, bitch!

I once knew a bitch who got a slack
'Cause she playing me like she was all that
A bitch can be your best friend talking behind your back (yeah)
About who's fucking who and who's getting fat
Look at yourself for me, (look bitch)
Now do you fall in this category?
Or you're the kind that won't blink
'Cause you don't think, yo, shit stinks
Luckily I haven't had a drink
'Cause I'll down you ass
Than I'll clown your ass
'Cause the niggas I hang with ain't rich (I ain't rich)
We're all saying 'Fuck you bitch!' (Word up!)
Now, what I can do with a hoe like you
Bend your ass over then I'm thru'
Cause you see, Ice Cube ain't takin' no shit
(Why?) 'Cause I think a bitch is a bitch

There you have it. The description of a bitch. Now ask yourself,
are they talking about you? Are you that funky, dirty, money-hungry,
scandalous, stuck-up, hair piece contact wearing bitch? Yep, you
probably are.

Mandida Me when I have my period!! LoL No that's a lie!! Me ALL THE FUCKING TIME! I'm a grumpy baby girl!! I'm moody just like every other teenage chick in the world,.. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! Later days!!! ;) 040329
ambermoon you say it like its a bad thing. i love being a bitch. im not a bitch to every one, but most people will tell you that i am a bitch, and i say , thank you very much.

is a bitch =0)
tchiseen now just bcuz a girl's PMSin doesnt mean she's a bitch, i know girls who are just bitches all the time, adn some , you can never tell if its that tome of the month its very seasonal maybe im just a nice guy heh 040421
minnesota_chris you know, you only get to write about two or three retarded blathes, and I ignore you forever 040421
phil Ask me what I want
push me whatever
wasting time between
for my self-judging
stopping my movement
complaining problem
your ignore excuse
not more important
globalfruitbat Witch hunt. Bitch hunt. why do you
Small me down this way
Chasing me through your garden paths with dogs and long ropes
Burning to stretch me out and flay me?

Is it that there really is nothing as ugly as a strong woman? I
Only ask for survival reasons, you understand.
And of course, I can see that this
Isn't the time for a discussion of your core values and
When will we see this through?
When I am already screaming and red from
My own rusted, gin soaked fall?

My questions are only of my own degree, you see.
I cannot will not speak for my others,
But please, you see,
They are already Atwood-ed up
In red centres and wrapped in their own

I can't run anymore.
sour times soul i am aquainted with many a bitch ass 040926
Syrope i hate her.
i really do.

i hated her after last week, but now...goddamnit AGAIN. we're gonna be late to the meeting (oh, you know, the really important one where we have to impress the asshole before he'll let us rent his house, yea...that one) because SHE needs a goddamned ride and EVERYBODY in the world...everybody...every single person...drops whatever they're doing for her. and just...rushes up to her in hopes that she'll piss on them or something. god. fucking. damnit.
extraneous why do bitches like being bitches? 050519
. I spent years getting rid of all the bitches until I found the one that would be my bitch.

suck it bitch! spread and stretch that ass for me, bitch! It's luuuurv.
Maverick Man this bitch makes my scrodum itch. 050910
oblique You're more of a bitch than a bitch.

Bitch on heat.
twisted_existence ...the boy who couldnt tell me to my face that he wanted to be with someone else, so he saw her behind my back 060802
fatboy slim is fucking in heaven dance bitch! 060803
history deeper than yours get a life you nigger loveing american twats 060811
fuck you what the fuck is wrong with you. reading this shit. i thought you were cool. i guess i was wrong. i guess we were all wrong. 061011
crazy_hope i will never be his bitch.
i will never be anyone's bitch.
why do i yearn for his touch?
why, when i am worth so much more than the other girls he dates?
he deserves me. but i don't deserve
to be just one more
among his list of girls.
so if i am to be
a bitch
i will be one of my own accord,
and with my own words
i will slay myself.
because i will not
let him do it for me.
krupt oh my god can i blathe about this...
all girls are bitches!!! fuck them all!! they lead us on and kill our dreams just cause theyre so nieve, fuck this im done just cause i cant take the anguish any more...
phil A naive girl is not a bitch, or the type that would destroy lives. Just pretty frustrating for a guy who is naive himself. 080228
krupt OK thanks Dr. phill, if im niave then your a bitch, no offence, but either that or you have not yet had your heart destroyed by a girl youve given everything to. its ok, you'll grow up and be just as pissed off as me one day. Take this insult, go on with your life and call me in the mornin, peace.

yessir That redhead bitch? I can't believe I ever even bothered with her. 101012
what's it to you?
who go